Winter Bag tags

January - March 2013 • Grass Lake, Michigan
Bag Tag league

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Match history

Tag updates Sunday, April 14
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Scott Sprow11
Robert Shaffer92
Gabe "Admiral" Dotson33
Miah Swain134
Floyd Hampp45
Abby Calhoun206
Hector Barbossa88
Bill Wild59
Brian Lucier610
Cassidy Mayne1711
Ryan Graham2412
Robert Fought1513
Dan Whitlock1014
Ben Ross1815
Anthony Voss1116
Jimmy Jean2317
Justin Werby1618
Matt Swider219
Sean Newland1420
Mike Even1921
Ninja Nate2222
Dave Schrag1223
Felicia sills2124
Tag updates Sunday, April 7
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Scott Sprow191
Matt Swider12
Gabe "Admiral" Dotson113
Floyd Hampp144
Bill Wild65
Brian Lucier26
Hector Barbossa58
Robert Shaffer89
Dan Whitlock910
Anthony Voss1611
Dave Schrag2112
Miah Swain313
Sean Newland1314
Robert Fought1215
Justin Werby2316
Cassidy Mayne417
Ben Ross1018
Mike Even1519
Abby Calhoun1720
Felicia sills1821
Ninja Nate2022
Jimmy Jean2223
Ryan Graham2424
Tag updates Thursday, April 4
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Matt Swider11
Hector Barbossa65
Bill Wild86
Robert Shaffer148
Floyd Hampp514
Jimmy Jean2222
Ryan Graham2424
Tag updates Sunday, March 31
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Matt Swider161
Hector Barbossa186
Dan Whitlock99
Robert Shaffer2014
Anthony Voss2116
Abby Calhoun117
Felicia sills1418
Dave Schrag1721
Justin Werby2323
Tag updates Wednesday, March 27
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bill Wild208
Robert Shaffer2320
Justin Werby823
Tag updates Sunday, March 24
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Miah Swain213
Cassidy Mayne84
Floyd Hampp115
Ninja Nate196
Justin Werby238
Gabe "Admiral" Dotson1611
Matt Swider2416
Scott Sprow319
Anthony Voss521
Robert Shaffer623
Ryan Graham424
Tag updates Thursday, March 21
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dan Whitlock139
Sean Newland913
Tag updates Sunday, March 17
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Scott Sprow33
Robert Shaffer66
Bill Wild2320
Justin Werby2023
Tag updates Sunday, March 17
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Abby Calhoun51
Scott Sprow183
Anthony Voss75
Robert Shaffer96
KC Skedzielewski127
Sean Newland219
Ben Ross610
Robert Fought1512
Dan Whitlock113
Mike Even2315
Hector Barbossa318
Justin Werby2420
Miah Swain1021
Bill Wild2023
Matt Swider1324
Tag updates Saturday, March 16
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dan Whitlock141
Felicia sills114
Tag updates Friday, March 15
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dan Whitlock1414
Sean Newland2121
Tag updates Sunday, March 10
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Felicia sills141
Abby Calhoun215
Robert Shaffer19
Floyd Hampp911
Matt Swider1613
Dan Whitlock514
Gabe "Admiral" Dotson1316
Dave Schrag2417
Sean Newland1121
Justin Werby1724
Friday, March 8
Rolling Hills County Park
Short tees, 18 holes
Sean wanted a rematch and the #5 tag was successfully defended.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDan Whitlock5255
2ndSean Newland601111
3rdFelicia sills701414
Tag updates Wednesday, March 6
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dan Whitlock115
Sean Newland511
Bill Wild2020
Tuesday, March 5
White's Acres
Regular tees, 9 holes
Shaffer cali takes down barbossa on his home course even with barbossa getting an ace on 9
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stRobert Shaffer2111
2ndHector Barbossa2233
Tag updates Tuesday, March 5
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dan Whitlock2011
Bill Wild1120
Sunday, March 3
Cass Benton Hills
Short tees, 18 holes
What a round.. Mob Deep and ice covered Cass... 14 players in all.. Also sold the rest of the bag tags... all 24 out
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stRobert Shaffer47151
1stBrian Lucier47222
3rdHector Barbossa5123
3rdRyan Graham51194
5thMiah Swain55110
5thBill Wild551311
7thGabe "Admiral" Dotson571013
8thRobert Fought59315
8thMatt Swider59416
10thJustin Werby601617
10thScott Sprow601718
12thNinja Nate611819
12thDan Whitlock612020
14thJimmy Jean661122
Tag updates Sunday, February 24
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Hector Barbossa72
Matt Swider214
Ben Ross96
Anthony Voss187
Cassidy Mayne158
Floyd Hampp249
Bill Wild413
Robert Shaffer215
Justin Werby1716
Scott Sprow817
Ninja Nate2018
Dan Whitlock1320
Abby Calhoun621
Dave Schrag1624
Sunday, February 17
White's Acres
Winter 11 Hole Layout, 1 holes
Round 2 split into groups...
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMiah Swain2391
1stRobert Shaffer23132
3rdRobert Fought2413
3rdAbby Calhoun2466
5thHector Barbossa2637
6thScott Sprow2778
7thBen Ross30119
7thJimmy Jean302411
9thDan Whitlock311813
10thDave Schrag32216
10thAnthony Voss321618
10thMatt Swider322121
10thMike Even322323
14thFloyd Hampp33824
Sunday, February 17
White's Acres
Regular tees, 9 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stRobert Fought2231
1stDave Schrag22212
3rdHector Barbossa2313
3rdAbby Calhoun23126
5thScott Sprow2477
5thFloyd Hampp2498
5thMiah Swain24119
5thBen Ross242311
5thKC Skedzielewski242412
10thRobert Shaffer26613
10thAnthony Voss261316
10thDan Whitlock261818
13thMatt Swider27221
13thMike Even27823
15thJimmy Jean341624
Tag updates Sunday, February 10
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Hector Barbossa11
Matt Swider22
Robert Fought123
Bill Wild44
Robert Shaffer86
Mike Even138
Gabe "Admiral" Dotson610
Abby Calhoun2112
Anthony Voss313
Dan Whitlock1818
Dave Schrag2421
Ben Ross1023
KC Skedzielewski2324
Tag updates Sunday, February 3
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Matt Swider22
Anthony Voss53
Bill Wild164
Sean Newland85
Scott Sprow157
Robert Shaffer48
Floyd Hampp79
Ben Ross310
Robert Fought2112
Cassidy Mayne915
Jimmy Jean1216
Abby Calhoun2421
Dave Schrag1024
Tag updates Sunday, January 27
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Hector Barbossa231
Ben Ross133
Robert Shaffer54
Anthony Voss65
Gabe "Admiral" Dotson36
Sean Newland118
Dave Schrag810
Mike Even2413
Felicia sills1414
Scott Sprow415
Dan Whitlock118
KC Skedzielewski1023
Abby Calhoun1524