Mateo of Hylton Baskets    August 21, 2012 at 1:58pm

Some RED writing BASTARD decided to write hateful words across My Ace signatures on Horning's Hideout "Highlands" basket #10 of which I've aced 4 times.

This is my home course other than my private course. I play here a lot. I pick up peoples trash such as beer bottles/cans/bottle caps/ sig butts and other disgusting things etc... I do a lot of course maintenance as well on all 3 courses.

I'm sure i have over 280 rounds recorded just on the Highlands course. which is the course I'm speaking about. It was brought to my attention the day before the Discraft Ace Race..where Laura,Kevin R. & TD saw that some one wrote these hateful words... and i know it was recent... It had to of happened between the Chick Flick and Ace Race time period.

I'll list the 3 different pics that I took...

#1 my name was written all over the solar light in RED paint pen.
#2 the words " stop lying matt " were written across 3 of my aces.
#3 the words " go try stub stewart **** written across my 4th ace.

instead of loosing my cool... i'll just say this...

"ok you piece of ****!!! i challenge you to a round at stub stewart!!! and when im done kicking your sorry ****ing crap ass their i'll wipe the ****ing tears and ur snotty nose off w/ my rhyno on the highland course u sorry sack of ****!!! man up and face me coward!!!"

yours truly