GRDG Sanctioned Singles 2024 Block 1 - Shadow Pines

May - June 2024 • Penfield, New York
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

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Andrew Peter Wollschleger    March 29 at 6:02am

Are the pros playing blues, whites for advance and reds for int/rec?

Jeff Carson   March 29 at 12:27pm

Blues for Open/Adv, whites for everyone else. We have to make separate sanctioning events with the PDGA for each tee and 3 would be too unwieldy.

Andrew Peter Wollschleger   March 31 at 3:52am

Ok, no worries. Just was curious. Thanks for the info.

bobby jones   May 2 at 4:51pm

Hey Jeff just wondering why it's capped at 56 not 72.