Craig Prime    January 1, 2012 at 4:47pm

Could December have been any better for playing disc golf in Michigan ? in Bay County it could have been, we could had a New Years Day Disc Golf event at Bay City State Recreation Area. 2011 year in review - my biggest accomplishment was concluding 4 years of disc golf course designing at Bay City State Recreation Area by writing and receiving an $8000.00 grant. With this $8000.00 added to the additional $4000.00 in cash and pledges, the course could be well under construction by July and somewhat playable by October. My biggest disappointment of the year came from hearing that after 4 years of planning 18 holes on 12 acres of the 300 acres available for recreational day use at BCSRA, the design " didn't effectively consider the wetlands and natural inhabitants to the degree necessary for such environmentally important and sensitive land ". Upon the insistance of those paid stewards of our state lands, all of the funds were given back and the four year project for an 18 hole course has essentially been scraped. Disc golfers are not to be discouraged though, in 2013 the BCSRA has committed to explore the possibility for suitable land to accommodate an 9 hole DGC.

Disc golfers also have great reason for excitement by learning that Bay County has received a large grant to purchase the Prindle property that was formerly home of the 18 hole Blizzard Hills course. It has been suggested that the intentions of the county is to expand camping and green offerings for the Pinconning Park. After making a few phone calls, I've learned that again the land necessary to redesign and install the 18 hole course is "extremely environmentally important and sensitive to the point that cutting ANY trees or making ANY additional trails will probably not be an option" under the some conditions of the grant. The good news is that I was also told "we will at least consider installing an 9 hole DGC.