Parmalee Birdie Dubs

Doubles league December '08 - October '11 Lambertville, MI
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Steven Lopez    May 22, 2009 at 7:34pm

TSO Presents Thurday Night DUBZ @ Parmelee Park! A TEAMSTEVEO production.. Finial Results are as follows: 1. Chris Hoyle/Rob Dart -29 (Epic playoff) 2. TS/RPG2 -28 (Epic playoff) 3. Bogart/Mike M2 -12 4. Woj/Osh -12 5. Steveo/Danielle Mahl -9 6. Nick Grey/ J. Miller -9 The round ended with the -14s going into a sudden death playoff that lasted an additional 15 holes. As the two teams battled into the early evening, neither team would give upan inch. The final hole was from hole one ... more