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July - December 2020 • Eagle, Colorado
Bag Tag league

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Saturday, July 11
Cross Creek DGC
Regular tees, 18 holes
Goat Throw Games - Cumulative Score of Two Rounds of Stroke Play
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stGabe Peugnet106101
2ndRJ Montano108333
3rdNathan Matlack10934
4thJustin Olmsted112165
5thChristofer Desseauve11316
5thTaylor Kahn11357
5thSteve Klehfoth11369
5thCorey Myers1131410
9thSage Smith1151911
10thCasey Lawrence120914
11thChris Delles1211116
12thJosh Yandle122419
12thRusty Lovato122725
14thAndrew Tucker1233226
15thKevin Cardner1253030
16thJessie Klehfoth1282632
17thWalter Gilles1302533
Tag update Sunday, July 5
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Taylor Kahn125
Gabe Peugnet1010
Shawn Jones512
Sunday, July 5
Cross Creek DGC
Regular tees, 18 holes
2020 Kickoff FEDS Tag Match
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChristofer Desseauve5311
1stEvan Jones5322
1stNathan Matlack5333
4thJosh Yandle5444
4thShawn Jones5455
6thSteve Klehfoth5566
7thRusty Lovato5677
7thLenny Siegel5688
9thCasey Lawrence5799
9thGabe Peugnet571010
11thChris Delles581111
11thTaylor Kahn581212
11thDavid Lee581313
14thCorey Myers591414
14thAndre Swanson591515
16thJustin Olmsted611616
16thIan Hiner611717
16thJon Comeau611818
19thSage Smith631919
19thDavid Mobley632020
19thMatt Wheeland632121
22ndRoland Javier652222
23rdSteve Morris662323
23rdChad Sage662424
23rdWalter Gilles662525
26thJessie Klehfoth672626
26thNick Gosse672727
28thAdam Goetsch682828
29thAndy Stewart712929
30thKevin Cardner733030
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