RDGA 2012 Bag Tag

Bag Tag league January - December 2012 Nevada
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Overall Leaderboard


#1Scott Miller1
#2Doc Little16
#3Serjio Castaneda15
#4Terry Woods5
#5Skot Meyer24
#6Craig Getty1
#7Scott Poynor8
#8Zach McFarling9
#9Aaron Rush12
#11Spencer Ling3
#12Josh Barber8
#13Dan Olson7
#14Dane Haling4
#16Tyler Clifton5
#17William Zimmerle4
#18Travis Tidd2
#19Nate Alfsen5
#21Richard Lehnus0
#23Paul Sanchez5
#26Luan (Lon) Kieu0
#28Howard Miller1
#30Keith Parks0
#31Darren Hailey0
#35Katy Yetter0
#36Jonatahn Beaty1
#37Dennis Cummings0
#39Dillon Smith0
#40Shawn Stanley15
#41Michael Burnham1
#42Chaice Walter1
#43Daniel Soules2
#44Tracy Moore38
#45Anthony Sartorelli3
#47Nate Hill3
#48Paul Woodin12
#50Jim Stapp18
#52Bradley Courval11
#56Dave Chapman4
#58Issac Reid2
#59James Cavanaugh3
#60Dale Ellis1
#61JD Jerome0
#62Elec Pryor0
#66Jeff Bell0
#67Maximus Meyer6
#68Anthony Cadorette0
#69Danny Sievren0
#69Jeremy Bushard3
#70tim simes0
#70Kristen Kirkland5
#71Spencer Ling0
#71Jeff Krebill3
#72Brian Imel0
#72Brian Imel0
#73Brad Meyer4
#74Steven Richardson1
#76Chris Hoffman0
#77Will Layman1
#79Rich Valdez2
#80Fats Sonderfan8
#80Vance Weems12
#81Josh Cook2
#82Chris Erdelt0
#82Matt Bonnell2
#84Gayle Baker4
#84Matt Schlabach0
#85Jennifer Merrill5
#88Phil Harris10
#90Jim Berry2
#90Michael Bonnell2
#126Jared Key2
#999Cameron Ellis12
#10Bradley Douglass4
#15Kevin Steindorf1
#22Kevin Urban2
#24Anthony Griffith2
#25Jordan Welch1
#29Jim Lewis1
#33Mark Kirk5
#34Joe Hartman1
#38Dave Christy2
#49Kat Chawkins0
#53Vinnie Pitaro1
#54Casey Jensen4
#55Bender Simes1
#57Gino Esquer1
#59Ted Nelson0
#60Lynda Nelson0
#62Mindy Carbajar2
#65Finnan Mckewew2
#66Jennifer Morgan2
#76Leonard Toon0
#78Justin Sevrene1
#91Aiden Castoneda3
Leaderboard updated 1/24/13

Match history

Tag updates Thursday, January 24
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Spencer Ling2311
Tyler Clifton5316
Jennifer Morgan8266
Tag updates Thursday, January 10
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Scott Miller21
Doc Little42
Serjio Castaneda93
Terry Woods124
Skot Meyer115
Scott Poynor177
Zach McFarling168
Dan Olson4013
William Zimmerle5617
Shawn Stanley6540
Tracy Moore6344
Paul Woodin4748
Casey Jensen7554
Dave Chapman8056
James Cavanaugh7459
Maximus Meyer8067
Brad Meyer8173
Will Layman8277
Jennifer Merrill8585
Saturday, December 1
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Course extended to 21 holes for final 2012 Bag Tag
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stScott Miller6492
2ndDoc Little6924
3rdSerjio Castaneda70439
4thSkot Meyer711211
4thTerry Woods713612
6thZach McFarling74416
6thScott Poynor741617
8thNate Alfsen751919
8thSpencer Ling754023
8thMark Kirk755333
8thJonatahn Beaty758036
12thDan Olson776340
12thMichael Burnham778541
14thDaniel Soules791143
14thTyler Clifton793353
14thWilliam Zimmerle798056
17thTracy Moore801763
17thShawn Stanley804165
19thMatt Bonnell819066
20thVance Weems822367
20thKristen Kirkland827070
22ndCasey Jensen856575
23rdJennifer Morgan886677
23rdDave Chapman886780
25thMaximus Meyer897780
26thBrad Meyer935681
27thWill Layman949082
28thGayle Baker958184
29thJennifer Merrill977585
30thJim Berry998290
31stMichael Bonnell1089190
32ndAiden Castoneda1108491
Tag updates Thursday, November 29
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Skot Meyer312
Tracy Moore1717
Tag updates Sunday, November 18
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Doc Little52
Tracy Moore4117
Shawn Stanley6341
Sunday, November 18
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Doc Little stiff-armed Tracy Moore's bid to come back from some early flubs, nailing a pair of late birdies to take an even to plus four wind and keep his number two tag.
Moore had his eye on the number two tag after his 18th hole fail kept him from the Disc Giant's number three on thursday, but missed birdie range on four, muffed a putt on five and had a totally unnecessary OB on his sixth hole approach to fall behind early. He kept battling, and Doc aided the cause with an OB on nine and then a rare missed ten footer on 12, leaving Moore just a shot back. Doc promptly birdied 13 and then on 16 lofted a long, beautiful drive into the chill breeze that first had Moore thinking North Virginia street, but ended up landing 15 feet from the basket..(read more at RDGA website).
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDoc Little5555
2ndTracy Moore594141
3rdShawn Stanley656363
Tag updates Thursday, November 15
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Skot Meyer93
Tracy Moore4541
Phil Harris4688
Thursday, November 15
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tracy Moore suffered a gut-grinding, psyche-squashing lesson from the disc golf gods, squandering his best look ever at winning the three tag with an out-of-turn, blinded-by-excitement 11-foot miss on 18, leaving him tied with the Disc Giant at minus three and stuck with the 41 tag he came with.
Hyperventilating and eyeing the champagne after a birdie on 17 gave him a one shot lead, Moore launched a great drive on 18 and maintained his composure enough to land his approach within 11 feet. The Giant had faded far left on his drive, leaving Moore so delirious that he abandoned protocol and walked up and shot his putt to get it over with. In disbelief he watch the disc flutter off the chains to the right, ruining a day of well-measure focus that had him on the verge of his best ranking ever...Phil Harris rounded out the fun threesome with a plus two.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSkot Meyer5299
1stTracy Moore524545
3rdPhil Harris574646
Tag updates Wednesday, November 14
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Jordan Welch2325
Tag updates Thursday, November 1
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Tracy Moore4445
Paul Woodin4547
Thursday, November 1
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tracy Moore finished strong on a one-on-one bag tag duel with Paul Woodin, walking away with a minus one and a 10-stroke victory to retain his 45 tag. Both players arrived too late to join the 8am bag tag round, and agreed to the head-to-head battle after walking a few holes in a vain search for the morning competitors. Finally starting on hole four, Moore launched his opening drive across McCarran Blvd, only to be granted a do-over by the ever-gracious Woodin since neither player had warmed up. Both bogeyed that hole, but from there Moore battled consistently, staying at plus one until a 70-foot birdie slam at 13 and long birdie make at 15 brought him to one under. Moore then guarded his underpar finish with unlikely saves on 17 and one. Woodin, meanwhile, was just not himself, flinging wide approaches and fluttery putts, ultimately letting the plus eight "snowman" finish slip through his fingers.Woodin stayed at tag 47.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTracy Moore544544
2ndPaul Woodin644445
Tag updates Saturday, October 20
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Tracy Moore4545
Tag updates Thursday, October 18
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Zach McFarling74
Skot Meyer99
Scott Poynor4516
Tracy Moore4745
Mark Kirk5353
Thursday, October 18
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Zach McFarling outlasted the field with a minus two to nab the four tag on a quirky day when victory was up for grabs the whole way. The Disc Giant suffered missed putts and a 16th hole bogey meltdown but still finished minus one to move from 16 to nine, and Scott Poynor made it look easy but made some late mistakes to end at even and drop from four to 16. Tracy Moore was in position to move way up , heading into 12 at minus one. But he gave it back with two bogeys to stay lodged at 45. It would have been worse had Mark Kirk not missed a makeable birdie putt on 18 to also finish plus one and stay at 53.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stZach McFarling5397
2ndSkot Meyer54479
3rdScott Poynor55745
4thTracy Moore564547
4thMark Kirk565353
Tag updates Thursday, October 11
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Doc Little45
Zach McFarling139
Kevin Urban4322
Serjio Castaneda1543
Tracy Moore4545
Skot Meyer4647
Mark Kirk6653
Shawn Stanley9063
Thursday, October 11
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Doc Little rode long drives and his usual excellent putting to post a minus four and vault from 22 to five on an eight-player bag tag morning. Zach McFarling led a trio of minus two finishers to stay 9, outranking Kevin Urban, who had a good round to jump to 22 from 43, and Serg Castaneda, who moved from 47 to 43. Tracy Moore had a late birdie on hole number one (his foursome started the day on hole 3) to card a plus one and slip past the Disc Giant and Mark Kirk, who were both plus two. Moore took who the 45 tag he arrived with. The Giant dropped from five to 47, and Kirk moved up from 63 to 53. Shawn Stanley had late troubles to end at plus four and take the 63 tag.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDoc Little51134
2ndZach McFarling53413
2ndSerjio Castaneda534615
2ndKevin Urban536643
5thTracy Moore564545
6thSkot Meyer571546
6thMark Kirk579066
8thShawn Stanley594390
Tag updates Thursday, September 27
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Tracy Moore2645
Mark Kirk1690
Thursday, September 27
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
The Disc Giant scorched the field with a minus eight that could have been a minus 10, but didn't bring his tag. Mark Kirk unloaded his 90 tag on Tracy Moore by one stroke with a crisp minus two but got it right back after kindly agreeing to a nine hole rematch and missing a 25 foot par save on the ninth hole. Moore ended up leaving with the 45 tag he came with. Newcomer Will (didn't get last name) ended at plus eight to stay at 92, but exhibited marked improvement as the game progressed.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSkot Meyer471615
2ndMark Kirk532616
3rdTracy Moore541526
Saturday, September 15
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
22 holes today not 18
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stZach McFarling5854
1stFats Sonderfan58155
3rdScott Poynor6147
4thDaniel Soules621611
5thDoc Little63713
5thTracy Moore633315
7thSkot Meyer642216
8thTravis Tidd652518
8thNate Alfsen654619
8thKevin Steindorf659122
11thVance Weems661825
12thTyler Clifton671133
12thSerjio Castaneda671946
14thPhil Harris681347
15thBrad Meyer694756
16thSteven Richardson716359
17thMatt Bonnell748263
18thGayle Baker785681
19thJim Berry798482
20thAiden Castoneda915984
20thMichael Bonnell918191
Tag updates Thursday, September 13
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Zach McFarling225
Serjio Castaneda3119
Skot Meyer3622
Mark Kirk5226
Tracy Moore4533
Paul Woodin7644
James Cavanaugh8074
Thursday, September 13
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Zach McFarling sank a bevy of jump putts from well beyond the circle line, sizzling to a minus eight to hold off Sergio Castaneda's back nine rally and maintain his grip on the number five tag. Castaneda started slow but strung together a number of birdies on the backside to come in at minus 5 and hold his 19 tag, while the Disc Giant held his 22 tag with a solid minus three. Mark Kirk was the top tag holder of a three way tie at minus two, holding his 26 tag. Tracy Moore added the 18th hole to his list of missed makeable putts, dropping to minus two but moving up from a 36 to a 33 tag. Visiting player Matt Schlabach solved the Ranch for a minus two to jump from 83 to 36, which he'll take back to Illinois with him. Paul Woodin had a workman like even par to move from 74 to 44, and brother James Cavanaugh came in with plus two to drop all the way to 74 from 44. "It's been a good disc summer," beamed McFarling.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stZach McFarling474522
2ndSerjio Castaneda503131
3rdSkot Meyer522236
4thTracy Moore533645
4thMark Kirk535252
6thPaul Woodin557676
7thJames Cavanaugh578080
Tag updates Thursday, September 6
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Skot Meyer822
Serjio Castaneda4331
Tracy Moore6536
Shawn Stanley7443
Thursday, September 6
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
The Disc Giant was in full command, utilizing soaring drives and an "on" putting game to take down the Sierra Tahoe Series Rec division posse of Sergio Castaneda, Tracy Moore and Shawn Stanley with a minus six, keeping his 22 tag.
Castaneda, on two hours sleep but in a major glow after welcoming twins Sebastian and Sergio III earlier in the morning, left a couple shots on the course but did nail a 60 footer on nine en route to a minus four to hold his 31 tag. Moore went bogey free but missed four make-able birdie shots, settling for a minus one to keep his 36 tag. Stanley had Moore in his sights the whole game and dearly wanted to make up for his final hole disaster in Truckee that allowed Moore third place Rec in Sierra Tahoe Series #5. He battled hernia symptoms all morning before finally fading to a plus two to end keeping his 43 tag.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSkot Meyer49658
2ndSerjio Castaneda51843
3rdTracy Moore534365
4thShawn Stanley577474
Tag updates Thursday, August 30
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Serjio Castaneda78
Tracy Moore1343
Jim Stapp4350
Thursday, August 30
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Sergio Castaneda held off determined challenges from Cap Stapp and Tracy Moore in a tuneup for this weekend's Sierra Tahoe Series #5 in Truckee, cruising to a minus five to hold on to his number eight tag. Stapp (tag 50) presented an early threat to Castaneda, taking sole possession of the lead after seven holes. Moore, looking to rebound after a poor showing at the Bijou tournament earlier this month dropped him to 43 after and extended stay at 13, sailed his first drive of the day far right and ended up bogeying as Castaneda birdied. Still, all were tied at minus one after nine holes. Castaneda then birdied 10, 11, 12 and 15 to outpace Moore and Stapp, who each had two back nine birdies en route to their minus threes.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSerjio Castaneda5077
2ndTracy Moore521313
2ndJim Stapp524343
Tag updates Thursday, August 2
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Tracy Moore1313
Jim Stapp4343
Skot Meyer6565
Thursday, August 2
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tracy Moore marked his return to bag tag play with a minus one, holding off a determined Cap Stapp and easily out-distancing an OB-plagued Disc Giant to keep hold of his precious 13 tag.
Just a day removed from playing 36 holes in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Moore shook off forgetting to change out of his garden sandals and the stress of taking on a 65-tag-holding Disc Giant, only to have # 43 Stapp breathing down his neck the entire back nine just a shot or two back. Stapp had forgotten his tag but Moore was in no mood to have to rely on a technicality to get by Stapp. All pressure was off when Stapp missed the mando on 17 to ultimately end at plus one. The looming presence of the Disc Giant was all but evaporated by the 10th hole, after the Giant went OB on three, four and eight, with some putting misery thrown in to finish at plus five.. Moore himself found a rare actual water hazard on six, but recovered for bogey and never looked back...
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTracy Moore541313
2ndJim Stapp564343
3rdSkot Meyer606565
Tag updates Thursday, July 26
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Serjio Castaneda77
Doc Little88
Aaron Rush1212
Jim Stapp1443
Skot Meyer6565
Shawn Stanley7474
Maximus Meyer7777
Thursday, July 26
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Serg Castaneda surged from number 12 to the number seven bag tag with a consistent minus two on a perfect condition morning, besting number eight Doc Little's even par. Aaron Rush rushed all the way up from 77 to number 12 with a plus one, getting by Cap Stapp, who had a plus two to stay at 43. The Disc Giant fell hard in a way that sometimes can happen in bag tag challenge play, coming in at plus three to plummet from seven to 65. Shawn Stanley played worse than he should have, dropping from 63 to 74 with a plus six. Maximus Meyer continued his steady progress, averaging a bogey a hole with a plus 18, but still dropped from 74 to 77. Tracy Moore was seen on the course for the first time in a while due to a heavy July workload, but missed the new 8 am tee time by about a half hour. Moore elected to continue an instructional round with the top player from the Tracy Moore stable of prospects, Kyle "Be the Change" Chandler-Issacson (+18). Moore's meaningless minus one had him wishi
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSerjio Castaneda53127
2ndDoc Little5588
3rdAaron Rush567712
4thJim Stapp571414
5thSkot Meyer58765
6thShawn Stanley616574
7thMaximus Meyer737477
Tag updates Sunday, July 22
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Josh Barber261
Scott Poynor114
Doc Little18
Tyler Clifton4611
Serjio Castaneda812
Fats Sonderfan4015
Daniel Soules1616
Vance Weems1518
Anthony Sartorelli8041
Nate Alfsen4546
Phil Harris4150
Mark Kirk7752
Steven Richardson3163
Shawn Stanley4365
Dave Chapman7867
Leonard Toon7676
Aaron Rush5077
Tag updates Sunday, July 15
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Doc Little401
Fats Sonderfan140
Tag updates Monday, July 2
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bradley Douglass2610
Tag updates Saturday, June 30
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Scott Miller33
Terry Woods55
Skot Meyer267
Serjio Castaneda88
Scott Poynor1111
Bradley Courval1212
Vance Weems1515
Daniel Soules1616
Howard Miller2828
Steven Richardson3131
Casey Jensen3636
Phil Harris4141
Shawn Stanley4343
Chris Hoffman4444
Tyler Clifton4646
William Zimmerle6363
Dane Haling6565
Kevin Urban6666
Kristen Kirkland7070
Maximus Meyer7474
Jennifer Merrill7575
Tag updates Saturday, June 30
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Scott Miller33
Terry Woods55
Skot Meyer77
Serjio Castaneda88
Scott Poynor1111
Bradley Courval1212
Vance Weems1515
Daniel Soules1616
Howard Miller2828
Steven Richardson3131
Casey Jensen3636
Phil Harris4141
Shawn Stanley4343
Chris Hoffman4444
Tyler Clifton4646
William Zimmerle6363
Dane Haling6565
Kevin Urban6666
Kristen Kirkland7070
Maximus Meyer7474
Jennifer Merrill7575
Josh Cook8281
Chris Erdelt1482
Cameron Ellis27999
Tag updates Saturday, June 30
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Scott Miller823
Terry Woods145
Serjio Castaneda58
Scott Poynor1011
Bradley Courval4012
Vance Weems7115
Daniel Soules8016
Howard Miller3428
Steven Richardson8131
Casey Jensen1936
Phil Harris4641
Shawn Stanley5043
Chris Hoffman7944
Tyler Clifton7646
William Zimmerle5463
Dane Haling4165
Kevin Urban6366
Kristen Kirkland5970
Maximus Meyer7474
Jennifer Merrill7075
Tag updates Saturday, June 23
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Fats Sonderfan141
Paul Sanchez42
Zach McFarling74
Scott Poynor1810
Casey Jensen2319
Nate Hill6548
Saturday, June 23
Lake of the Sky
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tahoe vista trueline customs tournament.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stPaul Sanchez11544
1stZach McFarling115237
1stFats Sonderfan1156514
4thScott Poynor121718
5thCasey Jensen1231423
6thNate Hill1301865
Tag updates Thursday, June 7
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Serjio Castaneda275
Tracy Moore1913
Zach McFarling2323
Jim Stapp3131
Bradley Courval2640
Aaron Rush4043
Phil Harris4346
Thursday, June 7
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tracy Moore coaxed in a 20-foot round-winning par save on the second playoff hole just seconds after Zach McFarling had prolonged the game with a 35-foot gem on the opening playoff hole.
Tied with Moore at minus one after regulation play, McFarling gallantly offered Moore the playoff opportunity despite being ranked 13 to Moore's 46. Moore took advantage of the gesture immediately by parking his tee shot on 10 after McFarling's opener had sailed wide right. McFarling nailed that long save to move to a second playoff duel, but thumbed his approach out of par range. Moore leaps all the way to the 13 tag, with McFarling dropping to 23. Both players would have beaten #5 Sergio Castaneda, but Castaneda got "called into work" about the same time he triple bogeyed 13. Castaneda had pre-warned the group that he might have to check out, and the group had elected to allow him to keep his tag. Cap Stapp continued to impress with an even par to stay at 31, and Bradley Courval showed shades
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTracy Moore532619
2ndZach McFarling541923
3rdBradley Courval562326
3rdJim Stapp564331
5thAaron Rush603140
6thPhil Harris614043
Tag updates Thursday, May 31
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Tracy Moore2626
Serjio Castaneda2727
Phil Harris3140
Jim Stapp4043
Vance Weems4371
Thursday, May 31
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tracy Moore held off a determined field, including Sergio Castaneda, Phil Harris and a red-hot Cap Stapp, coming in with a personal best minus three to creep up in the bag tag rankings.
Bogeying only hole number four and birdying 3, 8, 10 and 12, Moore topped Castaneda for the second straight thursday, exchanging his 27 tag for the minus one Castaneda's 26. Harris kept his 40 tag at even par, as did the even par Stapp with his 43. Stapp flirted with an under par finish all day before a late bogey doomed his chances. Vance Weems was back in action after a new job-related hiatus, looking just a touch rusty with a plus six. Weems kept his 71 tag.
Moore rattled one off the basket at 17 to miss going to minus four, and Castaneda left a few birdies on the course too. Both will be battling again at Turtle Rock this weekend, along with Stapp, "Basque Stew" Weems, and many other RDGA competitors.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTracy Moore522726
2ndSerjio Castaneda543127
3rdPhil Harris554031
3rdJim Stapp554340
5thVance Weems612643
Tag updates Thursday, May 24
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Tracy Moore2727
Serjio Castaneda3131
Phil Harris4040
Jim Stapp5243
Aaron Rush7171
Thursday, May 24
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tracy Moore endured four basket-clanging birdie misses, but still drove and approached his way to a bogey-free minus two finish to beat the field on a perfect thursday morning bag tag challenge.
Moore nevertheless merely maintained his 27 ranking, since tough challengers Sergio Castaneda (40) and Aaron Rush (71) somehow came in with worse tag numbers. Rush rolled his ankle on hole six and bowed out, and Castaneda ended at even par after a couple of makeable misses and an OB on six. Castaneda still moved up to 31, taking that tag from Phil Harris, who had a solid plus one on the front nine but ended up ballooning to a plus three finish to drop to 40. Cap Stapp was capless and had some close misses, but ended plus four to stay at the 43 tag.
Moore solved long basket placements for par on four, six, 12, 16 and 18, the last one coming from just inside the putting contest ring, saving his bogey-free day. His opening drive went just beyond the tree and Moore missed the birdie comeb
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTracy Moore532727
2ndSerjio Castaneda554031
3rdPhil Harris583140
4thJim Stapp595252
Tag updates Sunday, May 20
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Josh Barber1111
Doc Little112
Serjio Castaneda4140
Dane Haling5241
Jim Stapp7152
Aaron Rush4071
Tag updates Saturday, May 19
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bradley Douglass12
Josh Barber1111
Jeff Krebill1315
Nate Hill1518
Travis Tidd1725
Joe Hartman2228
Phil Harris2831
Serjio Castaneda4141
Rich Valdez4644
Skot Meyer5046
Shawn Stanley5650
Dane Haling5252
William Zimmerle6354
Gayle Baker7056
Kristen Kirkland7559
Kevin Urban7363
Jennifer Merrill7670
Maximus Meyer7774
Aiden Castoneda7875
Saturday, May 19
Sierra College
Regular tees, 18 holes
27 players came today not everyone brought there tags
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBradley Douglass58171
2ndJosh Barber59111
3rdJeff Krebill601513
3rdNate Hill605215
3rdTravis Tidd607517
6thJoe Hartman627622
7thPhil Harris634628
8thSerjio Castaneda641341
9thRich Valdez672246
10thSkot Meyer691150
11thDane Haling702852
11thShawn Stanley705056
11thWilliam Zimmerle705663
14thGayle Baker724170
15thKevin Urban747773
16thKristen Kirkland756375
17thJennifer Merrill797376
18thMaximus Meyer837077
19thAiden Castoneda927878
Tag updates Thursday, May 17
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Skot Meyer1111
Tracy Moore2727
Phil Harris5046
Shawn Stanley6750
Thursday, May 17
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tracy Moore took a one stroke lead over the Disc Giant into the back nine, but a muffed approach turned double bogey on 12, coupled with crucial Giant putts on 15 and 17, allowed the Giant to slip by and keep his 11 tag.
Tied at minus one heading into 12 after a Giant birdie on 10 and a star birdie on 11, Moore just about matched a gargantuan drive by the Giant, and was set to huck it up close for a par. Instead he threw it right and long, then tried to make a long par save into an increasing headwind. When it was all said and done, Moore had doubled and the Giant bogied, giving the Giant a one shot lead. Moore quickly tied it on 13 with a nicely placed drive and easy par contrasting with the Giant's short headwind miss. On 15, Moore seemingly stood to gain a stroke with a solid par after the Giant's drive had sailed long and his headwind approach fell 25 feet short. This time the Giant lasered one in for the par and tie save. After the Giant again saved the tie with a short pa
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSkot Meyer551111
2ndTracy Moore582727
3rdPhil Harris596750
4thShawn Stanley635067
Tag updates Thursday, May 10
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Skot Meyer1111
Bradley Courval2223
Tracy Moore4427
Nate Alfsen4545
Paul Woodin4648
Shawn Stanley4850
Thursday, May 10
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
The Disc Giant roared back from a disappointing Duel in Dayton finish with a sizzling minus five, including a long laser make for an emphatic birdie on 18, seizing the 11 tag and bidding farewell to 45. The Giant swept by Bradley Courval, who shot an admirable minus two to drop from 11 to 23. Tracy Moore slumped to a plus four after just seven holes, but managed to shake off his Dayton hangover and play minus two golf from then on, ending at plus two to slip just to 27 from 23. Moore pulled tag rank on two other minus two finishers; Nate Alfsen, who birdied his last two holes to climb back to the tie and drop from 27 to 45, and Paul Woodin, who's two over landed him at 48 from 50. Shawn Stanley showed some clutch putting but misfired late, taking a plus five to drop to 50 from 48.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSkot Meyer504411
2ndBradley Courval531122
3rdTracy Moore572244
3rdNate Alfsen574645
3rdPaul Woodin574846
6thShawn Stanley604548
Tag updates Tuesday, May 8
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Doc Little652
Fats Sonderfan465
Tag updates Sunday, May 6
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bradley Courval6511
Saturday, May 5
Dayton DGC
Regular tees, 18 holes
combined score after two rounds, tags are not right not everyone submitted theres or left with out there updated tag. Try again at Sierra College in two weeks
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJosh Barber10371
2ndPaul Sanchez105172
3rdFats Sonderfan10924
4thCameron Ellis11095
5thCraig Getty111736
6thScott Poynor11357
7thFinnan Mckewew114149
7thSpencer Ling1141810
9thTerry Woods115412
9thSerjio Castaneda1151913
11thCasey Jensen1172814
12thBradley Douglass118617
13thJordan Welch120118
13thZach McFarling1204819
15thTracy Moore1231222
16thRich Valdez1272523
16thDan Olson1277025
18thDane Haling1282328
19thSkot Meyer1292244
20thShawn Stanley1314445
21stPaul Woodin1341048
22ndWilliam Zimmerle13512656
23rdDave Chapman1414559
24thKristen Kirkland1445963
25thMaximus Meyer1531370
26thJennifer Merrill1566373
27thJared Key99956126
Tag updates Thursday, May 3
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Cameron Ellis19
Doc Little911
Tracy Moore1012
Spencer Ling1818
Skot Meyer2222
Aaron Rush4040
Shawn Stanley4444
Bradley Courval6565
Jim Stapp7171
Thursday, May 3
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Cameron Ellis tamed the wind to card a plus one, jumping to bag tag nine from twenty two, edging Doc Little, whose fine plus three nonetheless dropped him from nine to 11. Tracy Moore opened with two birdies, then carefully nursed his way around the course to end with a plus three as well, catapulting him from 40 to 12. Spencer Ling impressed in his first official bag tag round, showing the confident competitor that lurks beneath his relaxed demeanor in finishing plus four to move from 71 to 18. The Disc Giant was one of many who got hammered by the breeze, ending with a plus eight to drop to 22 from 11, along with Aaron Rush, whose triple bogey on 18 doomed him to a plus nine and the 40 tag. Shawn Stanley's plus 11 kept him at the 44 tag, but Bradley Courval's plus 12 toppled him out of his recent lofty heights all the way down to 65. Cap Stapp's rough 14 over par landed him firmly in the back of the bus, taking home the 71 tag but still smiling...
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stCameron Ellis56101
2ndDoc Little5899
2ndTracy Moore584010
4thSpencer Ling597118
5thSkot Meyer632222
6thAaron Rush641840
7thShawn Stanley664444
8thBradley Courval67165
9thJim Stapp696571
Tag updates Saturday, April 28
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Fats Sonderfan22
Paul Sanchez1717
Skot Meyer2722
Tracy Moore4040
Shawn Stanley4844
Zach McFarling7048
Saturday, April 28
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
The cream rose to the top on a beautiful bag tag afternoon, with Paul Sanchez putting on a putting clinic early before cooling off late, allowing Fats "SPF 50" Sonderfan to showcase his talents en route to a come-from-behind minus 5 tie with Sanchez. Sonderfan kept his number two tag and Sanchez held his 17 tag. The Disc Giant bogeyed 18 but still ended at minus one to move up to 22 from 48. Tracy Moore nailed a satisfying birdie on 18 to get back to even par, but that was only good enough to keep his 40 tag. Shawn Stanley couldn't overcome an early double bogey, finishing at plus three to keep his 44 tag, and Zach McFarling somehow ended up plus four despite some beautiful drives and putts, dropping from 22 to 48.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stFats Sonderfan5022
1stPaul Sanchez501717
3rdSkot Meyer544827
4thTracy Moore554040
5thShawn Stanley582748
6thZach McFarling597070
Tag updates Thursday, April 26
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Doc Little79
Cameron Ellis1210
Aaron Rush1318
Tracy Moore1840
Skot Meyer2748
Jim Stapp4065
Thursday, April 26
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
With a wind-blown spring bluster in full effect, the thursday morning bag tag round was sure to be a struggle. Even the always confusing disc flip to divide the foursomes went five rounds. When the dust settled, all had been humbled, but Doc Little showed his reliable consistency and good judgement in defending his number nine tag with a plus eight, the only single-digit over-par round of the day. Little edge out Cameron Ellis, who sandwiched solid play between an OB beginning and OB ending to end at plus 10 and jump from the 22 to tag to 13. Aaron Rush had good course management to tie impressive newcomer Zac (didn't get last name, doesn't appear to be listed yet) with a plus 12 to jump from 48 to a much more palatable 18. Zac left his new 70 tag behind for the 22 tag. Tracy Moore's course management strategy had him neck and neck with Little through the first 10 holes or so, which probably influenced his ill-advised decision to go for a risky par on 14, which airballed right by
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDoc Little6377
2ndCameron Ellis651212
3rdAaron Rush672713
4thTracy Moore691818
5thSkot Meyer701327
6thJim Stapp784040
Tag updates Sunday, April 22
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bradley Courval11
Tag updates Sunday, April 22
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bradley Courval11
Sunday, April 22
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBradley Courval48191
2ndJosh Barber5219
2ndCameron Ellis52912
2ndSerjio Castaneda521219
Tag updates Thursday, April 19
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Paul Woodin4610
Tag updates Wednesday, April 18
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Nate Alfsen1010
Tracy Moore1818
Bradley Courval1919
Aaron Rush2727
Jim Stapp4040
Wednesday, April 18
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Nate Alfsen hung tough for the second straight day, coming up with solid pars in the wind on 17 and 18 to tie Tracy Moore at plus three and defend the number 10 tag he won with long birdies on 17 and 18 the day before. Moore kept his 18 tag, his otherwise good round marred by a par miss-turned-ditch-water-double-bogey on five.
Alfsen only had to put in an eight-footer for his tie-clinching win, but the headwind threatened to veer it off course as it ultimately hit the left side of the chains and dropped in, breaking Moore's heart again. Bradley Courval was in the driver's seat most of the round, carrying a minus one into the later holes. A series of bogeys coupled with an missed mando on 17 blew up his sure victory, sending him to a plus four. He did climb out of his 40 tag hole all the way to 19. Aaron Rush got hammered by the wind for the second straight day, his good round ballooning to a plus six late, dropping him from 19 to 27. Cap Stapp was the early leader with an impre
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stNate Alfsen581010
1stTracy Moore581818
3rdBradley Courval594019
4thAaron Rush611927
5thJim Stapp642740
Tag updates Tuesday, April 17
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Nate Alfsen1010
Tracy Moore1818
Aaron Rush1919
Jim Stapp2727
Tuesday, April 17
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tracy Moore had the champagne on ice as he appeared poised to snag the 10 tag after Nate Alfsen missed a makeable par save on 16 to give Moore a one shot lead. Alfsen then nailed two consecutive long birdie shots, the last one into a stiff headwind from 25 feet, to swipe the 10 spot and spend the rest of the day grinning.
The miracle finish capped a great back-nine duel that makes bag tag disc golf so fun, with Moore and Alfsen hanging tough and staying tied at plus one until Alfsen's 16th hole mishap from 10 feet. Then, after Moore drove and approached into easy par range on 17, Alfsen arced a long birdie putt from the northeast that was a no doubt the minute he threw it. That tied it again at plus one, and both players rode their blizzards to long drives on 18, Moore pin-high but well to the right and Alfsen about 25 feet short. With a breeze coming right at him and Moore standing nearby holding the better tag and ready to pull tag rank and leave without subjecting himself to th
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stNate Alfsen552710
2ndTracy Moore561918
3rdAaron Rush581019
4thJim Stapp601827
Tag updates Monday, April 16
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Cameron Ellis99
James Cavanaugh4343
Paul Woodin4646
Shawn Stanley4848
Dale Ellis6060
Monday, April 16
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stCameron Ellis57489
2ndJames Cavanaugh606043
3rdPaul Woodin61946
3rdShawn Stanley614348
5thDale Ellis674660
Tag updates Sunday, April 15
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Josh Barber11
Fats Sonderfan22
Scott Poynor55
Doc Little107
Aaron Rush1210
Serjio Castaneda1712
Tracy Moore1919
Tyler Clifton2222
Dane Haling2623
Vance Weems2326
Bradley Courval4040
Shawn Stanley3743
Dan Olson4444
Cameron Ellis6748
Sunday, April 15
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Mild, sunsplashed conditions led to solid scores for most of the 14 players who showed for the sunday 10am bag tag round, with Josh Barber and Fats Sonderfan battling to a minus four tie, Barber keeping his hold on the number one tag and Sonderfan settling for number two. Scott Poynor easily outpaced the field in hilarious one-liners, but had OB trouble on six and 16, which left him at minus three. He still moved from tag 12 to five, nudging out "Mr. Automatic," Doc Little, who dropped to tag seven with a minus one, and Aaron Rush, whose slick minus one catapulted him from tag 48 to 10. Sergio Castaneda slipped from stellar status to merely very good with a couple of misses to end at even par and fall from tag seven to 12. Tracy Moore had a relatively satisfying and uneventful round, keeping his misses to a minimum in coming in at plus one, breaking back into the top 20 with the 19 tag. Tyler Clifton took a big step forward with a plus two, jumping from 44 to 22. Dane Haling was
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJosh Barber5111
1stFats Sonderfan5122
3rdScott Poynor52125
4thDoc Little54510
4thAaron Rush541712
6thSerjio Castaneda556717
7thTracy Moore562219
8thTyler Clifton574422
9thVance Weems581923
9thDane Haling582326
11thShawn Stanley593737
11thBradley Courval594040
13thDan Olson612644
14thCameron Ellis621067
Tag updates Thursday, April 12
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Doc Little75
Paul Woodin99
Cameron Ellis1010
Jim Stapp2218
Vance Weems1919
Tracy Moore4022
Bradley Courval6740
Thursday, April 12
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Doc Little and Paul Woodin handled their dogs and their discs efficiently on a wind-swept and frigid morning, battling to a plus five tie, sending Little to the five tag, and Woodin to number nine. Cameron Ellis came in at plus six to fall from tag five to 10, and Cap Stapp and Vance Weems tied at plus seven. Stapp, who sank several quality putts, held his 18 tag, and Weems was nails down the stretch to move from 40 to 19. Tracy Moore never quite solved the wind, especially after his body temperature dropped to 92 after leaving his coat behind on the front nine, but he managed some crucial par saves on the back nine until a bad approach on 18 doomed him to a plus eight. Moore did hold his 22 tag after Bradley Courval's solid round turned tragic late on the back nine, topped off by an OB on 17. Courval thudded out of the top ten, landing at the 40 tag.
The turning point for Woodin came on hole nine, a ridiculous disaster for most of the players as the swirling wind gods made a
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDoc Little6097
1stPaul Woodin60199
3rdCameron Ellis614010
4thVance Weems62719
4thJim Stapp626722
6thTracy Moore632240
7thBradley Courval651067
Tag updates Tuesday, April 10
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Nate Alfsen4027
Tag updates Monday, April 9
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Nate Alfsen6740
Tag updates Monday, April 9
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Serjio Castaneda2618
Dan Olson4026
Tag updates Sunday, April 8
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dane Haling5023
Sunday, April 8
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
this is a combined score of two rounds
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTracy Moore1182222
2ndSerjio Castaneda1202626
Tag updates Saturday, April 7
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Josh Barber11
Fats Sonderfan22
Terry Woods44
Bradley Douglass66
Doc Little139
Scott Poynor1512
Skot Meyer1613
Jeff Krebill1915
Anthony Sartorelli3716
Paul Woodin5019
Tracy Moore2622
Serjio Castaneda926
Casey Jensen2228
Shawn Stanley2837
Dan Olson3240
Tyler Clifton4444
Brad Meyer4747
Nate Hill5152
Bender Simes5255
Kristen Kirkland5459
James Cavanaugh5560
Mindy Carbajar5962
Jennifer Merrill6063
Maximus Meyer6365
Jeremy Bushard6969
William Zimmerle65126
Saturday, April 7
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
this is a combined score of two rounds
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJosh Barber10511
2ndFats Sonderfan10742
3rdTerry Woods11224
3rdBradley Douglass112166
5thDoc Little1131313
5thScott Poynor1131515
7thSkot Meyer1155016
8thJeff Krebill116619
8thAnthony Sartorelli1163737
10thPaul Woodin1181950
Saturday, April 7
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
this is a combined score of two rounds
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stCasey Jensen1216522
2ndWilliam Zimmerle1262265
Saturday, April 7
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
this is a combined score of two rounds
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJustin Sevrene1266923
2ndShawn Stanley1272828
2ndDan Olson1275532
4thTyler Clifton1282344
5thBrad Meyer1343247
5thNate Hill1345951
7thBender Simes1356352
8thKristen Kirkland1404454
9thJames Cavanaugh1424755
10thMindy Carbajar1475259
11thJennifer Merrill1575160
12thMaximus Meyer1585463
13thJeremy Bushard1616069
Tag updates Friday, April 6
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Vance Weems137
Tracy Moore2626
Friday, April 6
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Vance Weems immediately risked his number seven tag which Doc had bestowed upon him in exchange for Weems' 62 tag, a protective move going into saturday's tournament, and ended up keeping the seven after a somewhat sloppy tuneup challenge against Tracy Moore. Weems had OB trouble en route to a minus four, tying Moore, whose sloppiness revolved around some shoddy front nine putting. Moore remained at the 26 tag and looks to move up in saturday's two round affair...
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stVance Weems591313
1stTracy Moore592626
Tag updates Tuesday, April 3
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Doc Little177
Serjio Castaneda109
Bradley Courval710
Jim Stapp5518
Dan Olson955
Tag updates Sunday, April 1
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Jordan Welch5011
Tag updates Thursday, March 29
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bradley Courval77
Skot Meyer1111
Tracy Moore2626
Cameron Ellis2727
Jim Stapp5555
Thursday, March 29
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Bradley Corval unleashed a veritable "blizzard" of new air bubble disc distance and putting accuaracy, cashing in on his good karma from his role in creating aesthetically pleasing tee boxes on 12, 13 and 15 and breezing to a minus two finish despite an 18th hole OB. Corval took the seven tag, knocking Cameron Ellis out of the top ten for the first time in quite a while. Ellis contented early but stumbled late, airing a few putts too far past the target to end at plus three and the 27 tag, allowing Tracy Moore to slip in with a consistent plus two and take the 26 tag. Moore's long week of hand wringing over having the 55 tag came to a merciful end as he climbed back to a modicum of respectability with solid approaches and fortunate putting. The Disc Giant overcame a pair of front nine OB's with masterful putting on the back nine to finish at plus one and get back to a more Giantesque 11 tag after holding 27 for a week. There was no tee box karma love for Cap Stapp, who also helped
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBradley Courval53267
2ndSkot Meyer562711
3rdTracy Moore575526
4thCameron Ellis58727
5thJim Stapp611155
Tag updates Tuesday, March 27
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Dan Olson99
Jim Stapp1111
Doc Little1717
Aaron Rush1818
Bradley Courval2626
Tuesday, March 27
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDan Olson1179
2ndJim Stapp21811
3rdDoc Little3917
4thAaron Rush42618
5thBradley Courval51126
Tag updates Saturday, March 24
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bradley Courval1811
Jim Stapp1118
Saturday, March 24
Dayton DGC
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJosh Barber5311
2ndBradley Courval601818
Tag updates Thursday, March 22
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Cameron Ellis77
Jim Stapp1111
Paul Woodin1919
Aaron Rush2626
Tracy Moore5555
Thursday, March 22
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Cap Stapp jumped to his best tag ranking ever with consistent drives and must-make putting success, battling the stubborn on-again-off-again breeze to tie Cameron Ellis with a plus three. Ellis, who dazzled again with his beautifully placed drives and approaches and solid putting, held off Stapp just enough to retain his seven tag. Stapp was all smiles as he moved to his career-best 11th tag. Aaron Rush and Paul Woodin hung tough to tie at plus five, with Woodin dropping to 19 and Rush holding the 26 he arrived with. Tracy Moore felt "on," but watched his early legitimate victory hopes fade far right every time he tried to out-angle the wind on the back nine, ending with a rim-clanging plus six and his year's worst 55th tag.
"It's a tricky one today," Moore remarked midway through the round.
"And dangerous," agreed Rush.
The Disc Giant joined the group for the first six holes bad had to get back to real life, and Doc stopped in for the last five in preparation for the day's
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stCameron Ellis5877
1stJim Stapp585511
3rdPaul Woodin601119
3rdAaron Rush601926
5thTracy Moore612655
Tag updates Friday, March 16
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Cameron Ellis77
Doc Little99
Vance Weems1913
Tracy Moore2319
Aaron Rush2426
Jim Stapp2755
Tag updates Friday, March 16
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Cameron Ellis77
Paul Woodin1111
Vance Weems1313
Tracy Moore1926
Skot Meyer2427
Jim Stapp5555
Thursday, March 15
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Number seven tag holder Cameron Ellis stayed sharp in the second bag tag round of the day, battling the winds to finish in a minus one tie with number nine tag holder Doc Little, who nailed long putt after long putt to stay in contention. Vance Weems hung in with a plus one to defend his 13 tag, beating Tracy Moore by a stroke. Moore's plus two enabled him to pluck the 19 tag from Aaron Rush, who endured a double bogey on 16 and an OB double bogey on 17 to drop out of the race and get the 26 tag. Cap Stapp again brought up the rear to hold his 55 tag. Dixie the dog staved off a strong-looking coyote in the scraggly trees just north of the hole six tee pad and trotted back to the group no worse for her skirmish. Just then, Bradley Corval appeared from the same direction, having possibly shape-shifted from that very coyote. Corval, who joined the group late and did not play for a tag, would not confirm or deny the speculation.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stCameron Ellis5477
1stDoc Little5499
3rdVance Weems562319
4thTracy Moore572423
5thAaron Rush591924
6thJim Stapp622727
Thursday, March 15
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Cameron Ellis shredded the field on a calm misty bag tag morning, launching impressive drives and accurate putts en route to a minus two. Ellis earned the seven tag for his efforts, moving up from 13. Paul Woodin had a solid minus one round to keep his 11 tag. Vance Weems overcame a sloppy start that had him plus three after four holes, ending at plus one to climb all the way to the 13 tag from 55. Tracy Moore arrived late and parred the first four holes, but had to take Weems' score of plus three when he finally caught up to the group, so his actual minus one round became a plus two on paper when all was said and done, leaving him to merely hang on to his 26 tag. The Disc Giant didn't have his usual amazing putting stroke on this day but remained in the hunt throughout, until a missed mando on 17 and an OB on 18 doomed him to a plus four, dropping him from tag seven to 27. The Giant did pull bag tag rank on Cap Stapp, who also finished plus four and ended up sliding to tag 55.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stCameron Ellis52237
2ndPaul Woodin541111
3rdVance Weems562423
4thTracy Moore572624
5thSkot Meyer59726
5thJim Stapp592727
Tag updates Sunday, March 11
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Doc Little139
Tyler Clifton2313
Cameron Ellis923
Tag updates Saturday, March 10
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Josh Barber11
Terry Woods32
Josh Cook23
Fats Sonderfan44
Paul Sanchez55
Doc Little1413
Tracy Moore2626
Jim Stapp2727
Anthony Sartorelli3737
Saturday, March 10
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
The RDGA's top five elite along with some determined underlings battled ever-increasing winds in saturday afternoon's bag tag challenge, with Josh Barber emerging number one on a solid minus three effort. Terry Woods' I-pod ranged from "whole lotta shakin' going on" to some smooth piano jazz, keeping him in just the right frame of mind to throw a minus two game and jump from tag five to tag two, tying Josh Cook, who moved from 13 to 3. Papa Fats Sonderfan gave up his number one mantle with a minus one, dropping to number four and tying Paul Sanchez, who slid from three to five. Doc "Twirler" Little never quite recovered from a slow start, falling from tag four to tag 13 with a plus two, besting Tracy Moore, whose minus one back nine beginning couldn't hold up to some bad putting on the front nine, leaving him at plus four. Moore did manage to step up from tag 27 to 26, as Tony Sartorelli's even par back nine start got absolutely blown away on the front nine, ballooning to a plus 1
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJosh Barber52141
2ndJosh Cook5312
2ndTerry Woods5353
4thFats Sonderfan5424
4thPaul Sanchez5435
6thDoc Little57414
7thTracy Moore592726
8thJim Stapp613727
9thAnthony Sartorelli682637
Tag updates Thursday, March 8
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Tracy Moore2727
Phil Harris4848
Anthony Griffith5555
Thursday, March 8
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tracy Moore narrowly escaped with his 27 tag with a plus one round, thanks to Vinnie Pitaro showing up without his 31 tag and thus not being an official bag tag competitor. Vinnie did fire a personal best even par, so definitely deserves mention as the king of the morning. In an eightsome in which only three players carried tags, Moore outdistanced Anthony Griffith and Phil Harris, who both came in at five over par, Harris staying at tag 48 and Griffith holding at tag 55. All the non-member players played well too, and expressed that they would soon be joining up and competing for real. Absent today were some of the notables, like Doc and the Disc Giant, Aaron and Paul...
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTracy Moore562727
2ndPhil Harris604848
2ndAnthony Griffith605555
Tag updates Wednesday, March 7
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Doc Little174
Scott Poynor415
Dan Olson1517
Tag updates Tuesday, March 6
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Issac Reid6058
Jeremy Bushard5860
Tag updates Saturday, March 3
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Doc Little1517
Aaron Rush1919
Tracy Moore2027
Jim Stapp2737
Dave Christy3738
Dave Chapman3845
Issac Reid4560
Saturday, March 3
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Doc Little cruised to a minus 2 finish, outlasting a determined Aaron Rush, who pulled into the 18th hole tied with Little, despite a 12th hole double bogey disaster. Rush's bogey at 18 merely sealed the deal since Little held the better tag advantage and parred. Little ended up keeping his 17 tag, and Rushed switched his 27 tag for the 19 tag held by Tracy Moore, who endured a four hole bogey skid on the front nine but still ended at plus 3. Jim "Cap" Stapp came in a shot behind Moore to vault from 60 to 37, and Daves Christy and Chapman each came in at seven over par, with Christy keeping his 38 tag and Chappy holding at 45. Newcomer Issac Reid showed true potential but dropped from 37 to 60 with a 9 over par finish, and JD Jerome kept his 61 tag with a ten over par. All in all, a pleasant day in the sun for all...
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDoc Little531515
2ndAaron Rush542719
3rdTracy Moore581920
4thJim Stapp592027
5thDave Christy623837
5thDave Chapman624538
7thIssac Reid643745
Tag updates Monday, February 27
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Jeremy Bushard4058
Sunday, February 26
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSkot Meyer53157
2ndDoc Little55715
3rdDan Olson571717
4thPhil Harris584848
Tag updates Saturday, February 25
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Josh Cook01
Fats Sonderfan12
Paul Sanchez33
Scott Poynor24
Terry Woods55
Jeff Krebill46
Doc Little67
Cameron Ellis79
Serjio Castaneda1010
Paul Woodin911
Dane Haling1112
Finnan Mckewew1213
Josh Barber1314
Skot Meyer1415
Bradley Douglass1516
Dan Olson1617
Bradley Courval1718
Tracy Moore1819
Tyler Clifton2423
Anthony Sartorelli2326
Aaron Rush2627
Shawn Stanley2728
Jim Lewis2929
Keith Parks3030
Vinnie Pitaro3131
Brad Meyer3232
Howard Miller3434
Gayle Baker4141
Chaice Walter4442
Kristen Kirkland4544
Dave Chapman4845
Phil Harris5248
Jennifer Merrill5351
Mindy Carbajar5452
Jennifer Morgan5553
Maximus Meyer4054
Jared Key4256
Saturday, February 25
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJosh Cook5740
2ndFats Sonderfan5921
3rdScott Poynor6072
3rdPaul Sanchez60453
5thJeff Krebill6134
5thTerry Woods6155
7thDoc Little6466
8thCameron Ellis6597
8thPaul Woodin65109
8thSerjio Castaneda652410
11thDane Haling661711
11thFinnan Mckewew665312
13thJosh Barber67113
13thSkot Meyer671114
13thBradley Douglass675215
16thDan Olson681316
17thBradley Courval691217
17thTracy Moore692618
19thAnthony Sartorelli701623
19thTyler Clifton704424
21stAaron Rush711426
21stShawn Stanley711527
21stVance Weems714128
24thJim Lewis734829
25thVinnie Pitaro755631
26thBrad Meyer761832
27thHoward Miller772334
27thDave Christy775438
29thGayle Baker782841
29thChaice Walter782944
29thKristen Kirkland783245
32ndDave Chapman793148
33rdAnthony Griffith805751
34thPhil Harris832752
35thJennifer Merrill883453
36thMindy Carbajar90054
37thJennifer Morgan935155
38thJeremy Bushard983856
39thGino Esquer9995557
Saturday, February 25
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
These are junior scores for bag tag challenge only 9 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMaximus Meyer484040
2ndJared Key614242
Tag updates Saturday, February 25
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Issac Reid3737
Jeremy Bushard3838
Tag updates Thursday, February 23
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Skot Meyer1411
Bradley Courval912
Aaron Rush4414
Shawn Stanley1315
Tracy Moore4126
Phil Harris2627
Thursday, February 16
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tracy Moore surrendered his beloved number 10 bag tag to Paul Woodin, who scorched the field with a focused and poised minus one on a day when most struggled with cold air, mushy footing and just plain errant throwing. The Disc Giant made up for a disastrous eleventh hole series of misses with a very Giantesque 30 foot make on 18, breaking a three way tie with Moore and Vance Weems. Moore rattled home his ten footer to save par and pull rank on Weems to slip to just the 14th bag tag. Weems had been in position to move up but sailed his 18th hole drive just out of bounds, so he retained his 31 tag. James Cavanaugh rejoined the RDGA and kept his shiny new 47 tag.
"I hung in there today," Woodin said. "That felt good."
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stPaul Woodin541010
2ndSkot Meyer591414
2ndVance Weems594127
4thTracy Moore602741
Thursday, February 16
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tracy Moore surrendered his number 10 bag tag to Paul Woodin, who scorched the field with a focused and poised -1 on a day when most struggled with cold air, mushy footing, and errant throwing. The Disc Giant managed to hold his 11 tag, making up for a disastrous eleventh hole series of misthrows with a 35 foot birdie make on 18 to break a 3-way tie with Moore and Vance Weems. Moore then sank his 10 foot par save, enabling him to pull rank on Weems and slip just to tag number 14. Weems stayed at 31, and James Cavanaugh kept his newly purchased number 47. (James is not yet listed on the website).
"I hung in there today," Woodin said. "That felt good."
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stPaul Woodin541410
2ndSkot Meyer594114
3rdTracy Moore601027
3rdVance Weems602741
Thursday, February 16
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
correction to vance weems score on feb 16. he shot a 60 to keep his 31 tag
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTracy Moore602727
1stVance Weems604141
Tag updates Tuesday, February 14
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Paul Woodin4414
Sunday, January 29
Rancho San Rafael Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stIssac Reid773837
2ndJeremy Bushard783738
Tag updates Saturday, January 28
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Josh Barber01
Fats Sonderfan02
Jeff Krebill03
Josh Cook04
Terry Woods05
Doc Little06
Scott Poynor07
Chris Erdelt08
Bradley Courval09
Tracy Moore010
Tyler Clifton011
Cameron Ellis012
Shawn Stanley013
Aaron Rush014
Dan Olson015
Anthony Sartorelli016
Dane Haling017
Brad Meyer018
Danny Feight019
Jim Stapp020
Richard Lehnus021
William Zimmerle022
Howard Miller023
Serjio Castaneda024
Rich Valdez025
Phil Harris026
Vance Weems027
Gayle Baker028
Chaice Walter029
Keith Parks030
Dave Chapman031
Kristen Kirkland032
Luan (Lon) Kieu033
Jennifer Merrill034
Katy Yetter035
Darren Hailey036
Jeremy Bushard037
Issac Reid038
Dillon Smith039
Maximus Meyer040
Skot Meyer041
Jared Key042
Dennis Cummings043