DGOD Super Tag

January '10 - April '11 • Portland, Oregon
Bag Tag league

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Dolese disc golf course OKC
nice throw, but missed the bird(see: missed bird)
Jim's amazing up shot
thumber over the trees lands right next to pin. saving par
disc golf or die
base camp ctp
Disc-Van-Go Trip to Grand Lodge
Disc-Van-Go Trip to Grand Lodge/Horning's Hideout 5/22/10
Climo, jenkins, feldberg - $willamette park skins$
5/26/10 Covallis, OR. skins match
Trey's Longest Putt!!
Long putt at Timber Park 1/02/2011 Disc Golf or Die !!!!!!
D.G.O.D!! Timber Tag Match Hole 1 1/2/2011
D.G.O.D!! at Timber Park DGC.....Hole 1
Andy's Birthday Tag Match D.G.O.D!!!
Andy Verhoeven's birthday tag match....two courses.
DGOD! Work Party 2011 (ice bowl).MPG
Work party to get Lunchtime DGC ready for Ice Bowl 2011
Disc Golf at Greenway Park.......Feb 14th, 2011................DGOD!
Quick round of 9 at Greenway Park in Beaverton, Oregon.