Adam Johnson  › Kevin Zane   February 7, 2012 at 8:21pm

I just got on your profile to respond and noticed all the icons... that's awesome. Anyway based on your feedback I would like to look at a Wraith or a Surge. I think My avengers will stay my primary driver but in situations where the field is wide open and I would like to have option for a little more distance. I'm going to keep playing with the Pro destroyer from the tournament. I think another issue for me is that for so long I focused on throwing flat and low that I am having trouble flexxing because I don't put enough air underneath of it so that the disc just turns over and sits. Plus when I try to throw with "power" then I throw worm burner. I really need to just focus on quick and smooth. Anyway if you have any wraith or surge then I would like to try those some time.