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League pictures · AB-DG Pirate Day Tag Shuffle at Leverich Park 9/15/10 · Picture 32 of 40

ARRRRGH!! Twas a muggy,warm day when the ship Acer-Binky made port in Leverich. Cap'n Chadwick,scurge of the landlocked scalawags he led into battle promised loot and booty for his crew. They pillaged and plundered birdies,pars and some bogeys. A fine mess of grub awaited the seadogs between rounds.Then,Dollar Dubs had the smarmey crew once again seeking the motherload of coin. Shaggy and Mikey led the bilge rats with an eye-popping -11 to become deckhands first class. The ship then set sail for parts unknown,leaving wenches and lasses breathless and pleading for thier return...and return they shall......
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Music played as the disc bags were being heaped upon the last place finisher for the day. A proud new tradition.
Thomas "T" D. uploaded this picture.
Thomas "T" D. › September 17, 2010 at 1:33am
The Bag Hanging music was so appropriate Mike. Gotta add it to the tradition for sure!!
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