Joshua Terwilleger  › Crossover MillikAM Open 2024   March 15 at 12:56am

Good evening.

I wanted to get this tournament email out this evening. Cheryl and I are super excited about the Crossover MillikAM Open on Saturday, 3/16 at Millikin in Hamilton. This will be a 2 round PDGA B-tier that will shotgun start at 9a.This is the 2nd year we have done this event, and it's a popular one.

The following will be the most important details for the event. Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions or comments before the event. If you have any questions or issues in regards to the tournament, please text/call me at 513-225-6022. I'll be the TD for this event, as Cheryl and Kyle will be playing and be the assistant TD's.

PLEASE NOTE- We will be setting up in the shelter that is in between 1's basket and 18's basket. There are several parking areas around the park and you should use these as much as possible and walk to tournament central as needed. Once hole assignments are posted, I'd suggest parking in an area closer to where you start.

We are playing the original 18 holes with 2 temp holes for this event. It should be a fun and challenging day for everyone. The course always flows well. The order is: 1, A, 2-10, B, 11-18. We use A and B (different hole names sometimes) pretty often, so if you have played our events, they will look familiar. We will have them set up Saturday morning.

All course particulars will be in PDGA live. Basically anything past the fences, posts, on or over roads and pavement. The only hole that might be confusing the way we play it is hole #2. Here's the run down. When you are on the tee and look at the basket, we play it as an "island". There is a paved walking trail short that goes up the right side as well. There is then a gravel path long, and a fence to the left. You must land inside this island, or re-tee with a penalty stroke. It's a pretty good sized area to land in.

As is with any course when temp holes are added in, please keep your head on a swivel and be aware of other holes close by. When I set the holes up, I try my best to think of all possible lines and such players will take. Inevitably, someone takes some non-traditional line instead of lines given. Holes 12 and 18 sometimes have some discs that cross fairways.

In the case there is heavy rain overnight that doesn't soak in, all standing water will be played as casual relief. Hole 9 and 11 are typically the only ones where this comes into play. In the event you land next to barbwire fence, you do get 2 meter relief from it.

PDGA live code: mill316

The schedule will look like this for the day:
820-850a player check in
9a - Shotgun Start
2nd round
Payouts and awards

I can't stress enough, please take the short amount of time to physically check in with us. Per PDGA 1.04, players who have not checked in by 850a, will be deleted from the event, with no refund. This helps us make sure that everyone is here, and there are no holes with less than 3 players. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but it causes us issues trying to figure out if you are present or not. Please, please, please, just stop by and check in with us. Thank you in advance for this! In the case that someone doesn't show up and your card has less than 3 at tee off, you will have to grab a player from a card near by. If everyone checks in, this shouldn't be an issue.

When you check in, all players will receive their choice of a disc, towel or hat while supplies last. These discs will be from Prodigy, Trilogy, and Discraft.

Cards will be made up with pace of play in mind. Some cards will be mixed based on numbers in divisions.

Also, just a reminder, that any junior younger than 13 must have a parent/guardian on their card. There are many juniors now signing up in non-junior divisions, so we don't always catch this beforehand. Please advise and follow the PDGA guidelines on junior players.

We are not going to have a players meeting. It is your responsibility to know what's expected for the day and be at your hole for the start of each round. Hole assignments will be posted by 9p the evening prior to the event. You can find them here:

If you decide that this event is not for you, to receive a refund, you must withdraw by noon on Friday 3/15.

Following the round, please give us a few minutes to get everything organized so we can hand out awards and payouts. If you are curious if you are going to get a payout, it is the top 45% per division by the PDGA. That will help you determine if you need/want to stick around. AM's will receive Crossover Cash. This can be exchanged for disc golf merchandise that we will have on hand.

For those who are in the ACE fund, if no ACE is hit, we will do a throw off. The winner of the throw off will win the whole ace fund. We are now doing ACE payoffs electronically by PayPal.

In the event there is a tie for first place in a division, the playoff will start on hole #1 until there is a winner playing the same layout for the day with the same course particulars.

This is a PDGA event, so everyone should be up to date on the PDGA's stance on what is legal and what is not legal. Please don't put Cheryl or myself in position to make a call that we don't want to address, or should have to address.

It's going to be a great day. Please contact us with any questions you may have!

Josh and Cheryl