Champoeg Thursday Night Random Dubs

May - August 2018 • Newberg, Oregon
Doubles league

Ace pool

as of July 13

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Thursday, July 19 @ 5:30pm

About this League

Doubles league - 93 all-time players - 82 active players
$7.00 player fee each session
We are back again! This is the 5th Annual Champoeg Thursday Night Random Dubs League. This year will be better than ever with more prizes and more fun. This year the entry fee for all players will be $7, with $1 going to the Ace Pot, $1 going to the Finale, and the rest for weekly pay-outs. This is a points league that is 12 weeks long. Players will be awarded points for each week based on score. Players will recieve 10 points for being present and 1 point for each stroke under par. Exa ...
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League News

Buck "Yeah!" Rich   July 6 at 5:26am

Week 6. The Halfway point.

Week 6 of Champoeg Random Dubs is now in the past and with the halfway point upon us this is the time to come out and throw out. Points are what matters to keep you above the red line and in contention for a spot in the finale. With over $550 towards the finale already this year is shaping up to be quite the event. Mark your calendars for Saturday August 25th. You won't want to miss it.

We had a smaller than normal crowd tonight which could be a result of last night being the 4th of ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   June 29 at 6:07am

Week 5. Conner Aces Hole 1a!!

Week 5 of Champoeg Random Dubs had a few new faces along with the usual cast of worm-burners and branch managers. With the season fully in effect now it is time to get yourself a comfortable seat for the Finale. After the scores were all added up there is a new name at the number one spot in the points. Nick Skaale has taken the top spot.........for now. If he keeps up his plastic passing prowess he should remain there. However this season has turned out quite a few good disc golfers and no ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   June 22 at 5:46am

Week 4. Will Beus is on the loose!

Week 4 of Champoeg Random Dubs was nothing short of exciting. With 47 people coming out to try there hand at tandem team tossing, Thursday night is becoming a spectacle of sorts for all disc golfers. I myself hope to see the numbers keep climbing, as so far this season we are averaging 44 people a night. Heck to the Yeah!!

With so much disc golf talent at hand the scores were destined to be awesome and the crew this evening did not disappoint. We saw scores of -13.........and -14......... ... more

Matt Bressler   June 22 at 6:28pm

Nice shooting guys. Hope to come play here soon.

Dru "Stylez"   June 22 at 8:46pm

I would like to give a big special thanks to Buck for doing such an Amazing job with this League! Thank You Buck!

Buck "Yeah!" Rich   June 15 at 6:15am

Week 3. Zippy and Lefty Joe.

Week 3 of Champoeg Dubs is now in the books and it was quite a night for all of the super stellar saucer slingers who were in attendance. There were a few new faces out tonight and with names like "Zippy" and "Lefty Joe" you know your in for a good time. Thank you all for coming out tonight and I hope to see you guys again.

There is a familiar name on the top of the leaderboard this season. With back to back 1st place finishes (and 1 2nd place) Erik Etherton is setting hi ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   June 9 at 12:24am

Week 2, Nice Ace Buck!!

Week 2 of Champoeg Dubs saw 40 heads show up to ring the chains. The competition was fierce and the players did not disappoint.

After the scorecards were turned in there were 2 teams at the top of the board with -14. Erik Etherton and Austin Lester along with Neil Snyder and newcomer Terran. After a throw off it was team Erik and Austin who found themselves alone at the top. Way to play guys. After 2 weeks as teammates they were destined to figure it out.

Not to be outdone would be ... more


Buck "Yeah!" Rich   June 2 at 5:27am

WeeK 1 was a hit!!

Week 1 of Champoeg dubs brought out quite a few superb plastic slingers. There was 48 people in total!! Damn Skippy!! What a turn out. The night belonged to Erik Hayworth and Crist Garcia with a stellar score of -15. Good throwing there guys.

I hope this is a sign of things to come with top notch players showing up in droves to make this league a success. We now have over $300 for the finale and we are just getting started. With CTP prizes every week, (as long as that guy Buck remember ... more