Fehringer Ranch Tags League

February - December 2021 • Littleton, Colorado
Bag Tag league
This league is not active.
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About this League

Bag Tag league - 54 all-time players - 54 active players
$15.00 one-time player fee for this league
$2.00 ace pool entry
Welcome to the 2021 Fehringer Ranch Tags League!!! We are excited to finally be approved to return this year and look forward to as many league days as we can have! Tags are $15 this year (Goes 100% to the course fund), with an optional $2 ace pool where $1 goes to payouts and $1 goes to the course fund! We will also collect MHDGC and Dragon tags at our matches if players would like! We will mostly be on Wednesdays and the Occasional Sunday as the season and schedule allows.

League News

Kyle Harrigan   4 days ago

May 5th

Lets try to make this happen, I will post if if needs to be cancelled after I check the land 4:30 Start, 4pm check in starts


Kyle Harrigan   April 28 at 12:28am

April 28th Cancelled

Well to say April weather had been kind to us would be wrong. To explain, playing the course in these muddy conditions will just take away from the efforts to try and seed the ground, wet ground creates mud, mud sticks to feet, that mud contains the seeds, now they are all gone if we play on it. We will let it dry out and see how things look. Next week the forecast looks good so lets keep fingers crossed!


Kyle Harrigan   April 14 at 2:44pm

April 14th Cancelled

The chance of rain and wind keeps going up and unfortunately that just wont work out for us today. We are not going to play next week either due to an event on the calendar. See you all April 28th!


Kyle Harrigan   April 13 at 11:24pm

April 14th..Waiting

Hey everyone, waiting to see what the moisture does to see if we will hold tags....I will most likely make a call in the morning but if it rains all night I do not want to encourage people out in the mud fest, wont help the course trampling through that


Kyle Harrigan   April 6 at 3:19pm

April 7th!!

We are ready for an awesome week!! 4pm check in starts and we hit the course at 4:30pm sharp!! 35 person max and register at http://redge.info/match/FehringerRanch/2021-04-07/1630


Kyle Harrigan   March 30 at 12:28am

March 31st

Two weeks off and we are back live this Wednesday at 4pm Start time! I will be at the picnic table at 3:30pm for check in to start, 35 person cap, pre register here http://redge.info/match/FehringerRanch/2021-03-31/1600


Kyle Harrigan   March 24 at 12:50pm

March 24th

Well the snow is just not cooperating with us. In an effort to not encourage play in the mud conditions that just further damage the course with use, Tags are canceled today. We will look to hopefully be back next week as the forecast finally looks great!

Cody J. Spoelstra   March 24 at 3:48pm

Good call!

Kyle Harrigan   March 14 at 5:33pm

Maybe March 17th

Hey Everyone, Going to evaluate the weather on Tuesday Morning and see if conditions will be good enough to encourage play at Fehringer on Wednesday. Check in here for updates.

Kyle Harrigan   March 15 at 4:29pm

Calling it now. No tags this week. It is not good for the course for us to be out there pounding the snow. Let the course rest and see you all the 24th!

Kyle Harrigan   March 9 at 4:46am

March 10th

Can we miss the snow and wind......sign up and find out http://redge.info/match/FehringerRanch/2021-03-10/1430
I have Fehringer tags and may have MHDGC, but we shall see.
Capped at 35, pre registration required!

Kyle Harrigan   March 10 at 5:23am

Just a note, this week check in starts at 2:30pm and we start at 3pm.

Kyle Harrigan   March 1 at 8:57pm

Wednesday 3/3/2021

Tag registration is live! Register here http://redge.info/match/FehringerRanch/2021-03-03/1430
2pm check in and 2:30pm Start time! See you there!
MHDGC and Fehringer tags available for sales still.


Kyle Harrigan   February 23 at 4:10pm

Tags February 24th

It may be a little chilly and possibly snowy, but we are a go! 2pm check in and 2:30pm Start time, registration required here: http://redge.info/match/FehringerRanch/2021-02-24/1430


Kyle Harrigan   February 17 at 2:03pm

Tags February 17th

It might be chilly, it might be lightly snowing, but 2:30 we are a go! Check in at the table starts at 2, registration required here http://redge.info/match/FehringerRanch/2021-02-17/1430


Kyle Harrigan   February 10 at 2:42pm

Wednesday February 10th!

Total cap 35, I have Fehringer tags $15 each, MHDGC Tags $20 Each and $2 optional ace pool!
Register here http://redge.info/match/FehringerRanch/2021-02-10/1430


Kyle Harrigan   February 9 at 1:31am

Tags are back!!!

More details to come about registering as we will start out with a 35 person cap. Tags will start at #10 this year since we can not have a formal first tags blow out! I will start to pepper in the Top 10 as things heat up and get rolling!