Big $$$ Wednesday Night Doubles

April - October 2022 • Troy, Michigan
Doubles league

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Nate Buban    October 4 at 10:29pm

It says start time tomorrow is at 6:45, is this correct?

Shrimp Boat Captain   October 5 at 3:37am

Gosh you're old

Amanda Branch   October 5 at 2:41pm

Hey, whipper snapper, 6:45 is past some of us old fogey's bedtimes!

Brian Hurley   October 5 at 5:53pm

updated to 5:45

Ryan Lee    August 8 at 6:19pm

I am selling produce to anyone who wants it. Will have tomatoes in the coming weeks. I have avaliable right now zucchini, garlic, picking cucumbers and some peppers. In addition in the coming months. I will have different varieties of squash, and leeks availability. Thanks

Shrimp Boat Captain   September 1 at 10:50pm

His stuff is so delicious!

Brian Hurley    August 3 at 5:46pm

8/3/2022 League cancelled tonight due to thunderstorms. Back next week double points!


Marc Tokie    July 28 at 1:07pm

Found something on hole 7 last night, not a disc. Let me know.


Brian Hurley    May 2 at 11:23am

Talking about bringing back the 'BIG $$$' status of the league, maybe starting after Memorial Day. $10-to play $5-Ace pool, $5-50/50 ($20 All-in). Thoughts?

Brad Fuelling   May 2 at 3:39pm

I'd be down with that. Might want to post on Facebook thou to get more feedback

Nate Buban   May 2 at 5:04pm

Sounds great!

Shrimp Boat Captain   May 4 at 7:42pm

100% in

Jason Kirkaldy    April 20 at 5:26pm

No action on here. Is tonight the first league this year

Jacob Turner   April 20 at 7:59pm

Not sure, but I’m gonna be there tonight. Even if it’s not official, we can put something together

Daymon Pugh   April 20 at 10:07pm

The place is a filthy mess mud everywhere