Mr CLEAN  › Chris Faudree   December 8, 2011 at 10:02pm

fellow golfr, the disc golf community is amazing. the peeps and fun is why i still golf cause my skills pretty much suck for playing for 3yrs now. anyways, while ago i was havin fun <or just high cant remmber> rippen around in my toyota and let me tell ya 45mph turns in gravel can get sketchy. so i plowed into a huge log. jacked my rig up and i was at the mercy of my friends. needless to say my golffin didnt slow down much as my fellow golfers carted my arse around to the courses. maybe just to beat me down? so dont let transportation stop ya just make some calls and youll find a ride i bet. i know ya dont know me but id let ya roll in my hooptie anytime.