Alaska PDGA Winter Series #12

January - March 2020 • Anchorage, Alaska
PDGA-sanctioned singles league

Ace pool

as of January 19

Next league day

Saturday, January 25 @ 11:00am
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Jan 18, 2020 · Top scores
Davis Park
Red tees, Blue tees, 18 holes
A Pool
-6 50
Beckner, James$12
-2 54
Flannery, Killian$8
+1 57
Groves, Scott
B Pool
+5 61
Cooper, Adam$10
+13 69
Boyd, Jeremy
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About this League

Singles league - 6 all-time players - 6 active players
$7.00 player fee each session
PDGA Singles League - League fee is $7 each week for ADGA members and $10 for non-members. ADGA memberships are $40 for first time members and $30 for renewing members. $1 of each weekly fee goes to ace pot, $1 to PDGA/ADGA. I'd love to get some first-timers out here so invite your non-disc golf friends! GET CASH IN BY 11am!

UPDATE: I've been told the ADGA usually allows a month or so grace period for renewals, so first two weeks at least it'll be $7 for 2019 members. But no time like the present to renew!

League News

Joseph Caissie   1 day ago

'goonies never say die!

OK so it's going to be cold out there again this week, but maybe we'll get some sea breeze coming off Cook Inlet and keep it in the positive numbers out at Westchester Lagoon. Come on out! Pick up that big $6 ace pot on hole 8! Once we got moving last week I was able to feel my toes for the majority of the round.

Folks who know, how are the teepads? Seems like at some point during the winter they just covered with snow for good, but if they're salvageable, I'll get out there before the round to make sure they're in the best shape possible.

Jeremy Boyd   22 hours ago

They've been fine Joe, we've been clearing them for Wednesdays...

Joseph Caissie   5 days ago

First week recap

A hearty crew of 6 warriors made it out this week, starting the round in -8 degree temps. Birdies were hard to come by and trees were easy to find, but James Beckner managed to take down the A division with a 50. Adam Cooper outlasted Jeremy Boyd with a 61 to take down the B division.

See you all next week at Westchester! Current forecast is for 6 degrees for the high, but with the sun and humidity the heat index will make it feel like 10.


Joseph Caissie   January 16 at 12:05am

First League Round!

Good news everyone, the high temp Saturday is now supposed to be a balmy 4 degrees, rather than a frigid and unacceptable 2. Hope to see everyone out there - if I remember the cutoffs correctly, we'll be doing an A, B, and C pool with <800, between 800 and 900, and >900. I'll try and get out there early to make sure the teepads are clear.

Jeremy Boyd   January 16 at 12:48am

The pads will be good Joe, we're on them

Jeremy Boyd   January 16 at 12:49am

I want to say that the rating cutoff for A pool was 910 rather than 900.

Joseph Caissie   January 16 at 7:08am

OK - I know Thad did a league this summer and one was 900 and the other was 910. We'll do 910 if that's what we did last winter.