2019-Dawg Pound Disc Golf Bag Tag League

January - January 2019 • Auburn Hills, Michigan
Singles league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Singles league - 38 all-time players - 0 active players
No fee to play in this league
Dawg Pound Disc Golf Bag Tag League for the 2019 Season.

Winner Determined by points.

League News

Juan Ruelas Jr   January 2 at 1:46am

Game Forfeiture

If you can not play for some reason you forfeit a game, you will access a -4 points going to your overall score, you also will receive no points from the incurred loss.

John Papa Pork Bacon   March 10 at 3:00pm

Did I get challenged..I got no message

Juan Ruelas Jr   March 14 at 1:50am

Not that I know of.

Juan Ruelas Jr   January 1 at 11:24pm

Point System

Win=5 points
loss=2 points
tie= 1 point each
Division Champion= 3 extra points


Juan Ruelas Jr   January 1 at 5:31am


The top 8 ranking Divisional Champs will go against each other in a bracket style play off in a separate League, after the current season.


Juan Ruelas Jr   January 1 at 2:31am


I have broken the Dawg Pound Disc Golf Bag Tag Leagues into divisions.

When playing an opponent within your division, YOU BOTH must play at the same course with each other.

When playing an opponent outside your division, FOLLOW RULES 1-7!

The LOWEST Bag Tag holder in each division is that divisions champion, until beaten within the division. This will wildly change with divisional play outside the your division.


Juan Ruelas Jr   January 1 at 1:46am

Rules (more to be added later)

1. You may choose any bag tag holder to challenge in any state.

2. You and Challenger provide 3 courses to each other and me as well, then you must pick the course your opponent is to play.

3. Once each course is picked for each other, pm me the course name on facebook messenger. (both you and your opponent wont know where your playing until it is posted here.

4. Both people must play on the same day, which you both decide together, then let me know on messenger.

5. Once your done ... more