Craig Prime    January 21, 2012 at 5:54pm

any and all disc golfers NOT placing your name on this, I hope it's only because you don't participate with such online petitions and NOT that you prefer a 9 hole course over 18.

Why NOT make a call to Bay City State Recreation Area (989-684-3020) and just tell them what your preference would be, the 9 hole or 18 holes course. They need a designer/designers/volunteer to design the nine. The main arguments against 18 are environmental impact, especially erosion in sandy areas (it is on a beach), destruction to wetlands (it is on a beach) and protecting the area for the natural inhabitants. The 18 hole course was originally proposed on approximately 13 acres but options were sketched out that included much woods and beachfront. The final suggestions included a 9 hole K-12 course skirting BCSRA area's new spray park and a field that would allow for Ultimate competition, all surrounded a few holes of what would then be a 24 hole course as opposed to the 18.