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Ugh Massa    July 6 at 1:30am

Anyone know which whole Jacob aced?

Jacob "SMURF THROWER" Severson   July 6 at 1:42am

Yeah it was hole 14 buddy

Ugh Massa   July 6 at 1:52am

Cool. It says hole 5 Cuzco for some reason it only has 9 holes on all layouts

Jacob "SMURF THROWER" Severson   July 6 at 3:02pm

Sounds good to me buddy

Brad Rich    July 5 at 10:57am

We still on for dubs tonight?

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Zac Teuscher   July 9 at 12:37am

For the others that would like to know though.... almost all the locks at both parks are the same key. 4 at woods, 4/5/12 at cascade are different for various reasons. Mostly because of rocks in the bottom of the sleeves and the new locks need the basket to sit all the way down in the sleeve

Erik "Easy E" Etherton   July 9 at 1:35am

We can have this conversation In person and time you want zach otherwise your key board posturing is pansy shit at best!

Zac Teuscher   July 9 at 2:09am

shown nothing but appreciation, for your volunteering, and as much respect as I can for ya Erik... so not sure why ya always give me a hard time but do as you like.. I like having conversations though.

Brad Rich    June 28 at 10:52am

Whats the updated ace pool amount at? It's gotta be more than $37

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Ugh Massa   June 28 at 11:26pm

Haha me included. I don't know who ran it the week I wasn't there but I have every dollar from the last two in my golf bag and sign in sheets for double checking. I know Stacey ran one and didn't collect ace pot for this very reason. 37 is the only number I know of and can count for.

Dallas Trower   June 29 at 7:13pm

Seems suspect. Someone had some extra money in their pockets. Haha

AGRO JACKSON   June 30 at 10:30am

Ace pot is at 80. Ty all for everything u do. I was very thankful to come host again this week. Missed everyones faces and loved seeing new ones! Hope everything smosmoothed out soon

Ugh Massa    June 20 at 11:51pm

Since no one offered up to run 2s. I will again, but there's no guarantee that I can get off early enough. If someone is for sure gonna make it please step up. If not I will do my best and let everyone know if I can make it before noon tomorrow.

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Ugh Massa   June 21 at 12:13pm

yeah random. its all good ill be there on time. I just never know until the morning of

Stacey "Stace' the Ace"   June 21 at 12:21pm

You are the man Ugh!

Brad Rich   June 21 at 1:45pm

yessa massa

Ugh Massa    June 14 at 10:54am

Tonight is cali. 530 sign ins 545 start. I will be running it ugh massa style. No complaining or bad attitudes. You know what I'm talkin about!

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AGRO JACKSON   June 14 at 12:29pm

Get um!

Brad Rich   June 14 at 2:04pm

yesa massa

Ugh Massa   June 14 at 3:17pm

hahaha finally the respect I deserve ☝

Brad Rich    June 14 at 9:38am

Is tonight random flip or cali?

Ugh Massa   June 14 at 10:51am


AGRO JACKSON   June 14 at 12:28pm

Its kali, baby!

john snyder    June 7 at 5:24pm

Is it random flip night???

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Zac Teuscher   June 8 at 6:00pm

Thanks Ugh!

Ugh Massa   June 8 at 6:41pm

it takes a village bro

Stacey "Stace' the Ace"   June 10 at 2:31pm

Just an FYI since I am not representative of WVCG I just did straight $5 plus $2 CTP. Ace pot was not live and all cash went back to players.

Brad Rich    June 3 at 2:04pm

Will scores be posted? Just wondering where we finished last week

AGRO JACKSON   June 3 at 2:12pm

I asked zac w no reply. Ill be running it regularly again soon and hope all will be smoothed out. I will contact him again and hopefully scores will get posted

Zac Teuscher   June 3 at 2:44pm

They are up now... I wasn't there at the end though not sure about a playoff for 2nd and others but I'll check on it

Brent Cameron   June 3 at 11:04pm

You know Dallas and I wrecked it Brad

Brad Rich    May 17 at 12:12pm

I'm assuming its just standard random draw tonight right?

Zac Teuscher   May 17 at 12:29pm


Jacob "SMURF THROWER" Severson    May 10 at 5:41pm

When is start time for this week

Zac Teuscher   May 10 at 6:33pm

I'm not able to make it should be around 530 though

Ugh Massa    April 25 at 11:15pm

Would anybody like to have an ugh massa for a worst shot doubles partner?

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Ugh Massa   April 26 at 7:14pm

I am just leaving Carlton I dont think I am gonna make it in time

Ugh Massa   April 26 at 7:15pm

it will be so very close

Greg Axe   April 26 at 7:20pm

alright..im showing up. practice at least

Nico "Putta Smooth" Lagaso    April 7 at 2:38am

Wasn't our scores -8 for first? Either way happy with a win. Looking forward to next week

Brad Rich   April 7 at 8:54am

Lol for real

AGRO JACKSON   April 7 at 9:44am

Yes, sorry. There isnt a 20 hole layout but i will corredt tht today so it doesnt make ur average scores at woods way off

Nico "Putta Smooth" Lagaso   April 8 at 6:50pm

Thanks bro

Stacey "Stace' the Ace"    March 29 at 2:21pm

When will you be switching to 5pm?

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Brad Rich   April 5 at 2:19pm

sweet ill be there

Stacey "Stace' the Ace"   April 5 at 2:25pm

I'll be really close to there by 5:15 so can you hold a spot for me?

Zac Teuscher   April 5 at 3:13pm

I'll be at work. I'll text Agro though

AGRO JACKSON    March 23 at 11:53pm

Next week format: BYOP. Only difference is, if u are an open player u must partner up w an intermediate or lower division player. I think tht rule might stick around for BYOP in the future as well. Any thoughts? We are always open for thoughts, ideas, or concerns

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Erik "Easy E" Etherton   March 29 at 2:53pm

Just another case of "oh hey your a good player so f u for putting in the time/effort to get better, let's handicap them so they can't win anything lmao same bs cap city does

Brad Rich   March 29 at 2:55pm

Either way im bringing jon dude hasnt played in a long time and i want to play with him as my partner as we never get to play anymore so if this doesnt fit into the rule then we will just attend and play for no money.

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   April 1 at 11:46pm

If you can't handle handicaps on players to level the playing field play at a higher level or don't play. Their I would be nothing to win if a hand full of players cashed each week because all the rest would stop buying in. Point is players should follow league directors instructions with respect or don't play. Don't spoil it for the rest for being a pour sport.

AGRO JACKSON    March 16 at 10:45am

K scores r posted for last night but still need emails for John Lewis and Tim linn. If you guys could help get this that would be greatly appreciated. Ty all for coming out to the first event of the season. If was a blast! Special thanks goes out to lisa shell and zac Teuscher for the ctp donations. Lisa put up a cash ctp and tickets to northern lights!! Zac put up a colt and a compass! Also, big thanks to Mr Tuesher for co-tding the event! Tht being said, great week everyone and we'll cya next week for more WVCHAIN GANG DUBZ ACTION!

Rick Saffeels   March 16 at 12:08pm

Tim PDGA 62341

AGRO JACKSON   March 16 at 2:15pm

Ty guys who sent me info to help update players on scene. Always a relief getting scores in and linked

AGRO JACKSON    March 15 at 11:58pm

So if anyone knows John lewis, Tim linn, and Nick mciks? I need their email. Ty


AGRO JACKSON    March 15 at 1:36pm

Tuesday 2s!
Buy-in today at 415, tee off at 445,
5 dollar buy-in, 1 dollar optional acepot, 1 dollar optional ctp pot, and 1 dollar optional disc ctp pot (as long as 10 or more people buy-in to the pot)
Since today is the third Tuesday it will be random doubles. Schedule again is r,cr,byop. If there is a fifth Tuesday it is r,c,r,?, byop
Also, there will be a few free prizes today since its the first tuesday 2s of the year!
Cya tonight! CHAINGANG OUT!


Zac Teuscher    March 10 at 9:29pm

STARTING MARCH 15th, 2016 WE ARE BACK IN ACTION!!! Tuesday 2s is the Chain Gang version of random doubles. This league alternates formats between: Random Flip Doubles Cali Random Flip Doubles BYOP Doubles If there is a fifth Tuesday in the month we are open to suggestions for format! For the first few weeks sign-ups will start at 4:15pm and the round will start at 4:45pm! We will adjust this based on sunsets. $5 Buy-In! $1 ACE POT (optional)! If no aces are hit this pot grows a ... more


Rick Saffeels    September 20 at 11:52am

Has this league ended? If so I'm going to start a new league to make it run through the winter same time. If it's still going on then nevermind :)

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Rick Saffeels   September 20 at 11:57pm

Weird okay I had briefly talked to Josh Bullock on his way out last week so just wondering status.

Nico "Putta Smooth" Lagaso   September 21 at 10:50pm

Ok I'm going to be showing up every Tuesday now. So would love to get it going again please.

Rick Saffeels   September 22 at 11:59am

So I won't be starting it this week because of helping someone at 5pm so yeah I guess no league

Stacey "Stace' the Ace"    September 4 at 5:31pm

So are any of the weeks since Aug 11th going to be posted here?

[member not found]   September 4 at 11:44pm

Sept. 6th. Tuesday 2's: 1st place, Stacey W./Brad R.-11, 2nd place Cooper A./Josh B. -7, Tied for 3rd place Ira B./Jeff H., Greg A./Steve M.-5, 4th place Cody B./Matt K.-4.

[member not found]   September 4 at 11:47pm

Uh, make that Sept. 1st. Tuesday 2's. Thanks

Stacey "Stace' the Ace"   September 14 at 7:08pm

Was hoping it would get posted officially so I would get my 3 wins in a row badge!

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