Champoeg Thursday Night Random Dubs 2020

May - August 2020 • Newberg, Oregon
Doubles league

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as of August 25

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as of August 25
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 189 all-time players - 63 active players
$7.00 player fee each session
It is back! Thursday Night Random Dubs! 2020 Champoeg Disc Golf League Rules League Directors: Buck Rich and Burke Walls Reserve the right to change, add, or clarify rules to address the unforeseen Will make rule interpretations Priorities: Fair play, sportsmanship, fun for all $7 per week $1 to the course fund $4 to weekly payouts $1 to the finals payout $1 Ace pot Unless discussed prior between team members, the ace pot is not split within a team Thursday nights: 5:30 pm c ...
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League News

Buck "Yeah!" Rich   August 23 at 5:28am

About the finale

Champoeg 2020 Dubs

Join us for the Champoeg Dubs 2020 Finale. The 20 players with the most points from the League will be invited to play for a share of the Cash!! $$$ There will also be a 'Best of the Rest' bracket with a trophy and some cash prizes for the top finishers. Anyone who has played at least 3 weeks of regular season play can play in the 'Best of the Rest' bracket.

All 20 players invited for top honors will receive a commemorative trophy with yo ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   August 15 at 1:15am

Week #12. -18 Leads the charge!

Gather round and grab yourself a listen. I'm about to bring up the low down on the greatest disc golf league all around. The one and only Champoeg Thursday Night Random Dubs of course. This fine night of chain smashing was a spectacle to seen and music to my ears. The wizards of the winds were winding their way through the woods, hoping for some cash and having the want to win as a guiding light. With limited time left in the season every birdie counts and every tree kick stings so kee ... more

Dru "Stylez"   August 15 at 2:34am

You da Man!

Buck "Yeah!" Rich   August 1 at 4:20am

Week #10. Sweet Birdie Bonanza!

Step right up and grab yourself a listen. This is the shout-out to leave the doubt out about which disc golf league has the best people turnout. I'm talking about Thursday Night Champoeg Random Dubs of course!! 63 disc golfers came out to brave the heat and grab some birdies. And what a barrage of birdie banging it was. The people put near perfect putts on the pole as the discs seemed to forget how to miss on this night of tossing. Without out a doubt the song in the air tonight was the mus ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   July 17 at 4:47pm

Week #8 of Dubs. A low count of 63 Heads! Ha.

Welcome once again to the write up that's guaranteed to light up! All about the proud crowd of never too loud disc golf players and fairway slayers. It can only be Champeog Thursday Night Dubs! That one night a week that we all look forward, gaining a sense of belonging to something that is positive and good while testing our skills just like we should. The professors of the plate passing were ready to teach the talent of the toss, and class was now in session!

Teams showed no mercy on t ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   July 16 at 3:57am

Mask Protocol

Being fully aware of the ever changing climate in the state of Oregon it is now time to take action or run the risk of being shut down. There was a mandate laid down for the state of Oregon that requires masks be worn outdoors when in a situation where 6 feet apart can not be maintained. We need to be part of the solution here and not seen as working against the system. So like it or not, we are asking all to wear a mask while checking in for Dubs. I will be wearing one as will my wife and son ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   July 11 at 4:04am

Week #7. Conner Williams does it again!

It is that time of the week again so without further ado lets get out of the weeds and through the trees as we recount the action from everyone's favorite day of the week, Disc Golf Thursday! The weather was warm, the scores were hot, and the saucer slingers were scorching up the gaps with near perfect snaps. Scorekeepers had their work cut out for them as the onslaught of under-par was over the top and practically non-stop.

19 teams dialed up a double digit score reminding the whole lot ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   July 4 at 5:13am

Week #6. An Ace for the 3rd week in a row!

Gather round and grab a seat, or a least find a good place to stand. It is time for the weekly recap of the disc golf league like no other, Champoeg Thursday Night Dubs! There were 65 top tier tossing troops out there destroying the course and cleaning up the birdies. The crazy chain crashers and the flexing fairway flashers created a painting of disc golf majesty that even Bob Ross would love. There were even a few 'happy trees' that may have dashed some dreams but definitely complete ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   June 27 at 3:33am

Week #5. A full house and an Ace!

Hello again my disc golf friends. Welcome to the weekly shout-out report covering the best darn, hot damn, gotta get me some, bring home the bacon, could this get any better, fan-tab-u-lis-tic, disc golf league in the area. 74 daring folks crashed chains and bashed birdies with little hesitation and the utmost concentration. There were high-flying hyzer huckers and fearless forehand flingers meeting together on the battlefield in an attempt to climb the leaderboard and secure a spot in the final ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   June 20 at 3:56am

Week #4, 2 Aces in One Night!

Hello again friends and followers of this league. We have wrapped up another night of definitive disc domination that was delivered by the doers of the disc dance. The weather was near perfect and people were even better, as the discs destroyed their destination and the spectators enjoyed the show. And what a show it was! Long throws, big putts, tree misses, and big skipping were out there making it happen and the players were ready to let loose.

The team that really found their groove on thi ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   June 13 at 2:56am

Week #3. A New Record of 77!!

Week #3 of Champoeg Random Dubs is now in the books. And what a night it was! The competition was fierce, the scores were intense, and the baskets took a beating as over 20 teams posted at least -10 or better. The hyzers were happening and the forehands were flying with nary a tree hit to be heard. This is what disc golf at Champoeg should be like. Birdies and Eagles and Ace runs, oh my!

The top dogs prize on this night of basket chasing went to Conner Williams (now in 1st place in point ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   June 10 at 4:39am

Exciting things to expect at Dubs.

Hope you are all planning on playing Thursday Night Random Dubs. All the cool kids will be there so why not you! I would like to take a moment to mention a few things that will be taking place.

1.) There will be a 72 player max. Show up early and snag a spot. At 72 heads we are capped and I will stop taking people in or I will call it at 5:40pm. Hope you can make it.

2.) We will have CTP's and a Longest Putt prize every night. The Longest Putt will continue each week with a 100& ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   June 8 at 1:13am

Week #2. It was a packed house of 72!

Week 2 of Champoeg Randoms is now in the books and what a night it was. There were people on every hole as we maxed out the headcount with 72 dedicated souls showing up to play. There was a slight wind in the air at sign-ups but the talented tossers did not seem to care. The scores did not sway like the trees did and birdies were aplenty.

With all the people prepared to produce as much perfection in their prowess of plastic passing, the pair that prevailed included a newcomer to our league, ( ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   June 4 at 4:09am

Week 2 is tomorrow!

Week 2 of Champoeg Random Dubs will be on like Donkey Kong! We will be playing the day with the same social distancing rules that we succeeded with last week. Respect the 2 meter rule, don't come out if you are sick, do not crowd the table, use the defined flag line when coming up to pay, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! Last week was a complete and utter success and you don't want to miss your chance to snag up some points. Come on out. Tell your friends, tell your coworkers, tell ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   May 30 at 1:12am

Week #1 68 heads, at 6 feet apart!

Week 1 of Champoeg Random Dubs brought 68 heads from all over the Portland area! This stack of super stellar saucer slingers played by the 2 meter rule all night. With disc golf etiquette leading the way and the desire to play the game we all love as a strong driving force, there were strong drives and good vibes all around. At a safe distance of 6 feet apart of course.

Last years reining champ, Chase Estep, found himself at the top in week one.....again. He was lucky enough to get paired ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   May 27 at 2:51am

Week 1, Come out and play.........safely.

Everything stated below will be null and void if any authority rules against us. We are still waiting a final confirmation from the park rangers at Champoeg for what we are doing. PLEASE only show up if you are willing to make safe social distancing the first, last, and most important idea to lead you on this day.

We are playing Random dubs on Thursday. It will be done under strict guidelines and protocols. If you are sick, have been sick, have been with someone who is sick, or have been ... more

Zach Palmquist   May 27 at 2:57am

You’re the man! Thanks for making things happen!!!

Buck "Yeah!" Rich   May 25 at 3:36pm

Week 1, will it happen?

I just wanted to let everyone know that Burke and I are working on how we will roll out week 1. With Marion County in 'Phase 1' currently we are allowed groups of 25 without question. This leaves a issue for sure. We normally get between 30-45 people. We do not want to turn anyone away. Do remember that whatever happens it will only be until Marion County gets into 'Phase 2' which could happen as soon as June 10th. At Phase 2 we will have nothing to worry about. Until ... more

Conner Williams   May 26 at 5:52pm

Two different groups sounds like a good idea. Maybe one group meets at the normal signup location and the other meets over by hole 3?

Buck "Yeah!" Rich   May 17 at 9:58pm

CE Discs & Disc Golf Depot. The SilverBacks too!

As the new league season is quickly approaching my excitement and anxiety are peaking! This summer dubs league has been a personal favorite of mine and I plan on exceeding all previous expectations this year. With the backing of CE Discs and Disc Golf Depot as sponsors this year how could we miss? There have also been quite a few individuals that have offered up swag to see that this year has the most prizes to give away each week.

I also want to take a minute to give a huge shout-out to ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   May 15 at 3:07am

Hoping to Start May 28th

It has been a long off season made even longer with this pandemic we are all stuck in. Currently, Champoeg is closed until May 25th. My hope is that the park will open right after Memorial Day weekend and we can start the league on time, in 2 weeks from today!! If the park remains closed we will make adjustments to the schedule as needed. Things like making up some lost weeks on a Saturday or changing the number of weeks that will count to the finale will all be taken under consideration. J ... more

Kenny Kvarnstrom   May 15 at 6:23pm

Hell yeah Buck!!! Thanks in advance from all of us that play Thursday Dubs @ "The Poo"