South Georgia Disc Golf Association Bag Tag Challenge

Bag Tag league January '12 - January '13 Albany, GA
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Disc Golf: Urban Style
The guys get together again for some disc golf urban action.
ThePolishRifleXII's Urban Files #1
ThePolishRifleXII hits up downtown in order to capture some Urban shots.
Kicking it at Kirks: Disc Golf Trick shots
ThePolishRifleXII gets together with Kirk for a day of disc Golf trick shots on the homemade basket.
Amazing FULL Power putt for Birdie
ThePolishRifleXII hits up his home course and powers a Nuke OS into the chains.
Kicking at Kirks: Disc Golf Trick shots
Part II of the Kicking it with Kirk series. Slinging discs at our homemade basket for some urban disc golf fun.
ThePolishRifleXII's Urban Files #2
ThePolishRifle XII searches for more disc golf urban action in the second installment of Urban Files #2. The Rifle is accompanied with Kirk, from the ...
Massive Frisbee Cliff Throw
A Massive throw by Kirk off of the FlatRock Cliffs....and an even more Massive catch by the PolishRifle.