2023 Llama Tags Virtual

February - November 2023 • Lewisberry, Pennsylvania
Bag Tag league

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#1Noah Sowers25
#2Ben Holmes11
#3Travis Morret6
#4Tim Wilson16
#5Justin Tate22
#6Josh Alcock6
#7Jamie Lepley13
#8Josh Perchinski34
#9Matt Hamilton15
#10Matt Parthree21
#11Todd Slater13
#12Zack Smith40
#13Nelson Baitzel12
#14Thomas Bechtel35
#15Dillon Morret21
#16Lance Wagner26
#17Joshua Schuhart29
#18Dave Truitt33
#19Tom Renner17
#20Mike Lordan22
#21Dan Fasnacht20
#22Lynn Baker28
#23Justin Sneeringer16
#24Alyssa Leonard16
#25Bor Weibe35
#26Dave Crowell33
#27Ben Smith17
#28Matthew Olson4
#29Taylor Gardner22
#30John Borger24
#31Conrad Sacher6
#32Rob Weaver29
#33Jason March17
#34Brent Bierman19
#35Matt Weaver17
#36Donna Griest15
#37Mark Bellesfield25
#38Joe Alfano27
#39Steven Leonard18
#40Lucas Toot6
#41Caryn Shearer10
#42Steve Werts34
#43Jim Borst27
#44Frieda Eberly32
#45Gregg Easton9
#46David Bellesfield15
#47Joe Crownover17
#48Nathan Hoffman15
#49Stacy Hamilton12
#50Darren Billet2
#51Bob Eberly30
#52Matt Sime2
#53Zach Woods12
#54Colin Frazier16
#55Ryan Kutzner13
#56Evan Werner18
#57Jason Cavanaugh23
#58Chris Miller16
#59Jon Geib13
#60Justin Myers14
#61Levi Tack19
#62Sean Kowalik14
#63John Mendenhall14
#64Mitchell Merritt16
#65Devon Butler17
#66Cody McNett32
#67Jordan Yarger31
#68Sean Freeburn28
#69Joshua Reichert15
#70Bryan Smith8
#71Jerod Vento8
#72Greg Roth30
#73Ken Lemkelde10
#74Brad Gass18
#75Randy Sanders25
#76Wes Graham5
#77Julius Merrifield4
#78Andrea Staron5
#79Loren Silbaugh3
#80Art Hoerner25
#81Danielle Spence2
#82Bill Campbell10
#83Joshua Monarch14
#84Ray Withers23
#85Josh Smith4
#86Mark Rebuck10
#87Don Price17
#88Zack Cauchon5
#89Jonathan Geiman7
#90Jonathan Fishel13
#91Orrie Coffman16
#92Jonah Graybill3
#93Cole Himes7
#94John Allen10
#95Angie Jones3
#96Harrison Gardner6
#97John McNett6
#98Jason Roberts11
#99Dalan Shaffner5
#100Jonathan Gere7
#101Gerald Ford4
#102Chance Sorensen7
#103Cameron Winters5
#104Max Bankert4
#105Jeremiah Knight4
#106Stuart Craig9
#107Dan Bellesfield6
#108Jim Mayes4
#109Tyler Hamilton4
#110Brian Henderson6
#111Chris Troy5
#112Anthony Piccioni5
#113Amy Freeburn6
#114Lanston Harner5
#115Tim Holmes5
#116Steve Miller5
#117Bill Erdley5
#118Freight Train Trump5
#119Eric Hess3
#120Kayla Hess3
#121Lisa Lilly1
#122Chris Turner1
#123Cody Book1
Leaderboard updated 10/24/23

Match history

Monday, October 23
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
2023 season Tag Finale was played Sunday, October 22nd, determining the final llama tag standings for 2023.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stNoah Sowers4811
2ndBen Holmes4822
3rdTravis Morret4833
4thTim Wilson4944
5thJustin Tate5055
6thJosh Alcock5166
7thJamie Lepley5177
8thJosh Perchinski5188
9thMatt Hamilton5299
10thMatt Parthree531010
11thTodd Slater531111
12thZack Smith531212
13thNelson Baitzel531313
14thThomas Bechtel531414
15thDillon Morret531515
16thLance Wagner531616
17thJoshua Schuhart541717
18thDave Truitt541818
19thTom Renner541919
20thMike Lordan542020
21stDan Fasnacht552121
22ndLynn Baker552222
23rdJustin Sneeringer562323
24thAlyssa Leonard562424
25thBor Weibe572525
26thDave Crowell572626
27thBen Smith572727
28thMatthew Olson582828
29thTaylor Gardner592929
30thJohn Borger593030
31stConrad Sacher593131
32ndRob Weaver603232
33rdJason March603333
34thBrent Bierman603434
35thMatt Weaver613535
36thDonna Griest613636
37thMark Bellesfield623737
38thJoe Alfano623838
39thSteven Leonard623939
40thLucas Toot624040
41stCaryn Shearer634141
42ndSteve Werts634242
43rdJim Borst644343
44thFrieda Eberly644444
45thGregg Easton644545
46thDavid Bellesfield654646
47thJoe Crownover684747
48thNathan Hoffman704848
49thStacy Hamilton724949
50thDarren Billet735050
51stBob Eberly745151
Tag update Monday, October 23
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Bill Campbell3482
Tag update Monday, October 23
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Noah Sowers91
Ben Holmes182
Travis Morret63
Tim Wilson234
Justin Tate155
Josh Alcock126
Jamie Lepley277
Josh Perchinski318
Matt Hamilton679
Matt Parthree210
Todd Slater511
Zack Smith812
Nelson Baitzel3213
Thomas Bechtel4414
Dillon Morret4715
Lance Wagner5316
Joshua Schuhart317
Dave Truitt3018
Tom Renner3819
Mike Lordan4220
Dan Fasnacht2121
Lynn Baker3922
Justin Sneeringer2823
Alyssa Leonard5824
Bor Weibe125
Dave Crowell2426
Ben Smith1627
Matthew Olson5528
Taylor Gardner429
John Borger1430
Conrad Sacher3331
Rob Weaver2032
Jason March4333
Brent Bierman7134
Matt Weaver1335
Donna Griest5436
Mark Bellesfield4537
Joe Alfano6338
Steven Leonard4939
Lucas Toot11140
Caryn Shearer5041
Steve Werts5242
Jim Borst6243
Frieda Eberly6644
Gregg Easton10345
David Bellesfield1746
Joe Crownover7047
Nathan Hoffman7348
Stacy Hamilton9849
Darren Billet12350
Bob Eberly6851
Matt Sime752
Zach Woods1053
Colin Frazier1154
Ryan Kutzner1955
Evan Werner2256
Jason Cavanaugh2557
Chris Miller2658
Jon Geib2959
Justin Myers3560
Levi Tack3661
Sean Kowalik3762
John Mendenhall4063
Mitchell Merritt4664
Devon Butler5165
Cody McNett4866
Jordan Yarger5667
Sean Freeburn5768
Joshua Reichert5969
Bryan Smith6170
Jerod Vento6471
Greg Roth6572
Ken Lemkelde7673
Brad Gass7774
Randy Sanders8175
Wes Graham9776
Julius Merrifield11577
Andrea Staron11678
Loren Silbaugh11779
Art Hoerner11880
Danielle Spence12081
Joshua Monarch4183
Ray Withers6084
Josh Smith7285
Mark Rebuck7486
Don Price7587
Zack Cauchon7888
Jonathan Geiman7989
Jonathan Fishel8090
Orrie Coffman8291
Jonah Graybill8392
Cole Himes8493
John Allen8594
Angie Jones8695
Harrison Gardner6996
John McNett8797
Jason Roberts8898
Dalan Shaffner8999
Jonathan Gere90100
Gerald Ford91101
Chance Sorensen92102
Cameron Winters93103
Max Bankert94104
Jeremiah Knight95105
Stuart Craig96106
Dan Bellesfield99107
Jim Mayes100108
Tyler Hamilton101109
Brian Henderson102110
Chris Troy104111
Anthony Piccioni105112
Amy Freeburn106113
Lanston Harner107114
Tim Holmes108115
Steve Miller109116
Bill Erdley110117
Freight Train Trump112118
Eric Hess113119
Kayla Hess114120
Lisa Lilly119121
Chris Turner121122
Cody Book122123
Tuesday, October 17
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
24 players and one guest, Justin Bartram (63), competed for best score for the final Tuesday tag round for the year. Matt Parthree defended the #2 tag throwing the low round of 47 with Noah Sowers & Zack Smith scoring next with a pair of 48s. Rob Weaver, Justin Tate, and Dave Truitt threw 49. 10 people threw under par. No aces thrown. The ace pot starts at $120 for Sunday's tag finale round.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMatt Parthree4722
2ndZack Smith48158
3rdNoah Sowers48429
4thJustin Tate493015
5thRob Weaver493320
6thDave Truitt493930
7thJosh Perchinski52831
8thConrad Sacher52933
9thTom Renner522038
10thLynn Baker533139
11thMike Lordan565342
12thThomas Bechtel574444
13thCody McNett585448
14thSteve Werts595752
15thLance Wagner604853
16thDonna Griest605254
17thSean Freeburn616657
18thBryan Smith617761
19thJim Borst633862
20thFrieda Eberly646166
21stJoe Crownover657070
22ndBrad Gass666277
23rdArt Hoerner69118118
Tuesday, October 10
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tuesday, October 10
Gifford Pinchot State Park › Boulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
33 players challenged each other on the course during today's Llama Tag round, including 4 guests, Elias Conley (69), Rhonda Bartram (88), Justin Bartram (70), and Kyle Danley (58). Congratulations, Bor Weibe, for throwing his personal best score 48 to grab the #1 tag! Nice shooting! Matt Parthree also threw a 48 grabbing the #2 tag. Taylor Gardner came in 3rd with a 49. 12 golfers threw under par. Congratulations to John Mendenhall for shooting his personal best 57! Noone hit an ace. Bor Weibe smashed the chains hard on hole 7 but his disc didn't stay in the basket. Next week's ce pot starts at $104. Next Tuesday is the last scheduled Tuesday Llama tag round for 2023. The tag finale will be played on Sunday morning, October 22nd for final tag standings for the year. Physical 2023 Llama Tags will be handed out at the end of the day.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBor Weibe4841
2ndMatt Parthree4892
3rdTaylor Gardner4984
4thJosh Perchinski50178
5thConrad Sacher51239
6thJohn Borger513914
7thZack Smith52115
8thDavid Bellesfield521417
9thDan Fasnacht523521
10thTim Wilson53223
11thLynn Baker533131
12thRob Weaver551533
13thJustin Myers563335
14thLevi Tack563636
15thDave Truitt572139
16thJohn Mendenhall575340
17thThomas Bechtel575444
18thMark Bellesfield576145
19thMitchell Merritt576646
20thMike Lordan584453
21stCody McNett594554
22ndMatthew Olson604655
23rdSteve Werts607657
24thFrieda Eberly615761
25thGreg Roth616565
26thSean Freeburn634066
27thKen Lemkelde635576
28thRandy Sanders698181
29thArt Hoerner71118118
Tuesday, October 3
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
26 disc golfers played Tuesday night tags, including 2 guests, Justin Bartram (63) and Elias Conley (70). Welcome back, Danielle Spence as the 2023 Llama Tag member number 120! Congratulations, Zack Smith for throwing the hot round of 49, regaining the #1 tag, taking the top tag from Noah S. 7 players threw under par. No aces were thrown. Next week's ace pot starts at $83. Thank you, Zack Smith, for overseeing the tag round activities.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stZack Smith49351
2ndBor Weibe52374
3rdMatt Weaver524513
4thDavid Bellesfield525214
5thRob Weaver531315
6thConrad Sacher531423
7thLynn Baker532331
8thDan Fasnacht543835
9thSean Kowalik553137
10thJim Borst555438
11thJohn Borger56439
12thSean Freeburn576340
13thNoah Sowers58142
14thMike Lordan583944
15thCody McNett586545
16thDonna Griest604052
17thThomas Bechtel611554
18thJoe Alfano614263
19thGreg Roth617665
20thJoe Crownover634470
21stSteve Werts6411776
22ndLoren Silbaugh6570117
23rdArt Hoerner68118118
24thDanielle Spence83120120
Tuesday, September 26
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
24 players played for better tags on a misty evening, including one guest, Justin Bartram (64). Welcome Matthew Olson (117) and Conrad Sacher (118), joining the 2023 Llama herd! Only 4 players threw under par. No aces hit. Next week's ace pot starts at $66.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stNoah Sowers4911
2ndJohn Borger4944
3rdRob Weaver512913
4thConrad Sacher5111814
5thThomas Bechtel541415
6thJosh Perchinski551317
7thDave Truitt551521
8thLynn Baker563923
9thJon Geib567629
10thZack Smith572135
11thBor Weibe583837
12thDan Fasnacht584238
13thMike Lordan602339
14thJoe Alfano605742
15thMatt Weaver614545
16thMatthew Olson6111746
17thDevon Butler621751
18thFrieda Eberly623557
19thJoshua Reichert624659
20thCody McNett633765
21stGreg Roth635176
22ndSteve Werts6459117
23rdArt Hoerner6965118
Tuesday, September 19
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
45 participants played during Tuesday's Llama tag round, including 3 guests, Justin Bartram (69), Matt Olson (61), & Regis Malady (67). 2 new Llamas joined the 2023 herd. Welcome, Loren Silbaugh and Matt Sime! Matt Sime is traveling across the country collecting natural materials at courses he plays to create beautiful "Treasures of the Forest" Minis to sell wherever he finds groups of disc golfers gathering. Thank you, Matt, for visiting, playing, and supporting our Pinchot courses. 15 players scored under par, including the magic number of 50. 5 players threw a score of 50. The hot score of the evening was from Noah Sowers throwing a 45, including 12 birdies! Way to fire, Noah! Congratulations, Tim Wilson, for acing hole 18 straight into the chains, earning $80 for his hole-in-one! I saw Tim at the Treasures of the Forest van after payment. Next week's ace pot starts at $50. Due to darkness creeping up on us, we will play in groups of two next week.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stNoah Sowers4531
2ndTim Wilson5052
3rdJoshua Schuhart5073
4thJohn Borger50144
5thTodd Slater50705
6thMatt Sime501167
7thMatt Parthree5129
8thZach Woods511010
9thThomas Bechtel511914
10thDevon Butler522417
11thRyan Kutzner53119
12thZack Smith53421
13thMike Lordan533723
14thDave Crowell533824
15thChris Miller537626
16thJustin Tate54930
17thNelson Baitzel553232
18thFrieda Eberly553935
19thCody McNett554537
20thBor Weibe555338
21stLynn Baker562639
22ndMatt Weaver571745
23rdJoshua Reichert572146
24thDillon Morret572347
25thLance Wagner583548
26thGreg Roth584751
27thDavid Bellesfield587752
28thJohn Mendenhall595153
29thJim Borst595654
30thJordan Yarger604656
31stJoe Alfano604857
32ndSteve Werts605459
33rdMark Bellesfield613061
34thSean Freeburn626163
35thArt Hoerner636365
36thLoren Silbaugh6611570
37thJon Geib675276
38thBryan Smith685777
39thRandy Sanders695981
40thWes Graham728197
41stJulius Merrifield7665115
42ndAndrea Staron8297116
Tuesday, September 12
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
48 golfers played Tuesday Night Tags at Boulder Woods, including 7 guests, Conrad Sacher (55), Ron Hamma (60), Justin Bartram (65), Regis Malady (68), Ben Francis (59), Robert Lehman (59), and Raine Lehman (77). 50 was the magic score for the round. Matt P, Zack S, Tim W, and Joshua S all shot the hot round of 50. 12 players shot under par. Congratulations, Donna Griest, for throwing a hole-in-one ace on hole 7! I saw it punch the middle chains and drop in the basket. Donna earned $156 for coming out to play. Joe Crownover showed up and threw his personal best 58! Nice throwing, Joe! Next week's ace pot starts at $50.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMatt Parthree5022
2ndZack Smith5074
3rdTim Wilson50235
4thJoshua Schuhart50447
5thColin Frazier512411
6thJosh Perchinski52413
7thJohn Borger521114
8thDave Truitt521515
9thMatt Weaver523117
10thEvan Werner532622
11thDillon Morret532723
12thDevon Butler535024
13thLynn Baker541726
14thJamie Lepley558127
15thRob Weaver562929
16thMark Bellesfield563830
17thSean Kowalik57531
18thLance Wagner571335
19thMike Lordan574237
20thDave Crowell581438
21stFrieda Eberly583539
22ndDonna Griest584640
23rdDan Fasnacht586842
24thJoe Crownover587344
25thCody McNett594045
26thJordan Yarger594746
27thGreg Roth602247
28thCaryn Shearer603750
29thJohn Mendenhall605451
30thJon Geib613952
31stBor Weibe623053
32ndSteve Werts625154
33rdRandy Sanders625359
34thSean Freeburn635261
35thBrad Gass636162
36thArt Hoerner646263
37thJerod Vento654564
38thMitchell Merritt665966
39thBob Eberly676368
40thNathan Hoffman686473
41stWes Graham766681
Tag update Monday, September 11
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Josh Perchinski54
Sean Kowalik75
Travis Morret86
Zack Smith97
Taylor Gardner108
Justin Tate119
Zach Woods1210
John Borger1411
Josh Alcock1612
Lance Wagner1813
Dave Crowell2014
Dave Truitt2115
Ben Smith2216
Lynn Baker2317
Ben Holmes2618
Thomas Bechtel2719
Tom Renner2820
Joshua Reichert2921
Greg Roth3022
Tim Wilson3123
Colin Frazier3224
Jason Cavanaugh3325
Evan Werner3526
Dillon Morret3827
Justin Sneeringer3928
Rob Weaver4129
Bor Weibe4430
Matt Weaver4631
Nelson Baitzel4932
Justin Myers5033
Bill Campbell5134
Frieda Eberly5235
Levi Tack5336
Caryn Shearer5437
Mark Bellesfield5538
Jon Geib5639
Cody McNett5740
Joshua Monarch5941
Mike Lordan6142
Jason March6343
Joshua Schuhart6444
Jerod Vento6545
Donna Griest6646
Jordan Yarger6847
Joe Alfano7048
Steven Leonard7249
Devon Butler7350
Steve Werts7851
Sean Freeburn8052
Randy Sanders8253
John Mendenhall8354
Ken Lemkelde8455
Jim Borst9156
Bryan Smith9757
Alyssa Leonard9858
Mitchell Merritt10659
Ray Withers10760
Brad Gass10861
Art Hoerner10962
Bob Eberly11063
Nathan Hoffman11164
Julius Merrifield11365
Wes Graham11466
Matt Hamilton2467
Dan Fasnacht6068
Harrison Gardner7769
Todd Slater470
Brent Bierman3471
Josh Smith7172
Joe Crownover7573
Mark Rebuck3674
Don Price11275
Chris Miller1576
David Bellesfield4077
Zack Cauchon7478
Jonathan Geiman4279
Jonathan Fishel9380
Jamie Lepley681
Orrie Coffman1382
Jonah Graybill5883
Cole Himes6284
John Allen6985
Angie Jones4386
John McNett7987
Jason Roberts1788
Dalan Shaffner2589
Jonathan Gere6790
Gerald Ford7691
Chance Sorensen1992
Cameron Winters3793
Max Bankert4794
Jeremiah Knight4895
Stuart Craig4596
Andrea Staron8197
Stacy Hamilton9298
Dan Bellesfield8599
Jim Mayes86100
Tyler Hamilton87101
Brian Henderson88102
Gregg Easton90103
Chris Troy96104
Anthony Piccioni99105
Amy Freeburn100106
Lanston Harner89107
Tim Holmes94108
Steve Miller95109
Bill Erdley101110
Lucas Toot102111
Freight Train Trump103112
Eric Hess104113
Kayla Hess105114
Tuesday, September 5
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
31 players came out and played in the humidity to compete for a better tag position on Tuesday afternoon. 3 played as guests, Regis Malady (69), Robert Souders (74), and Justin Bartram (75). Welcome our newest 2023 Llama Tag member #114, Wes Graham! Noah Sowers had the hot round of 47, with Zack Smith close behind with 48. 10 people threw under par. Bor Weibe stepped up donating 2 CTP prize discs. The winners were Tim Wilson, hole 6, and Mark Bellesfield, hole 4. Mark B also threw his personal best of 54! No aces were hit. Next week's ace pot starts at $128. It might hit $150 next week which would put $50 back to the club if no one gets an ace.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stNoah Sowers47123
2ndZack Smith4839
3rdZach Woods494112
4thJosh Alcock498216
5thDave Crowell502620
6thLynn Baker505223
7thBen Holmes526826
8thThomas Bechtel527827
9thTom Renner532028
10thJoshua Reichert532929
11thTim Wilson54931
12thRob Weaver541641
13thBor Weibe542744
14thMatt Weaver544446
15thFrieda Eberly546152
16thMark Bellesfield547055
17thMike Lordan552361
18thJoshua Schuhart552864
19thJordan Yarger584668
20thJoe Alfano603170
21stDevon Butler625573
22ndSteve Werts627378
23rdRandy Sanders6310882
24thMitchell Merritt6464106
25thBrad Gass66106108
26thArt Hoerner70109109
27thBob Eberly70110110
28thWes Graham75114114
Friday, September 1
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
Impromptu round
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTravis Morret4988
2ndDillon Morret573838
Tuesday, August 29
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
The contest for #1 Llama tag was intense at Tuesday Night Tags. 36 golfers played in high humidity conditions, including 2 guests, Justin Bartram (74) and Robert Souders (?). Welcome first time Llama, Julius Merrifield, becoming the 113th club member for this season! Zack S, Josh P, & Noah S scored 50 thinking they might tie for first place. Congratulations, Ryan Kutzner, scoring a 49, grabbing the #1 tag from Rob W! 9 players threw under par. No aces hit. Next week's ace pot starts at $106.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stRyan Kutzner4951
2ndZack Smith50123
3rdJosh Perchinski50165
4thNoah Sowers502812
5thRob Weaver52116
6thTom Renner53320
7thDave Truitt533021
8thMike Lordan533123
9thDave Crowell534126
10thBor Weibe542727
11thJoshua Schuhart552628
12thGreg Roth555230
13thJoe Alfano557031
14thZach Woods562341
15thJordan Yarger566446
16thLynn Baker572052
17thDevon Butler572155
18thFrieda Eberly576561
19thJason March595563
20thMitchell Merritt606164
21stJerod Vento606365
22ndBen Holmes608068
23rdMark Bellesfield614670
24thSteve Werts616873
25thThomas Bechtel627878
26thSean Freeburn628480
27thJohn Mendenhall629183
28thKen Lemkelde6410684
29thJim Borst6410991
30thBrad Gass6773106
31stArt Hoerner6783109
32ndBob Eberly68111110
33rdNathan Hoffman74110111
34thJulius Merrifield85113113
Tuesday, August 22
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
40 golfers played Tuesday Night Llama Tags, including one guest, Wes Graham (78). Matt Parthree brought his "A" game shooting a hot round of 46 with Tim Wilson close behind with a 47! 9 players threw under par. Congratulations, Colin Frazier, for throwing an ace on hole 18! Colin takes home a total of $0. He was not in the ace pot. Next week's ace pot starts at $77.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMatt Parthree46212
2ndTim Wilson4799
3rdTaylor Gardner512010
4thZack Smith513012
5thJosh Perchinski513116
6thLynn Baker521020
7thDevon Butler522221
8thBen Smith522722
9thBor Weibe533227
10thNoah Sowers54228
11thDave Truitt545130
12thMike Lordan551231
13thColin Frazier554132
14thJason Cavanaugh555633
15thDillon Morret561638
16thJustin Sneeringer563339
17thDave Crowell565741
18thMark Bellesfield565946
19thBill Campbell567251
20thGreg Roth585252
21stLevi Tack594653
22ndCaryn Shearer612854
23rdJason March613855
24thJon Geib613956
25thCody McNett615457
26thJoshua Monarch625359
27thJordan Yarger625564
28thFrieda Eberly626465
29thDonna Griest638466
30thSteve Werts6310968
31stSteven Leonard646572
32ndThomas Bechtel646678
33rdArt Hoerner6411183
34thSean Freeburn656884
35thJohn Mendenhall659191
36thAlyssa Leonard668398
37thRandy Sanders6798108
38thJim Borst6978109
39thBob Eberly71108111
Tuesday, August 15
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
39 golfers played Tuesday tags. 4 played as guests. Jason Armstrong, former board member, shot a 51, Brett Carter (64), Keith Derrane (56), and Keith Mundorff (63). 12 people shot under par. Rob Weaver recaptured the #1 tag, shooting a 47, defeating Noah Sowers throwing 48, taking the #2 tag. Tom Renner tied Noah, grabbing the #3 tag. Congratulations, Dillon Morret, for throwing an Ace on hole 1! Dillon drove home with an extra $173! Next week's ace pot starts at $50.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stRob Weaver4721
2ndNoah Sowers4812
3rdTom Renner48463
4thLynn Baker512210
5thJustin Tate52311
6thMike Lordan524412
7thDillon Morret525016
8thLance Wagner531018
9thMatt Parthree531221
10thDevon Butler533022
11thJoshua Schuhart536126
12thZack Smith541130
13thJosh Perchinski541631
14thBor Weibe546632
15thEvan Werner551835
16thMatt Weaver555944
17thLevi Tack556846
18thJustin Myers562650
19thDave Truitt563251
20thJordan Yarger575555
21stDave Crowell586557
22ndMark Bellesfield593159
23rdMitchell Merritt595161
24thFrieda Eberly605764
25thSteven Leonard6010865
26thThomas Bechtel612166
27thSean Freeburn613568
28thJoe Alfano617070
29thJohn Mendenhall629191
30thBryan Smith639797
31stRandy Sanders639898
32ndRay Withers65109107
33rdBob Eberly67107108
34thSteve Werts6864109
35thArt Hoerner70111111
Tuesday, August 8
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
30 players played Tuesday Night Llama Tags, including 2 guests, Bret Fitzpatrick (52), and Liam Overby (57), a Llama from the past, visiting from Florida. Sean Kowalik and Tim Wilson tied with the low round of 50, whereas Sean K receives the better tag. 7 golfers scored under par. No aces were thrown. Next week's ace pot starts at $147.00.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stSean Kowalik50147
2ndTim Wilson50229
3rdZack Smith511111
4thMatt Parthree522012
5thJohn Borger523014
6thTaylor Gardner531220
7thThomas Bechtel543521
8thLynn Baker545222
9thDevon Butler55730
10thSean Freeburn573835
11thJason March573938
12thJon Geib575539
13thMike Lordan575744
14thDillon Morret58950
15thGreg Roth585452
16thCody McNett586554
17thJordan Yarger594455
18thFrieda Eberly616457
19thSteve Werts616664
20thDave Crowell622165
21stBor Weibe635066
22ndBill Campbell647272
23rdJim Borst649878
24thRandy Sanders667898
25thKen Lemkelde66106106
26thBob Eberly67107107
27thSteven Leonard68108108
28thArt Hoerner69111111
Tuesday, August 1
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
Perfect weather brought 43 Llams out for Tuesday's Llama Tag round. Noah Sowers tied his 2023 personal best scoring a 45, taking the #1 tag from Rob Weaver! 12 golfers shot under par. No aces were thrown. Next week's ace pot starts at $124.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stNoah Sowers45101
2ndRob Weaver5012
3rdJustin Tate50223
4thDevon Butler50387
5thLance Wagner506410
6thZack Smith51311
7thTaylor Gardner512112
8thJosh Perchinski521216
9thMatt Parthree53220
10thDave Crowell53721
11thTim Wilson531622
12thMatt Hamilton532424
13thJustin Myers547826
14thJohn Borger551130
15thDave Truitt555432
16thThomas Bechtel562035
17thSean Freeburn565738
18thJordan Yarger583044
19thBor Weibe583250
20thLynn Baker584452
21stGreg Roth585554
22ndJon Geib589755
23rdJason Cavanaugh593556
24thMike Lordan602657
25thDan Fasnacht605060
26thJoshua Schuhart608461
27thJerod Vento6011163
28thFrieda Eberly615264
29thCody McNett617365
30thJoe Alfano626370
31stBill Campbell627072
32ndBrad Gass627273
33rdHarrison Gardner629877
34thRandy Sanders6410878
35thAlyssa Leonard655683
36thDonna Griest666184
37thStacy Hamilton676592
38thBryan Smith677797
39thJim Borst686098
40thSteven Leonard7083108
41stRay Withers7092109
42ndNathan Hoffman70110110
43rdArt Hoerner73109111
Tuesday, July 25
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
For those not at tags yesterday because of the threat of rain, you should know better. It doesn't rain during Llama Tuesday Night Tag rounds. We had 32 players competing for best scores, including 2 guests, Troy Sowers (54), and Alan Reese (66). 2 Llamas tied for the top position. Zack Smith and Todd Slater threw 50, beating out Dave Crowell and Noah Sowers throwing 51. A couple of close calls for aces, but none settled in the baskets. Next week's ace pot starts at $94. There will be a GPDG club meeting next Tuesday evening at 7:30 at Francesco's Pizzeria. All welcome to attend to discuss club activities.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stZack Smith50183
2ndTodd Slater50224
3rdDave Crowell51127
4thNoah Sowers513010
5thJohn Borger521011
6thJosh Perchinski521112
7thSean Kowalik53314
8thEvan Werner53718
9thThomas Bechtel547320
10thTaylor Gardner552021
11thJustin Tate555022
12thJordan Yarger555430
13thBrent Bierman563934
14thJason March565639
15thColin Frazier57441
16thDan Fasnacht575250
17thFrieda Eberly582152
18thDave Truitt583454
19thGreg Roth597155
20thAlyssa Leonard606456
21stJim Borst609760
22ndLance Wagner611464
23rdLevi Tack615568
24thJosh Smith616871
25thCody McNett618373
26thJoe Crownover619275
27thSteven Leonard627583
28thJoshua Schuhart634184
29thRay Withers656092
30thJon Geib718497
Tuesday, July 18
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
41 players competed for best scores at Tuesday Night Tags, including 6 guests, Matt Cvek (76), Brendan Gass (60), Michael Lebo (65), Jeff Hall (66), Brett Carter (68), Loudon Haines (61). Matt Parthree grabbed the best tag by throwing a hot round of 48! Sean Kowalik came in next with a 50. 7 people threw under par. Congratulations, Ray Withers, scored his personal best of 60! No aces thrown. Ace pot starts at $73 next week.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMatt Parthree4872
2ndSean Kowalik50113
3rdEvan Werner51307
4thDillon Morret52169
5thJosh Perchinski53311
6thDave Crowell531212
7thLance Wagner531814
8thTim Wilson54916
9thZack Smith55218
10thTaylor Gardner552020
11thNoah Sowers553130
12thMark Bellesfield554131
13thBor Weibe555232
14thDave Truitt561434
15thMark Rebuck563236
16thJoshua Schuhart563641
17thLynn Baker564444
18thJustin Tate573450
19thMitchell Merritt575051
20thDan Fasnacht586052
21stSean Freeburn595757
22ndRay Withers6010660
23rdJoe Alfano616363
24thSteve Werts616666
25thBrad Gass617572
26thSteven Leonard628475
27thBryan Smith6210977
28thCody McNett635183
29thJon Geib647784
30thJim Borst658397
31stKen Lemkelde6897106
32ndBob Eberly68112107
33rdRandy Sanders70108108
34thArt Hoerner7172109
35thDon Price75107112
Tuesday, July 11
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
46 golfers came out to battle for the best Llama tag on Tuesday evening. One guest, Brendan Gass shot a 54. Welcome, Josh Smith, as the 112th Llama for 2023! Rob Weaver came out and defended the #1 tag shooting a hot round of 47! Zack Smith was close behind with a 48. 14 players shot under par, including Ben Smith shooting one under par after ACING hole #12. The cheers could be heard throughout the park! Ben accepted the $383 cash, making him a professional Llama. Congratulations, Ben! The ace pot starts at $50 next week.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stRob Weaver4711
2ndZack Smith4882
3rdJosh Perchinski49233
4thColin Frazier50384
5thTravis Morret5128
6thJohn Borger511510
7thDave Crowell52412
8thDave Truitt521414
9thChris Miller522115
10thFrieda Eberly526321
11thTodd Slater528322
12thZach Woods528423
13thBen Smith532227
14thEvan Werner535030
15thNoah Sowers54331
16thMark Rebuck543632
17thJustin Tate544134
18thJoshua Schuhart554636
19thDevon Butler555238
20thBrent Bierman563039
21stDavid Bellesfield563140
22ndMark Bellesfield563441
23rdLynn Baker566644
24thTom Renner571246
25thMitchell Merritt574450
26thCody McNett581051
27thBor Weibe585452
28thJordan Yarger592754
29thLevi Tack593255
30thSean Freeburn594057
31stDan Fasnacht595160
32ndJoe Alfano605563
33rdSteve Werts6010866
34thJosh Smith6011268
35thGreg Roth613971
36thThomas Bechtel617573
37thBrad Gass627175
38thJon Geib627877
39thJustin Myers636078
40thJim Borst636883
41stSteven Leonard637384
42ndRay Withers63106106
43rdRandy Sanders6577108
44thJerod Vento6657111
45thBob Eberly67111112
Tuesday, July 4
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
15 players spent time on their 4th of July holiday to play Tuesday Night Tags. 2 were guests, Christina (71) and Zach Rowe (50). Welcome, Bryan Smith, as 2023 Llama tag member #111. Dave Crowell threw his personal best hot round of 47, taking down the best tag available! Three CTP prizes were offered during the round. Winners were, Joe Alfano (hole 1), Christina Rowe (hole 4), and Frieda Eberly (hole 18). Each won a disc of choice from club inventory. Congratulations! The ace pot grows to $347 with NO aces thrown!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDave Crowell47274
2ndZack Smith5188
3rdCody McNett525510
4thTom Renner54412
5thChris Miller541021
6thJordan Yarger542127
7thJustin Tate551241
8thJoshua Schuhart556346
9thBor Weibe564154
10thJoe Alfano584655
11thFrieda Eberly585463
12thZack Cauchon637474
13thJoe Crownover649292
14thBryan Smith67111109
15thBob Eberly70109111
Tuesday, June 27
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
32 golfers played Tuesday tags. Brandan Gass played as a guest, throwing par 54. As we discovered again, It doesn't rain during tag rounds at Boulder. Congratulations, Rob Weaver, for taking the #1 tag, scoring a 48 for the round! Tom Renner was close behind with a 49. 7 players threw under par. Many were committed to throwing ace runs off the tee boxes with no success. Ace pot grows to $332 for next week.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stRob Weaver48141
2ndTom Renner49304
3rdMatt Parthree5147
4thZack Smith5178
5thDave Truitt522314
6thJohn Borger522615
7thDillon Morret53816
8thJosh Perchinski54123
9thMike Lordan543526
10thDave Crowell544227
11thBrent Bierman544930
12thJason Cavanaugh577535
13thGreg Roth581539
14thJonathan Geiman581642
15thNelson Baitzel592749
16thDevon Butler593952
17thJoshua Monarch595253
18thFrieda Eberly596854
19thJustin Myers606360
20thJoshua Schuhart615363
21stJim Borst626068
22ndBill Campbell635470
23rdBrad Gass637171
24thSteven Leonard637373
25thZack Cauchon637874
26thThomas Bechtel647075
27thJon Geib647478
28thJonathan Fishel6410993
29thRay Withers6593106
30thSteve Werts67106108
31stBob Eberly68108109
Tuesday, June 20
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
48 golfers competed for the best score at Tuesday Llama Tags. Robert Lehman, Justin Schwartz, Brendan Gass, and Billy Nicademis played as guests. 3 new Llamas bought 2023 tags. Welcome Jonah Graybill, Jon Geib, and Zack Cauchon to the herd! Josh Perchinski threw his personal best smoking hot round of 45 to take the #1 tag from Zack Smith, after changing his bag to all Lone Star!! 10 players threw under par. NO ACES THROWN! The ace pot climbed to $353. $50 is turned over to the club. Next week's ace pot starts at $303.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJosh Perchinski4551
2ndNoah Sowers4733
3rdRyan Kutzner47135
4thJamie Lepley4896
5thZack Smith5117
6thTim Wilson51129
7thJustin Tate511612
8thOrrie Coffman52613
9thRob Weaver53714
10thGreg Roth534615
11thJonathan Geiman543916
12thLance Wagner544218
13thJordan Yarger546021
14thDave Truitt552123
15thJoshua Reichert553129
16thDavid Bellesfield555231
17thLevi Tack555332
18thMark Bellesfield564934
19thDevon Butler567039
20thDave Crowell571842
21stJoe Alfano575546
22ndBrent Bierman581549
23rdJoshua Monarch582352
24thJoshua Schuhart585453
25thBill Campbell585854
26thCody McNett5810655
27thJonah Graybill5910858
28thJim Borst606860
29thCole Himes609362
30thLynn Baker611466
31stFrieda Eberly612968
32ndJohn Allen613269
33rdThomas Bechtel613470
34thBrad Gass617471
35thJon Geib6210974
36thJason Cavanaugh636675
37thRandy Sanders6310777
38thZack Cauchon6311078
39thRay Withers646993
40thSteve Werts6475106
41stDon Price6771107
42ndBob Eberly7078108
43rdJonathan Fishel7162109
44thNathan Hoffman7977110
Tuesday, June 13
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
Tuesday was a fine day for a llama tag round at Boulder. 50 golfers joined in the fun, including 5 guests. Robert Lehman (61), Bryan Smith (67), Justin Schwartz (66), Katie Shaffer (77). Welcome back Travis Morret (106) and Angie Jones (107) to the 2023 Llama herd! Eiight of the top ten tags were up for grabs. Zack Smith ended up on top after throwing the hot round of 47. Travis M had the biggest improvement jumping from the 106 tag to the #2 tag, throwing a 48. No aces to be had on the course, again. Next week's ace pot starts at $319.00!
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stZack Smith47151
2ndTravis Morret481062
3rdMatt Parthree4984
4thJosh Perchinski5045
5thOrrie Coffman50146
6thRob Weaver50297
7thDillon Morret5178
8thJamie Lepley5269
9thTim Wilson52912
10thLynn Baker523414
11thBrent Bierman532615
12thJustin Tate541616
13thDave Crowell542318
14thTaylor Gardner55520
15thDave Truitt552421
16thJoshua Monarch555323
17thMatt Hamilton56224
18thJohn Borger562126
19thFrieda Eberly575029
20thTom Renner58130
21stJoshua Reichert581831
22ndThomas Bechtel583134
23rdJonathan Geiman584039
24thSean Freeburn585640
25thBor Weibe593041
26thLance Wagner594142
27thAngie Jones5910743
28thEvan Werner602050
29thLevi Tack603953
30thJason March604256
31stBill Campbell606058
32ndJordan Yarger611260
33rdJustin Myers616863
34thAlyssa Leonard626464
35thJason Cavanaugh627366
36thJim Borst636668
37thRay Withers647169
38thDevon Butler654370
39thDon Price677471
40thSteven Leonard677573
41stBrad Gass686374
42ndSteve Werts686975
43rdBob Eberly687878
44thCody McNett7158106
45thRandy Sanders7470107
Tag update Monday, June 12
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Jamie Lepley76
Dillon Morret107
Matt Parthree118
Tim Wilson129
Chris Miller1410
Sean Kowalik1611
Jordan Yarger1712
Ryan Kutzner1813
Orrie Coffman1914
Zack Smith2115
Justin Tate2216
Jason Roberts2317
Joshua Reichert2418
Chance Sorensen2519
Evan Werner2620
John Borger2721
Ben Smith3022
Dave Crowell3123
Dave Truitt3224
Dalan Shaffner3325
Brent Bierman3426
Nelson Baitzel3627
Caryn Shearer3728
Rob Weaver3829
Bor Weibe4130
Thomas Bechtel4231
John Allen4332
Justin Sneeringer4433
Lynn Baker4534
Mike Lordan4735
Mark Rebuck4836
Cameron Winters4937
Colin Frazier5038
Levi Tack5239
Jonathan Geiman5340
Lance Wagner5441
Jason March5642
Devon Butler5743
Mitchell Merritt5844
Stuart Craig5945
Greg Roth6046
Max Bankert6247
Jeremiah Knight6348
Mark Bellesfield6449
Frieda Eberly6550
Dan Fasnacht6651
David Bellesfield6952
Joshua Monarch7053
Joshua Schuhart7154
Joe Alfano7255
Sean Freeburn7356
Jerod Vento7557
Cody McNett7758
Matt Weaver7859
Bill Campbell7960
Donna Griest8061
Jonathan Fishel8262
Brad Gass8563
Alyssa Leonard8664
Stacy Hamilton8865
Jim Borst8966
Jonathan Gere9067
Justin Myers9368
Steve Werts9469
Randy Sanders9670
Ray Withers9771
Art Hoerner9872
Jason Cavanaugh9973
Don Price10074
Steven Leonard10175
Gerald Ford10276
Nathan Hoffman10377
Bob Eberly10478
John McNett10579
Ben Holmes1380
Andrea Staron9581
Josh Alcock3982
Todd Slater4083
Zach Woods984
Dan Bellesfield685
Jim Mayes886
Tyler Hamilton1587
Brian Henderson2088
Lanston Harner2889
Gregg Easton4690
John Mendenhall5591
Joe Crownover7492
Cole Himes8793
Tim Holmes2994
Steve Miller3595
Chris Troy5196
Ken Lemkelde6197
Harrison Gardner6798
Anthony Piccioni7699
Amy Freeburn68100
Bill Erdley81101
Lucas Toot83102
Freight Train Trump84103
Eric Hess91104
Kayla Hess92105
Tuesday, June 6
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
42 players competed for best scores atvthis week's Llama tag round. 3 guests played along, Tristan Moyer (58), Derek Tenetylo (66), and John Bigley (78). Joun made the visit from Maryland to say hello to old friends. Welcome Jonathan Geiman and Devon Butler as the newest 2023 Llama members! Noah Sowers took the best tag by shooting a hot score of 45! 8 golfers shot below par. Caryn Shearer tied her PB. That elusive ace still escapes tag round play. Next week's ace pot starts at $283.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stNoah Sowers4533
2ndJosh Perchinski49144
3rdTaylor Gardner5075
4thJamie Lepley5247
5thMatt Parthree531111
6thChris Miller532214
7thSean Kowalik533116
8thJordan Yarger535817
9thZack Smith54521
10thJustin Tate542122
11thEvan Werner542626
12thBen Smith551630
13thDave Crowell553731
14thCaryn Shearer556437
15thRob Weaver561738
16thBor Weibe573041
17thThomas Bechtel574242
18thJustin Sneeringer575444
19thJonathan Geiman5710453
20thLance Wagner584154
21stJason March586956
22ndDevon Butler5810557
23rdMitchell Merritt604458
24thGreg Roth605360
25thMark Bellesfield608964
26thFrieda Eberly613865
27thDan Fasnacht615766
28thDavid Bellesfield628069
29thJoshua Schuhart636071
30thJoe Alfano636572
31stCody McNett645677
32ndDonna Griest649480
33rdJim Borst656689
34thSteve Werts667194
35thRay Withers679797
36thDon Price68100100
37thSteven Leonard7172101
38thBob Eberly71101104
39thJohn McNett7577105
Tuesday, May 30
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
48 players attended Tuesday Night Tags at Boulder, including 3 guests, Robert Lehman (62), Christina Rowe (69), and Tatsuya Hattari (49). Welcome 2 new 2023 Llamas, returning Llama, Gerald Ford III (102) and first time Llama Jarod Vento (103). Noah Sowers took the lowest tag by scoring a smoking 47! 8 players threw under par for the evening. The no-ace drought continues. The ace pot grew to $303. $50 is turned over to the club. Next week's ace pot starts at $253. Next turnover will be at $325.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stNoah Sowers4773
2ndZack Smith4935
3rdTaylor Gardner4957
4thDillon Morret502710
5thTim Wilson513312
6thRyan Kutzner523818
7thChris Miller532222
8thJason Roberts541023
9thEvan Werner543126
10thJohn Borger551827
11thBor Weibe552330
12thSean Kowalik562631
13thDalan Shaffner563433
14thBrent Bierman566434
15thDave Crowell566537
16thFrieda Eberly573038
17thLance Wagner574841
18thThomas Bechtel577142
19thJohn Allen578243
20thLynn Baker581245
21stMark Rebuck587548
22ndGreg Roth588953
23rdJustin Sneeringer594154
24thJordan Yarger594358
25thJoshua Schuhart597260
26thCaryn Shearer605364
27thJoe Alfano607365
28thJim Borst608066
29thSteve Werts616671
30thSteven Leonard618572
31stSean Freeburn625873
32ndJerod Vento6210375
33rdDavid Bellesfield643780
34thJonathan Fishel649382
35thBrad Gass654585
36thMark Bellesfield655489
37thJonathan Gere656090
38thJustin Myers664293
39thDonna Griest669094
40thRay Withers6610197
41stJason Cavanaugh699499
42ndDon Price7097100
43rdBob Eberly73100101
44thGerald Ford73102102
45thNathan Hoffman8499103
Saturday, May 27
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
Impromptu round at Boulder Woods
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMatt Hamilton5322
2ndChance Sorensen612525
3rdStacy Hamilton658888
4thBob Eberly74100100
Tuesday, May 23
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
50 disc golfers competed for the best score during Tuesday's Llama tag round. When the dust settled, Tom Renner earned the #1 tag by shooting a 46! Congratulations, Tom! Two others threw in the 40s. Zack S (48) & Taylor G (49). 9 players shot under par. Two new Llamas joined for the first time. Welcome, Bill Campbell, buying the 100 tag and Dalan Shaffner #101 tag! 5 guests, Ben Barshinger (69), Brendan Gass (53), Brandon Nelson (56), Jerod Vento (65), Brett Carter (63). Watch out if Brendan or Brandon decide to buy tags. They might be grabbing the top tags. No aces hit. The ace pot reached $313.00. $50 will be turned over to the club, leaving next week's ace pot starting at $263. Next turnover will be $300.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTom Renner4651
2ndZack Smith4873
3rdTaylor Gardner49145
4thNoah Sowers5037
5thJosh Perchinski512314
6thBen Smith53116
7thRob Weaver531617
8thOrrie Coffman532119
9thJustin Tate543421
10thChris Miller543822
11thBor Weibe552723
12thJoshua Reichert554224
13thDillon Morret554527
14thFrieda Eberly557130
15thDave Truitt563032
16thDalan Shaffner5610134
17thRyan Kutzner571738
18thJustin Myers574842
19thJordan Yarger575643
20thBrad Gass578945
21stLance Wagner582248
22ndMark Bellesfield586454
23rdCody McNett587356
24thDan Fasnacht588557
25thBrent Bierman595464
26thDave Crowell598265
27thSteve Werts606966
28thJason March607069
29thJoshua Monarch607270
30thThomas Bechtel612471
31stJoshua Schuhart614372
32ndJoe Alfano616573
33rdMark Rebuck617575
34thMatt Weaver621978
35thBill Campbell6210079
36thJohn Allen633282
37thSteven Leonard637985
38thAlyssa Leonard639786
39thGreg Roth645789
40thDonna Griest649090
41stJonathan Fishel666693
42ndJason Cavanaugh677894
43rdDon Price678697
44thBob Eberly7194100
45thRay Withers7593101
Tuesday, May 16
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
46 golfers played Tuesday night tags, including 3 guests, Justin Schwartz (53), Brendan Gass (59), & Jared Vento (61). 2 New players bought 2023 Llama tags. Welcome Max Bankert and Justin Knight to this year's Llama herd! Ben Smith threw his personal best knocking John Borger out of the #1 tag spot, throwing a 45! Matt Hamilton took the #2 tag from Orrie Coffman, throwing a 48. 15 competitors threw under par for the round, including 10 players with a 53. No aces were hit. The ace pot grows to $276.00 to start next week's tag round. If no ace is hit, $50 will be turned over to the club.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stBen Smith45161
2ndMatt Hamilton48362
3rdZack Smith50307
4thTaylor Gardner51714
5thRob Weaver526316
6thJohn Borger53118
7thOrrie Coffman53221
8thJosh Perchinski531823
9thThomas Bechtel532324
10thSean Kowalik532426
11thBor Weibe532627
12thDave Truitt533830
13thEvan Werner534131
14thNelson Baitzel536036
15thChris Miller542138
16thJustin Sneeringer564341
17thJoshua Schuhart564843
18thJustin Myers565748
19thCameron Winters566449
20thLevi Tack567252
21stBrent Bierman571454
22ndJordan Yarger576956
23rdGreg Roth585457
24thSean Freeburn586658
25thJonathan Gere588260
26thMax Bankert589862
27thJeremiah Knight589963
28thMark Bellesfield594964
29thJoe Alfano597365
30thJonathan Fishel607866
31stSteve Werts625869
32ndJoshua Monarch635672
33rdCody McNett636273
34thJason Cavanaugh637978
35thSteven Leonard639379
36thDave Crowell643182
37thDan Fasnacht646585
38thDon Price649786
39thDonna Griest655290
40thRay Withers658593
41stAlyssa Leonard662797
42ndArt Hoerner698698
43rdNathan Hoffman769099
Tuesday, May 9
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
46 Players joined in Tuesday night tags at Boulder, including 6 guests - Brendan Gass (5), Jeff Demerly (59), Jaden Demerly (55), Caleb Miller (52), Justin Schwartz (62), Shawn Gray (68). Welcome new 2023 Llama, Steven Leonard and returning Llama, Cameron Winters back to the herd! Orrie Coffman threw the hot round of 47 with Jamie Lepley, Noah Sowers, and Taylor Gardner close behind scoring 48. 9 players threw under par. No aces were hit. Next week's ace pot starts at $244. Zack Smith will be overseeing Llama tag round sign-in again next week. Thank you, Zack.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stOrrie Coffman4732
2ndNoah Sowers4873
3rdJamie Lepley48274
4thTaylor Gardner48387
5thLynn Baker511912
6thBen Smith52416
7thJosh Perchinski523718
8thMatt Weaver534919
9thChris Miller541221
10thSean Kowalik541824
11thBor Weibe551626
12thAlyssa Leonard557327
13thZack Smith56230
14thDave Crowell562431
15thDavid Bellesfield564437
16thDave Truitt564838
17thEvan Werner573041
18thJustin Sneeringer575043
19thMitchell Merritt576444
20thMike Lordan582147
21stJoshua Schuhart582648
22ndMark Bellesfield583149
23rdColin Frazier584750
24thGreg Roth585854
25thJustin Myers586057
26thSteve Werts587258
27thNelson Baitzel594160
28thCody McNett615762
29thCameron Winters619764
30thJordan Yarger624369
31stJason March625470
32ndLevi Tack626972
33rdJoe Alfano627073
34thJason Cavanaugh646279
35thRay Withers658685
36thArt Hoerner668586
37thBrad Gass669389
38thSteven Leonard679693
39thRandy Sanders697996
40thDon Price698997
Tuesday, May 2
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
Yesterday, we again had 49 players join the Tuesday Llama Tag round. 7 were guests, Daryl Kline (59), Richard Smith (68), Steven Leonard (71), Robert Lehman (56), Brendan Gass (63), Shawn Gray (62), and Josh Bizzel (51). Welcome back, Tim Wilson and Andrea Staron to the Llama herd, now reaching 95 members for this year! Congratulations, Zack Smith for grabbing the #1 tag and shooting his personal best score of 45! I think that was my score halfway through my round. 10 golfers threw under par. No aces thrown. How can that be? Come on guys & gals! Next week's ace pot starts at $216. The next rollover is $250. For the next two weeks, Zack Smith will be in charge of overseeing Tuesday Tag rounds. Thank you, Zack, for taking charge of our "mini tournament'" tag rounds.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stZack Smith45172
2ndBen Smith4944
3rdTom Renner4955
4thNoah Sowers49147
5thJason Roberts502610
6thBen Holmes52213
7thBrent Bierman523414
8thBor Weibe526316
9thRyan Kutzner53717
10thSean Kowalik543118
11thLance Wagner544122
12thThomas Bechtel545023
13thDave Crowell554324
14thJoshua Schuhart555426
15thEvan Werner561630
16thMark Bellesfield564731
17thJohn Allen564832
18thTim Wilson569433
19thJustin Tate571034
20thJosh Perchinski571337
21stTaylor Gardner572238
22ndNelson Baitzel572441
23rdJordan Yarger575843
24thDavid Bellesfield576944
25thColin Frazier583247
26thDave Truitt583348
27thJustin Sneeringer583750
28thJason March594454
29thGreg Roth596558
30thStuart Craig607259
31stRob Weaver611863
32ndDan Fasnacht612365
33rdSean Freeburn615966
34thLevi Tack617069
35thJoe Alfano623870
36thFrieda Eberly656671
37thSteve Werts657572
38thMark Rebuck683075
39thRay Withers688686
40thBrad Gass707193
41stBob Eberly719394
42ndAndrea Staron879595
Tuesday, April 25
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
49 golfers played Tuesday night's Llama tag round, including 1 guest, Justin Schwartz. Welcome back, Josh Alcock, as a 2023 Llama! (#93) Eric and Kayla Hess also bought 2023 Llama Tags. Thank you for your support. After repeated success of keeping the #1 tag, Taylor Gardner was taken down by #36, John Borger, by throwing a smoking score of 49! Congratulations, John! In close contention were Orrie Coffman and Ben Smith, both throwing 50. 13 players threw under par. No aces thrown. Ace pot grew to $185. $50 turned over to the club taking next week's ace pot to $185.00. Next turnover occurs when the pot reaches $250.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJohn Borger49361
2ndOrrie Coffman5033
3rdBen Smith50234
4thTom Renner51405
5thJustin Tate514510
6thMatt Parthree521911
7thJosh Perchinski522213
8thNoah Sowers53514
9thEvan Werner531116
10thZack Smith531317
11thRob Weaver532118
12thLynn Baker532419
13thMike Lordan533821
14thTaylor Gardner54122
15thDan Fasnacht543223
16thNelson Baitzel547924
17thJason Roberts551026
18thColin Frazier551832
19thDave Truitt553333
20thMatt Hamilton561736
21stJustin Sneeringer565837
22ndJoe Alfano567038
23rdJosh Alcock569339
24thTodd Slater57440
25thLance Wagner571441
26thDave Crowell571643
27thJason March572644
28thDillon Morret586345
29thMark Bellesfield594447
30thThomas Bechtel595050
31stJoshua Schuhart596254
32ndCody McNett603957
33rdJordan Yarger604758
34thSean Freeburn608959
35thJason Cavanaugh613762
36thBor Weibe624363
37thGreg Roth625765
38thFrieda Eberly645466
39thLevi Tack654170
40thAlyssa Leonard655973
41stSteve Werts656575
42ndJonathan Fishel667378
43rdRandy Sanders706679
44thArt Hoerner707585
45thStacy Hamilton708588
46thDon Price708889
47thNathan Hoffman737890
48thBob Eberly759093
Tuesday, April 18
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
42 players came out to enjoy our weekly Llama Tag round. 2 guests, Justin Schwartz and Robert Lehman joined us. Sean Kowalik rejoined for the season and Justin Myers joined the Llamas for the first time! Welcome to the herd! Taylor Gardner again defended his #1 tag with Orrie Coffman trying to take him down, both throwing a 51. International traveler, Tom Renner, showed up to put his tag ranking back in place. No aces thrown, bringing the ace pot up to $201+ for next Tuesday. Someone is due for an ace. I saw some basket hits during this round.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTaylor Gardner5111
2ndOrrie Coffman51423
3rdNoah Sowers5235
4thRyan Kutzner53377
5thZach Woods5479
6thEvan Werner541111
7thZack Smith541813
8thLance Wagner542214
9thDave Crowell545916
10thColin Frazier55918
11thJosh Perchinski56522
12thLynn Baker562424
13thSean Kowalik569031
14thDave Truitt573633
15thBrent Bierman575634
16thJohn Borger581336
17thJason Cavanaugh585437
18thCody McNett586539
19thTom Renner598040
20thLevi Tack603141
21stJoshua Reichert611442
22ndMark Bellesfield613344
23rdJordan Yarger614747
24thThomas Bechtel621650
25thFrieda Eberly624154
26thJoshua Monarch634056
27thGreg Roth645057
28thAlyssa Leonard646459
29thJustin Myers648960
30thMitchell Merritt663964
31stSteve Werts666965
32ndRandy Sanders667266
33rdDavid Bellesfield673469
34thStuart Craig684472
35thJonathan Fishel696673
36thArt Hoerner718675
37thJim Borst726080
38thRay Withers737386
39thSean Freeburn765789
40thBob Eberly767590
Sunday, April 16
Gifford Pinchot State ParkQuaker's Challenge
Shorts, 18 holes
Quaker's Challenge Doubles Round also counts as a Llama tag round for current tag members. Alan Reese and Josh Alcock played as guests.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJoshua Reichert514214
2ndOrrie Coffman571442
3rdBor Weibe574743
4thJordan Yarger664347
Tuesday, April 11
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
Random Draw groups for Tuesday's Llama tag round had 49 participants, including 1 guest, Justin Schwartz. 3 returning Llams signed up for 2023. Welcome back, Jim Mayes, Tyler Hamilton, and David Bellesfield. Welcome first time Llama, Brad Gass, to the herd! Ally Leonard handed over a great looking Pyro disc for a CTP prize on hole 4. Congratulations to Jason Roberts for absolutely parking hole 4 for the coveted Pyro disc! Taylor Gardner defended the #1 tag with a score of 48! Josh P and Dan B tried to grab it by also shooting 48s. No aces hit. The ace pot grew to $224. Then, $50 was turned over to the club. Next week's ace pot starts at $174, unless someone hits it during Sunday's Quake Tag Doubles round.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTaylor Gardner4811
2ndJosh Perchinski48145
3rdDan Bellesfield48186
4thJim Mayes50858
5thJason Roberts51610
6thChris Miller512012
7thJohn Borger512113
8thOrrie Coffman513314
9thTyler Hamilton518615
10thThomas Bechtel521516
11thMatt Hamilton531317
12thZack Smith532318
13thMatt Parthree54519
14thBrian Henderson551220
15thRob Weaver552421
16thBen Smith554023
17thLynn Baker564124
18thJamie Lepley57827
19thLevi Tack575031
20thMark Bellesfield575833
21stDavid Bellesfield578734
22ndDave Truitt581736
23rdMitchell Merritt583639
24thJoshua Monarch583940
25thFrieda Eberly584641
26thGregg Easton585946
27thBor Weibe591947
28thMatt Weaver593149
29thGreg Roth614750
30thJason Cavanaugh615654
31stJohn Mendenhall616455
32ndBrent Bierman621656
33rdJustin Sneeringer622758
34thDave Crowell625459
35thJim Borst626260
36thJoshua Schuhart631062
37thAlyssa Leonard633464
38thCody McNett635565
39thJoe Alfano644970
40thBrad Gass668871
41stRandy Sanders677172
42ndRay Withers697073
43rdJoe Crownover706074
44thBob Eberly707375
45thStacy Hamilton726585
46thArt Hoerner727286
47thCole Himes757487
48thDon Price757588
Tag update Saturday, April 8
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Ben Holmes32
Noah Sowers43
Todd Slater54
Matt Parthree65
Jason Roberts76
Zach Woods97
Jamie Lepley108
Colin Frazier119
Joshua Schuhart1210
Evan Werner1311
Brian Henderson1512
Matt Hamilton1613
Josh Perchinski1714
Thomas Bechtel1915
Brent Bierman2016
Dave Truitt2117
Dan Bellesfield2218
Bor Weibe2419
Chris Miller2520
John Borger2621
Lance Wagner2722
Zack Smith2823
Rob Weaver2924
Chance Sorensen3025
Jason March3126
Justin Sneeringer3327
Lanston Harner3428
Tim Holmes3529
Mark Rebuck3630
Matt Weaver3731
Dan Fasnacht3832
Orrie Coffman3933
Alyssa Leonard4034
Steve Miller4135
Mitchell Merritt4236
Ryan Kutzner4337
Mike Lordan4438
Joshua Monarch4539
Ben Smith4640
Lynn Baker4741
Joshua Reichert4842
Jordan Yarger4943
Stuart Craig5044
Justin Tate5145
Frieda Eberly5246
Greg Roth5347
John Allen5448
Joe Alfano5549
Levi Tack5650
Chris Troy5751
Donna Griest5852
Caryn Shearer5953
Dave Crowell6054
Cody McNett6155
Jason Cavanaugh6256
Sean Freeburn6357
Mark Bellesfield6458
Gregg Easton6559
Joe Crownover6660
Ken Lemkelde6761
Jim Borst6862
Dillon Morret6963
John Mendenhall7064
Stacy Hamilton7165
Jonathan Fishel7266
Harrison Gardner7367
Amy Freeburn7468
Steve Werts7569
Ray Withers7670
Randy Sanders7771
Art Hoerner7872
Bob Eberly7973
Cole Himes8074
Don Price8175
Anthony Piccioni8276
John McNett8377
Nathan Hoffman8478
Nelson Baitzel279
Tom Renner880
Bill Erdley1481
Jonathan Gere1882
Lucas Toot2383
Freight Train Trump3284
Friday, April 7
Gifford Pinchot State ParkQuaker's Challenge
Longest Layout, 18 holes
Impromptu tag round at Quaker's Challenge
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stZach Woods66309
2ndMatt Hamilton691616
3rdJosh Perchinski70917
4thDave Truitt731721
5thChance Sorensen872130
Tuesday, April 4
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
A record 63 players came out for Tuesday Tags, including 10 new Llamas, and 3 guests. 15 players played earlybird rounds, avoiding the 5:30 crowd. Our guests were Andy Barner, Philip Goodrich, and Dalan Shaffner. Welcome first time Llamas, Harrison Gardner, Cole Himes, and Anthony Piccioni to the herd. Welcome back for 2023, Daniel Bellesfield, Mark Bellesfield, Evan Werner, Chris Troy, Ally Leonard, Brian Henderson, and John McNett. Congratulations, Taylor Gardner, for grabbing the #1 tag with a hot round scoring a 49! Close behind were Ben Holmes and Todd Slater, both throwing 50. No aces were thrown. The ace pot grows to $189.00 for next Tuesday. Before next week I will be shifting several tag members down that have not played for over 5 weeks.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stTaylor Gardner49101
2ndBen Holmes5033
3rdTodd Slater50175
4thMatt Parthree5276
5thJason Roberts53137
6thJosh Perchinski5499
7thJamie Lepley541510
8thJoshua Schuhart544712
9thEvan Werner547913
10thBrian Henderson548315
11thMatt Hamilton55116
12thDave Truitt55517
13thThomas Bechtel554619
14thDan Bellesfield557622
15thBor Weibe562724
16thChris Miller564525
17thLance Wagner565227
18thZack Smith571228
19thRob Weaver571629
20thZach Woods58630
21stJason March581931
22ndJustin Sneeringer582933
23rdMatt Weaver583037
24thDan Fasnacht584338
25thOrrie Coffman585139
26thAlyssa Leonard588140
27thRyan Kutzner592243
28thJoshua Monarch592445
29thBen Smith592546
30thLynn Baker592847
31stJordan Yarger594049
32ndJustin Tate596051
33rdFrieda Eberly596652
34thGreg Roth603153
35thJohn Allen603754
36thJoe Alfano606155
37thLevi Tack606456
38thChris Troy608057
39thDave Crowell613960
40thCody McNett615661
41stJason Cavanaugh615762
42ndSean Freeburn616563
43rdMark Bellesfield617764
44thGregg Easton625565
45thJoe Crownover626366
46thJim Borst627068
47thDillon Morret633869
48thJohn Mendenhall635470
49thJonathan Fishel653372
50thHarrison Gardner657573
51stSteve Werts665375
52ndRay Withers666876
53rdRandy Sanders677277
54thArt Hoerner684978
55thBob Eberly686279
56thCole Himes697880
57thDon Price706981
58thAnthony Piccioni708282
59thJohn McNett778483
60thNathan Hoffman787384
Tuesday, March 28
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
We had 46 Llamas play for better tags at Boulder on Tuesday, including returning Llama, John Allen, signing on for 2023. 9 golfers scored under par. Of those 9 players, two shot in the 40s! Matt Hamilton shot 48, and Noah Sowers shot a 49! Nice shooting guys. No aces were thrown. The ace pot increased over $175 to $204. So, $50 turns over to the club and next week's ace pot will start at $154. The next turnover point will be $200.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMatt Hamilton4871
2ndNoah Sowers49174
3rdDave Truitt5015
4thMatt Parthree50137
5thJosh Perchinski50259
6thTaylor Gardner51410
7thZack Smith51912
8thJason Roberts522813
9thRob Weaver532016
10thTodd Slater54517
11thBrent Bierman543720
12thRyan Kutzner551622
13thBen Smith552725
14thBor Weibe554027
15thLynn Baker555528
16thJustin Sneeringer561229
17thMatt Weaver562930
18thGreg Roth563931
19thJohn Allen577437
20thDillon Morret583038
21stDave Crowell591039
22ndJordan Yarger592240
23rdMike Lordan594844
24thChris Miller603145
25thThomas Bechtel603846
26thJoshua Schuhart604647
27thJoshua Reichert605048
28thStuart Craig605350
29thLance Wagner615652
30thSteve Werts616553
31stJohn Mendenhall636854
32ndGregg Easton644455
33rdCody McNett645456
34thJason Cavanaugh646357
35thJoe Alfano655261
36thBob Eberly657062
37thJoe Crownover667163
38thSean Freeburn675765
39thFrieda Eberly676266
40thRay Withers684568
41stDon Price684769
42ndJim Borst686170
43rdStacy Hamilton696971
44thRandy Sanders726672
45thNathan Hoffman777273
46thAmy Freeburn847374
Friday, March 24
Gifford Pinchot State ParkQuaker's Challenge
Longest Layout, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stDave Truitt71251
2ndColin Frazier751111
3rdJosh Perchinski83125
Tuesday, March 21
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
Wow! there were 48 players out for Tuesday's Llama tag round today! It caught me off guard, but I should have known it would happen on such a gorgeous sunny day. 3 were guests, Jeremy Shilling, Rob Lehman, and Brett Carter. Thanks for joining us. 18 Llamas (some new and some returning) joined the 2023 Llama herd! Welcome to the club, Zach Woods, Ryan Kutzner, Lanston Harner, Joe Alfano, Steve Miller, John Mendenhall, Jason Roberts, Amy Freeburn, Donna Griest, Daryn Shearer, Mitchel Merritt, Levi Tack, Nathan Hoffman, Daniel Fasnacht, Gregg Easton, Noah Sowers, Tim Holmes, and Matt Weaver. As you can imagine, tag placement was shaken from top to bottom. Josh P threw the hot round of 49, taking down the #1 tag. Ben H was close on his heels with a 50. Noone hit an ace. The ace pot starts at $169 next week.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJosh Perchinski4931
2ndBen Holmes5093
3rdTodd Slater51105
4thZach Woods51566
5thMatt Hamilton5277
6thZack Smith52119
7thDave Crowell53610
8thColin Frazier532511
9thRyan Kutzner535716
10thNoah Sowers537117
11thDave Truitt542625
12thJohn Borger542926
13thJason Roberts546228
14thMatt Weaver547329
15thDillon Morret551730
16thLanston Harner555834
17thTim Holmes567235
18thThomas Bechtel571638
19thBor Weibe574040
20thSteve Miller586041
21stMitchell Merritt586642
22ndDan Fasnacht586943
23rdGregg Easton587044
24thJoshua Schuhart59146
25thJoshua Reichert592850
26thOrrie Coffman593551
27thJoe Alfano595952
28thLance Wagner603456
29thSean Freeburn604157
30thDonna Griest606458
31stCaryn Shearer606559
32ndJustin Tate61560
33rdJim Borst644261
34thFrieda Eberly653862
35thJason Cavanaugh654363
36thLevi Tack656764
37thSteve Werts665065
38thRandy Sanders665166
39thKen Lemkelde674467
40thJohn Mendenhall676168
41stStacy Hamilton683069
42ndBob Eberly705270
43rdJoe Crownover724671
44thNathan Hoffman746872
45thAmy Freeburn886373
Tuesday, March 14
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
Very windy conditions saw 12 Llama Disc Golfers playing for better tags at Tuesday Tags. Welcome Josh Reichert back into to the Llama herd for 2023. Josh P managed to throw under par, shooting a hot round of 52! No wind aces hit. Next week's ace pot grows to $137.00.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJosh Perchinski52293
2ndZack Smith582011
3rdThomas Bechtel583416
4thRob Weaver61320
5thDave Truitt611626
6thJoshua Reichert615428
7thJohn Borger641129
8thLance Wagner644034
9thBrent Bierman703737
10thBor Weibe712640
11thJason Cavanaugh722843
12thCody McNett824354
Sunday, March 12
Gifford Pinchot State ParkQuaker's Challenge
Quaker Challenge A pins (Udisc), 18 holes
Quaker's Challenge Doubles Llama Tag Round - 9 players joined in random doubles at Quaker's Challenge short pins. 4 Llamas participated, playing for better tags. Welcome back, Chris Miller, to the 2023 Llama herd! The groups were Evan Lecher/Jordan Yarger throwing 59, Justin Williams/Tanner Williams 59, Mitch Good/Chria Miller 61, Alan Reese/Sean Freeburn 62, and Stuart Craig throwing Cali with a 69.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJordan Yarger593122
2ndChris Miller615331
3rdSean Freeburn624141
4thStuart Craig692253
Tuesday, March 7
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
A very windy evening made for some crazy disc golf at Boulder Woods. 23 players took on the gusty challenge. Orrie Coffman and Ken Lemkelde rejoined the Llamas for the season. Welcome, Mark Rebuck and Brent Bierman as new Llama members. Bill Campbell played as a guest. Rob Weaver threw the hot score of 54 with Dave Truitt close behind with 55. Sorry, Zack S. Nice shooting! No aces were thrown, putting the ace pot at $127 for next week. Time springs forward this weekend. Next weeks tag round starts at 5:30. Early rounders can start at 3:30 without ace pot eligibility. UDisc scoring is available.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stRob Weaver54283
2ndDave Truitt553616
3rdZack Smith58320
4thColin Frazier582925
5thBor Weibe603726
6thJason Cavanaugh604028
7thJosh Perchinski612529
8thThomas Bechtel631634
9thOrrie Coffman634935
10thMark Rebuck655136
11thBrent Bierman655237
12thGreg Roth664339
13thLance Wagner672040
14thJim Borst692642
15thCody McNett693943
16thKen Lemkelde695044
17thJoe Crownover703446
18thMike Lordan703548
19thArt Hoerner714449
20thSteve Werts714650
21stRandy Sanders734251
22ndBob Eberly804852
Tuesday, February 28
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
17 players competed for better Llama tags on Tuesday evening. 10 new people signed up for 2023 tags, including 3 first time Llamas. Welcome, Greg Roth, Rob Weaver, and Steve Werts as new Llamas. Also welcome back to the herd, Josh Perchinski, Colin Frazier, Ray Withers, Bor Weibe, Don Price, and Art Hoerner. Zack Smith threw a smoking round of 48, defending his #3 tag. No aces hit. Ace pot will start at $111.00 next week.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stZack Smith4833
2ndJosh Perchinski523925
3rdRob Weaver524728
4thColin Frazier534029
5thJordan Yarger592931
6thJoe Crownover603134
7thBor Weibe614437
8thCody McNett622539
9thJason Cavanaugh633440
10thSean Freeburn642841
11thRandy Sanders654242
12thGreg Roth654343
13thArt Hoerner674644
14thRay Withers684145
15thSteve Werts694846
16thDon Price704547
17thBob Eberly793748
Saturday, February 25
Gifford Pinchot State ParkBoulder Woods
Regular tees, 18 holes
BWCC Ice Bowl 2023 Ice Bowl - 2nd Round - Tag Round - 20 Holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stJoshua Schuhart5411
2ndNelson Baitzel5422
3rdZack Smith5533
4thTaylor Gardner5544
5thJustin Tate5555
6thDave Crowell5566
7thMatt Hamilton5677
8thTom Renner5688
9thBen Holmes5699
10thTodd Slater561010
11thJohn Borger581111
12thJustin Sneeringer581212
13thMatt Parthree591313
14thBill Erdley601414
15thJamie Lepley611515
16thThomas Bechtel611616
17thDillon Morret621717
18thJonathan Gere621818
19thJason March631919
20thLance Wagner632020
21stChance Sorensen642121
22ndStuart Craig642222
23rdLucas Toot642323
24thJoshua Monarch662424
25thCody McNett672525
26thJim Borst672626
27thBen Smith682727
28thSean Freeburn692828
29thJordan Yarger702929
30thStacy Hamilton713030
31stJoe Crownover723131
32ndFreight Train Trump733232
33rdJonathan Fishel743333
34thJason Cavanaugh763434
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