Manic Mondays Spring 2021

March - June 2021 • New Berlin, Wisconsin
Singles league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Jun 7, 2021 · Top scores
Valley View Park
Short tees, 18 holes
-9 45
Josh Pook$8
-9 45
Cameron Muir$8
-8 46
Adam Orlowski$3
-10 44
John Roder$11
-10 44
Michael Graeve$11
-10 44
Nick Macleod$11
+5 59
Liam Pook$1
-13 41
J.T. J.T.$9
-13 41
Dustin Skorupinski$9
-11 43
Steve Kirsch$6
-11 43
Henry Steiner$6
-7 47
Gary Lehn (REC)$10
-5 49
Forest Schweitzer$7
-4 50
Ashley Ferus$5
+4 58
Samantha Thomas$3
+12 66
Kaitlin Borgwardt$1
+14 68
Kate Krakow
Overall standings
1Cameron Muir52
2Adam Orlowski32.5
3Dillon Fasse31.5
1Lorenzo Wabanimkee187
2Adam Estrada177
3John Roder174.5
1Liam Pook1
1Dustin Skorupinski133.5
2Corey LaFleur101.5
3Paul Bowen93.5
1Forest Schweitzer44
2Ashley Ferus41
3Nick Narlock39
1Samantha Thomas27
2Kaitlin Borgwardt18
3Kate Krakow10
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Leaderboard updated 6/8/21

About this League

Singles league - 120 all-time players - 0 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool entry
Rolling starts again this year as I expect a higher attendance. We will be starting groups from 5:15 until 5:45. Anyone arriving after 5:45 will be grouped up at 6:00 and started at that time.

League News

Mike Harrington   June 8 at 4:34pm

We have a winner! (Actually 5 of them)

These scores are official unless someone disputes on of their scores from last night. The standings match up on my spreadsheet to whats on disc golf scene so that means I at least transferred the numbers correctly.

1st Place - Dustin Skorupinski 154.5 - 21 = 133.5
2nd Place - Corey Michael LaFleur 1st year in Open 114-12.5 - 101.5
3rd Place - Paul Bowen 99.5-6 = 93.5

1st Place - Cameron Muir 53.5 - 1.5 = 52.0
2nd Place - Adam Orlowski 32.5 - 0 = 32.5
3rd Place - Dillo ... more


Mike Harrington   June 7 at 7:44pm

Week 10 Spring Finale!

DOUBLE POINTS SINGLES tonight . . . no rules full bag can be used.

Unfortunately I will be on my conference call tonight (forgot it was the first Monday of the month) so trophies will have to be handed out next week when we kick off Summer session!


Mike Harrington   May 18 at 6:34pm

05/17/2021 Follow-up

Hey everyone . . . sorry for always being last minute with league formats. At least I get the scores posted quickly! I used to do a write-up each week back in the day but my life kept getting busier and busier so I just stopped that habit. I wanted to bring it back for this week because we had a first time acer in Samantha Thomas. She hit an anhyzer line through the trees. Her boyfriend Tucker Balistreri was also on the card and he also aced hole #15. Congratulations to both of you!

I also sp ... more


Mike Harrington   May 10 at 2:49pm

Mulligan Night

Mulligan Night tonight
Open gets 1 mulligan
Advanced gets 2 mulligans
Intermediate gets 3 mulligans
Recreational gets 4 mulligns
Women's Division gets 5 mulligans

Mulligans may be used at any time (putts or drives), I only ask if you use one on a drive you leave that disc where it is and throw a different disc to save time . . . but also because you do not need to use the mulligan drive if it happens to be worse than the original.


Mike Harrington   April 19 at 7:09pm

Week #4 Stableford

A little reprieve this week as you get full use of your entire bag. This week is called Stableford and the basic gist of this event is meant to encourage everyone to be aggressive, especially on putts. It is simply a point based system that rewards aggressiveness. An ace and a par is worth more than 2 birdies. A birdie and a bogey is worth 1 point more than 2 pars. a par and a double bogey is worth more than 2 bogies. Don't worry about the points yourself just turn your scorecard in and I w ... more


Mike Harrington   April 3 at 8:11pm

Week #2 Putters Only Night

You can only carry and throw putters but you can carry as many as you want and as many putter molds as you want. Any molds that are classified as a Putter or Putt and Approach by the manufacturer count. Generally speaking that is any disc 3 speed or slower but there are a few 4 speed discs that are marketed as putters and have come into question in the past:

Discraft Zone
Westside Harp

There may be a few others . . . if in doubt please inquire with Mike before the round.

Mike Harrington   April 3 at 8:42pm

Sorry if my wording was confusing but the Zone and Harp are allowed as they are classified as putt and approach by their manufacturers.

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