Ardmore Bag Tag

October - December 2017 • Ardmore, Oklahoma
Bag Tag league

Ace Pool total is

as of November 2

About this League

Bag Tag league - 19 all-time players - 19 active players
$6.00 one-time player fee for this league
$14.00 ace pool
The $6 entry is paid if all you want is a tag at the end of the season. The $14 "Ace pool entry" is the fee to enter the raffle at the end of the season. It is not paid out for aces. Asterisk next to player's names denotes they are eligible for raffle at year end. # indicates they are eligible for tag only.

League News

Gabe Brown   September 29 at 1:08pm

Ace Pool

The Ace Pool Total is not for Aces. It is tracking the money that will go towards raffle prizes at the end of the season. Raffle entries are earned by bag tag rank and by participation.