Big $$$ Wednesday Night Doubles

April - October 2021 • Troy, Michigan
Doubles league

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Brian Hurley    September 22 at 1:23pm

9/22 Leagues cancelled today due to weather/flooding. Double points next week!

Brian “Teach” Fahnestock   September 22 at 2:52pm

Good call!

Michael McGinnis    September 22 at 1:21pm

Did anybody leave a champ boss on the picnic table last week?

Looked like it was left there after reg, i picked it up and forgot to say anything about it after the round.

Jacob Turner   September 22 at 9:22pm

I had found it on 9 and asked if anybody lost it.

Aron Cruce    July 20 at 8:22pm

Is random draw for doubles mandatory or can I BYOP?

Daymon Pugh   July 21 at 2:05am

As long as it’s your mom

Aron Cruce   August 12 at 2:29pm

Okay thanks! I'll let mommy know

Daymon Pugh    March 31 at 1:18pm

Is this league going to happen this year and is anybody playing there tonight

Brian Hurley   April 6 at 4:14pm

Yep, It's happening. We're starting 4/21

Daymon Pugh   April 7 at 2:18am

Let’s goooooooooooooooooooooo