Grand River Union Portage Winter Dubs

November '20 - March '21 • Grass Lake, Michigan
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of February 22

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Sunday, February 28 @ 1:00pm
Big Portage Lake
Grass Lake, MI

About this League

Doubles league - 62 all-time players - 39 active players
$7.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool entry
Grand River Union presents Winter Random Doubles at Portage! We are going to be doing things a little different. $7 fee each session. $5 of that goes to same day payouts. $1 of that goes to the league (50% goes to course improvement). $1 of that goes to end of league payouts. End of league payout scale: 1st place - 40% of total 2nd place - 30% of total 3rd place - 15% of total 4th place - 10% of total 5th place - 5% of total $2 optional ace pool. Aces will pay out 80% of ...
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League News

Bryce Harrell   5 days ago

February 21, 2021

14 slightly crazy people made it out this week to league to take on the course and the ankle to knee deep, disc-devouring snow.

Only 2 cash spots with 7 teams this time, coming in first place with a -10 Andy/Joel, following close behind in second at -8 Glover/Randy.

Andy Branham with the big ACE on Hole 14, taking home $254!! Nicely done Andy!

$40 remains in the Ace Pool.

Joel did not share with the class this week, he took the $14 CTP as well as the donated McPro Aviar and pa ... more


Bryce Harrell   February 15 at 12:30pm

February 14, 2021

18 people came out to play disc golf on this 2021 Valentine's Day including a few new faces, thanks to all who joined!

Shooting a -14 and taking home the first place cash Casey Cook/Randy, finishing in second place with a -13 Joel/Bryce, and our last cash/third place spot with a -7 Scott Sprow/Bo.

Scott Sprow - Hole 2 for the WC Glow firebird and towel (thank you for the donation Scott/WC!)
Randy - Hole 14 for $18
Bree - Hole 16 for an Aero Disc Golf hat (Thank you Joel!)

Ace Pool has climbed to $266

Come out and fling some discs with us next Sunday 1pm at Big Portage.


Bryce Harrell   February 8 at 4:25pm

February 7, 2021

17 people showed up for league on this 2021 Superbowl Sunday in the bitter cold and wind. Many people lost discs under the snow, leave comments on this post describing your lost discs and hopefully we can bring them home when the snow begins to melt.

Joel/Freeland shot a -10 and took home first place this week followed by Caseyx2 shooting a -7 and finishing second. Two teams tied for last cash and third place and Randy/Curtis won the throw off.

Elijah - Hole 10 for $17
Glover - H ... more

Bo Fought   February 10 at 6:01pm

Found: Reactor (Paul). Lost: Ledgestone blue glow Zone (Bo). Hole 18 near the basket left side rough.

Tom Rice   February 12 at 9:38pm

Lost a Blue Hades prototype left of fairway short on hole 18 2/7/2021, also Bree lost a Boss (orange I think) on hole 12, kicked left off 2nd big tree on left side of fairway.

Bryce Harrell   February 1 at 12:57pm

January 31, 2021

18 frolfers made it out to Big Portage this Sunday to take on the snow in a game of hide and seek on every hole and eventually disc golf.

Shooting the scorcher -13 in this snow and taking first place Tim Weimer/Jeff Lozowsky, Randy/Elijah came in at -9 for second place, Justin W/Bryce shot -8 to take third place and last cash.

Tim Weimer was unable to warm up or preview the course before the league round started but shot -13 AND got the lone cash CTP on Hole 3 for $18... AND the Sen ... more

Tim Weimer   February 1 at 3:39pm

That was a great day! Thank you so much for the fun round, you have a great crew in Jackson!

Bryce Harrell   January 25 at 3:43pm

End of league pay out scale

I've edited the "about" section to reflect what the pay scale will look like on the final day of league, changes also noted below:

End of league payout scale:
1st place - 40% of total
2nd place - 30% of total
3rd place - 15% of total
4th place - 10% of total
5th place - 5% of total

Let me know your thoughts since it wasn't posted right from the start, trying to make it as fair as possible and am open to suggestions.


Bryce Harrell   January 25 at 12:59pm

January 24, 2021

22 disc nuts showed up for our coldest day of winter league yet, 10 rounds down and 7 more to go. I will be posting an end of league pay out schedule later on today since I realize that never made it to the "About" section, please take a look and let me know if you think it is fair/unfair.

J-Lo/Joel took down first place this week with -10, Erika/Elijah finished in second place with their -8, Freeland/Glover (Yes, THE Glover who won his first Am1 tournament this weekend, congrats ... more


Bryce Harrell   January 18 at 2:33pm

Park Passes

This week at league the DNR began riding around the parking lot and writing tickets for vehicles without passes. I encourage everyone to stop at the booth and look for self registration forms if no workers are present. If someone is in the booth they can sell a yearly pass for $17 as shown below:

"Vehicles: $17 when purchased at state parks, *DNR customer service centers (cash or checks only) or at the Secretary of State outside your license plate registration renewal cycle. (Recreatio ... more


Bryce Harrell   January 18 at 1:03pm

January 17, 2021

26 people joined us on this snowy Sunday afternoon that turned out to be quite beautiful. Many new faces this week, thank you for coming out and playing with us and we certainly hope you'll be back.

Shooting a -11 and the hot round for the second time in 3 weeks: J Grow/Joel followed next by Randy/Jim with a -9, and two teams tying for 3rd place at -8 and throwing off for 3rd and 4th place cash. Jay Day/Nubz won the throw off and 3rd place, Andy/Bryce finished out the cash in 4th.

C ... more


Bryce Harrell   January 11 at 12:44pm

January 10, 2021

22 players joined us this week for Sunday dubs at Portage, it was a bit brisk out there but the trees weren't raining slush bombs on us this time around so that's an improvement.

2 teams tied with the hot round of -9. Erika/Joel won the throw off against Randy/Bryce to take first place and second place, respectively. Bo/Elijah were right behind with -8 taking third place. Freeland/Glover took fourth place with a -7 and the last cash spot.

No need to format this like in p ... more


Bryce Harrell   January 4 at 12:30pm

January 3, 2021

21 of you crazy folks showed up for the first GRU league round of 2021 to battle in the slushy conditions with snow falling from the trees like rain.

Joel/JGrow shot the hot round of -11 to take home first place cash. Three teams tied at -9 and threw off for the only two cash spots still available, Elijah/Jay Day took second place and Casey C/Dennis snagged third place and last cash.

Hole 1 - Randy Bentley for $10
Hole 2 - Daniel Hall for the Lat64 River and towels
Hole 9 - Randy ... more


Bryce Harrell   December 28 at 12:33pm

December 27, 2020

20 players showed up this week to brave the elements and play the extended 21 hole layout at Big Portage. Huge thanks to Bo Fought for coming out on Saturday and clearing the tee pads for us!

Three teams shot the hot round of 54 (-9) and held a CTP throw off for the cash: Elijah/Bryce won the throw off with a park job by Eli, Bree/Joel were next and took second place, and Randy/Andy finished in the last cash position.

Hole 3 - Aaron Heath for $10
Hole 4 - Elijah Wykes for a color ... more


Bryce Harrell   December 21 at 12:31pm

December 20, 2020

27 golfers showed up for this week's edition of GRU Sunday dubs to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and throw plastic at metal and often wood.

Joel Coppernoll/Paul Adamisen finished at -12 to bring home the W on the week, followed closely by Casey "Cali" Cook coming in at -11 for second place. Three teams finished with a -9 and threw off for the last two cash spots, Aaron Heath/Randy Bentley won and took third place, Jeff Lozowsky/Elijah Wykes rounded out the pa ... more


Bryce Harrell   December 14 at 12:36pm

December 13, 2020

31 players showed up for league today, new record! Joel and I can't thank everyone who's shown up thus far enough, it's been rewarding to see such great turn-outs every week.

This week's hot round of -13 was shot by yours truly as Cali. Randy/Will and Casey C/Tim both shot -9 with Randy/Will taking second place in a throw off. Jeff L/Cliff and KC/Jimmy rounded out the cash spots with a pair of -8s, with Jeff/Cliff taking fourth place also in a throw off.

Sean M ... more


Bryce Harrell   December 7 at 12:33pm

December 6, 2020

24 players made it out today for week #3 of Portage dubs.

Casey Cook and Joel Coppernoll shot a blazin' -15 to beat up on the rest of the field and take the W. J Grow and Elijah were next in line at -10 which put them in solo second place. Joey P and Jeff Lozowsky were right behind at -9 in third place. A two-way tie at -6 for last cash was determined by throw off, Otis and Keith Schmidt took it down.

Keith Schmidt - Hole 6 for a Wombat3
Josh Frye - Hole 9 for $12
Casey Co ... more


Bryce Harrell   November 30 at 12:56pm

November 29, 2020

30 players today! You guys are awesome, it's great to see this much interest in the new winter league.

Team Casey2x shot a very solid -11 this week for the outright win, followed by four teams shooting -9 and throwing off for 2-5 places. Jeff Lozowsky and Jessica Cook, Forest and Colin Boyer, Otis and Jay Day, Curtis Green and Bryce finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, respectively.

Casey Cook - Hole 3 for $15
Cheeks - Hole 5 for pin donated by Dennis Barr (thank you!)
Otis - Hole 6 ... more


Bryce Harrell   November 23 at 1:39pm

November 22, 2020 - First Day of League

Thank you very much to everyone who made out in the wet, snowy (and fitting) conditions to join us for the inaugural GRU Portage Winter dubs. We had 21 people show up! That is excellent! I hope to see you all out there again throughout the winter, and please invite friends.

Taking down the first W of the season was Dave Buckley and Joel Coppernoll with -7, Will Lipscombe and Casey Cook took second place with a -5, and taking the last two cash spots after a 3-way tie and throw-off were Randy ... more