Lincoln DGC Fall League

September - November 2023 • Charlotte, Michigan
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

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Zach Story    September 7 at 7:18pm

OB list for Sanctioned Play

1 - On or over parking lot left and on or over sidewalk long
2 - On or over sidewalk left and long
3 - On or over Parking lot long
4 - On or over Sidewalk long, skate park right
5 - on or over Sidewalk left, skate park right
6 - on or over Sidewalk left, over fence long into neighbor's yard
Mandatory play to the right of the sign. If missed, proceed to drop zone.
7 - hard to go OB but sidewalks and fences, skatepark
8 - same as 7
9 - In skate park rig ... more


Joe Pascoe    September 6 at 2:28pm

I appreciate you looking into it. I don't know for certain how many times I would make it so I'd hate to pay 25 bucks to just throw 1 round

Zach Story   September 6 at 4:09pm

They said it is fine. They actually recommended I charge $5 a round for non members to throw with us. What they did say, is no casuals are allowed. If you're throwing with us as a non league member, you must pay the $5 beforehand and the round will be rated. No one who throws with us has a choi ... more

Joe Pascoe   September 6 at 5:08pm

Thank you sir!

Joe Pascoe    September 5 at 11:55pm

I don't live in the area but will occasionally be nearby for work. Is it possible to not join the league and still throw a sanctioned round here and there? I would understand not being included in ctps or ace pool and possibly like $5 for a round for non members?

Zach Story   September 6 at 2:02pm

Hey Joe. The PDGA says in their rules for leagues that "players may play as many or as few rounds as they like." So by rule, I think I have to let you do that man. And that's totally fine.

Zach Story   September 6 at 2:03pm

I'm calling them today for clarification on a few of those things. Don't want either of us to get in trouble. But from how I read it, I think that's fine by them and is by me too. I will let you know if they say different. My first time doing a sanctioned league