Chris Carpenter  › Motherlode Pro 2024 Supported by Innova   May 5 at 3:42pm

Quick Announcements and Reminders: Congratulations to those who weathered the storm yesterday. We are excited to see you returning today to continue your competitive journey!

Today we are sending competitors out to play 27 holes at Condon Park only. Each player’s tee time is posted on the PDGA website:

We ask that you arrive to the park at least 20-30 minutes before your tee time. It helps if let us know when you get there. Then we will call your group up to our table, 10 minutes before sending you out, to update you on the fact that Condon will play differently today (Pins and Distances have changed)

Other news, we have unclaimed raffle items are tagged with your ticket number taped to it at Tournament Central, if you were a winner. Thank you for your support with buying tickets.
So onward we go…enjoy your experience today with your fellow competitors and the community as a whole!