Flip Side spring Summer League 2021

March - October 2021 • Howell, Michigan
Doubles league

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Nolan Johnson    1 day ago

Hey how much money did I get from being a top player


Jason Kirkaldy    October 15 at 1:05pm

Due to the weather and low attendance leagues are canceled. I will have the ace pool money at the party in November. The party will most likely be on a Saturday.


Jason Kirkaldy    October 6 at 9:50pm

Friday October 15th is the last Friday league for Flip Side this year. Thanks to everyone for the good times.
I will be out there all day. Congrats to the series winners.
We will be paying out the ace pool money on this night. Anyone who has been to league this year will be eligible. I was going to run leagues all year, but unfortunately I am not seeing the player attendance that would legitimize it.
This year I will be running a winter tournament on a different date for charity, and that will be our League party.
Again thanks to everyone who attended, donated, and participated.


Jason Kirkaldy    September 11 at 5:12pm

Glow season has started! We are now starting at 7.
We had 12 out last night. Grant Ward won with cali, and he won the cash CTP.
Nate Dollar won the gift card CTP. Congrats guys!
The spring summer series is over. The top 5 will be paid out in cash.
Thanks to everyone who attended.


Jason Kirkaldy    September 10 at 7:45pm

Player party will be October 15th at Marion Park. Mini basket Challenge. 1 round of Doubles at 7pm. Mini Disc golf will be set up at 4pm, and will be completed at 645. Putting challenge will be same time. Both are free, and 1 winner each will receive a prize.
All club members will have free food and drinks available. The point series will be paid out on this date. Top 5 players are getting cash. Any suggestions on food are welcome, but I am probably doing beef stew or chili. If you want to bring something please do!


Jason Kirkaldy    September 10 at 7:29pm

Glow starts tonight. T off at 7pm


Jason Kirkaldy    September 2 at 5:30pm

Ace pool updated. Marion is where we will be until spring.


Jason Kirkaldy    September 2 at 5:29pm

Chris Langosch with the ace for $289.00


Jason Kirkaldy    August 7 at 4:21pm

We had 14 with a Cali out last night. New player Bean took the cash CTP for $35.00 I won the zone CTP donated by Grant ward (Thanks Grant). Ace pool is updated, point series is updated.


Jason Kirkaldy    July 30 at 6:53pm

Club cash is now at $250.


Jason Kirkaldy    July 17 at 1:50pm

Only 3 die hards last night in the drizzle. We all played Cali and Dave took home the W. Neil got the CTP on 18. Congrats guys


Jason Kirkaldy    July 16 at 3:14pm

We had 14 out last week, Nate Dollar got the ace on the island hole with a thumber for $262! Nice shot! Darien and I took it down with a -16. New player last week won the Get Freaky Zone! Rob Beam won the Coney Island gift card! Everything is updated. See you tonight bring an umbrella!


Jay B    July 9 at 2:14pm

Where is league tonight? Last Friday morning I looked and it said it was at Marion but then somehow it changed last minute to gulch

Jason Kirkaldy   July 12 at 5:50pm

My number is under my profile picture. Next time call. The schedule is correct

Jason Kirkaldy    July 7 at 10:12pm

We had 20 with a Cali last week. Nolan Johnson hit the ace pool $708) on hole 18 with a sidearm!! Nice ace buddy. Nolan also won the free CTP. I won the cash CTP. Scores are updated, ace pool is updated. We are back at Marion Friday. Bring all of your extra discs to trade or sell!


dave hillier    June 25 at 3:38pm

Well leagues canceled so if it’s not to bad anyone is welcome to come play at my house start at 6!!! Look up splashville on UDISC

Jason Kirkaldy   June 27 at 3:31am

We could have played too. Stupid weather channels.

Jason Kirkaldy    June 25 at 2:53pm

Due to severe storms leagues are canceled tonight. Please spread the word. See you next week.

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Mark Stephens   June 25 at 4:46pm

Easy to say when you are not rhe one responsible for the safety of everyone that comes out the play.

dave hillier   June 25 at 7:19pm

Lol he is not responsible for anyone.. you play at your own risk. We are in Michigan I bet at 6 it’s just a sprinkle if that.. he is not making you show up and play that’s up to YOU. How your putting it your making it sound like he is responsible for my sprained ankle since it happened during leagues.. let’s be real here…

Jay B   June 25 at 8:50pm

Who cares, why argue, it’s cancelled

Jason Kirkaldy    June 13 at 6:55pm

Ace pool updated. I will get scores in soon.

Don’t forget we are at Merril Park (Gulch) next Friday!


Jason Kirkaldy    June 6 at 5:08am

The last 2 weeks scores are in. Sorry, I was busy..

Ace pool is updated.

We are no longer playing Brighton Recreation. The course is getting to unplayable. The Park is not responding to my emails, so my hands are tied. They either don't have the resources, or the equipment to maintain the course correctly. I was eager to help get the pads done, but it looks like it's not going to happen.
The good news is we will be playing Merrill Park, (The Gulch) every other Friday.

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Jason Kirkaldy   June 7 at 4:01am

Yes! They actually mow the fairways, and have all the tpads.

Jay B   June 7 at 10:22am

I just saw a post for something about a small tournament that’s supposed to be coming up, wonder if they’ll maintain it before then for them

Jason Kirkaldy   June 7 at 8:27pm

highly doubt it

Jason Kirkaldy    May 28 at 7:27pm

It’s soooo cold and wet. The ace pool is only like $550. You should probably stay home and have hot cocoa.


Jason Kirkaldy    May 27 at 4:08am

We had 4 new players out again at Brighton Recreation. Ace pool is updated. Back to Marion this Friday.