Salla Vaerma-Jadlos  › Pancake Plunge -- Women's Global Event   July 15 at 5:28pm

Hi, I registered to FA55 Amateur Women 55+, but it's been changed to FA3 Rec, why? I'm changing it back.

Teresa Hannigan   July 15 at 6:19pm

Hey there, thank you for reaching out! I looked into this and couldn’t find the divisions change, I show FA55 on the registration. When you have a moment, will you send me a screenshot?

Salla Vaerma-Jadlos   July 16 at 7:04pm

Teresa, I changed it it back to FA55. I was just curious why it had changed. No worries.

Teresa Hannigan   July 17 at 2:51pm

Awesome! not sure what happened, I didn’t see any changes on our end. Glad you caught it!