Fehringer Ranch Tags League

January - August 2020 • Littleton, Colorado
Bag Tag league

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Wednesday, August 19 @ 5:15pm
Fehringer Ranch
Littleton, CO

About this League

Bag Tag league - 121 all-time players - 121 active players
$15.00 one-time player fee for this league
$2.00 ace pool entry
This the Foothills Parks and Recreation District Fehringer Ranch Tags. Tags are $15 and we currently meet on Wednesdays at 5:30pm(time will change as daylight becomes available). Sunday matches will happen occasionally and will be updated on the schedule as they are planned. See you on the course!

League News

Kyle Harrigan   2 days ago

Tags August 12th 2020

Hello, we are back this Wednesday 5:15 start time. Registration link is below and we have to keep under 40 player so pre-registration is needed. We will play the Island on hole 13, Stick your drive or proceed to drop zone. http://redge.info/match/FehringerRanch/2020-08-12/1715?fbclid=IwAR3XX7F4TW0spmSiwkd-xFOApjV8YSfb23xP35l2vr1klQXsZfOdv6aTSvE


Kyle Harrigan   August 4 at 6:04pm

No Tags August 5th

Hello everyone,
We will not be hosting Ferhinger tags on the 5th due to my sons birtdhay. We will be back next week for you though!



Kyle Harrigan   July 28 at 3:53pm

Tag Play on Wednesday the 29th

Hello everyone,
Here is the registration link for Wednesday tags. As usual we are capped at 25 and I will have Fehringer Ranch Tags for sale $15 each.


Kyle Harrigan   July 21 at 8:11pm

Tags July 22nd 2020

We are about to re-launch the Wednesday Tags at Fehringer Ranch. Being that you are all current Fehringer Ranch tag holders you get the early notice for sign ups. We will require sign ups and limit to 25 Players until Foothills Parks and Recreation changes the limit. Thanks everyone and see you Wednesday http://redge.info/match/FehringerRanch/2020-07-22/1730?fbclid=IwAR1IxCyWGwvQ1GbzkDamMQSQ0S2du99uKvrPUDcX_LbZz_M1IpQ4zb73BK8


Kyle Harrigan   June 22 at 10:42pm

Tags starting to kick off again

Hello Everyone,
After three months away we have been given the go ahead to start things slowly at the course. This Wednesday the 24th we will start tags again, capped at 25 people. Check in will run til 5:30 unless we get 25 people there before hand. I will only collect Fehringer Tags for the next two weeks to limit the amount of stuff people are touching and handing off. We will not have any tag match on July 8th or July 15th as I will be headed out of town for that time. Thank you all and hoping to see you all soon!

Doug Dunfee   June 23 at 5:11pm

Thanks for the update Kyle! Excited to safely get back to "normal" :)

Kyle Harrigan   March 14 at 12:20am

Tags Cancelled until 1st week of April

Hello Everyone,

Due to Foothills Parks and Recreation cancelling Organized activities at all facilities I will have to cancel Tags for the next two weeks. I will see you all in April for Organized Tag play.


Kyle Harrigan   February 11 at 3:56pm

Wednesday February 12th *CANCELED*

Snow has pulled up with the numerous storms this last week, we will cancel this week and hope for better weather on the 19th. See you all out there!


Kyle Harrigan   February 7 at 7:38pm

92 Tag Holders!

Thank you all for your support as we have grown to 92 members of our Fehringer Ranch Tags. We have 50 more on the way and a replacement for the #11 which I will get in circulation right away! We will not be having a Sunday Tag match for at least the next two weekends but keep an eye on the schedule here for updates of future Sunday Matches. We will keep Wednesdays rolling and I hope for minimal snow and warm temps to get us ready for this upcoming Wednesday. Thank you all for your support, we look forward to getting some of our projects started on the course once weather allows!


Kyle Harrigan   January 30 at 1:28am

2020 77 Strong

We are already at 77 members and that is a hot start to the year. Thank you all so far for your support. Wednesday will keep running strong all year long with only 3 weeks that will not happen as of right now on the calendar for the year. Keep an eye on the schedule tab for MISC matches such as this Sunday February 2nd(check in 8:30, Start 9am sharp).
Thanks for everything you all have done to make this an awesome league!
Kyle Harrigan

Doug Dunfee   February 4 at 4:11am

Sorry couldn't make it Sunday, had to help someone move late notice! Really want to upgrade my tag :D

Kyle Harrigan   January 9 at 9:39pm

Starting off the year

We have started the year super strong with 57 Members already, if we get to 80 by end of March(or sooner) Looks like we will need to order more tags which is super exciting! Thank you all for the support so far and I look forward to an awesome 2020.