2018 FredRock Singles

March - October 2018 • Woodsboro, Maryland
Singles league

Ace pool

as of June 11

Next league day

Monday, July 23 @ 5:00pm
Heritage Farm Park
Walkersville, MD

About this League

Singles league - 48 all-time players - 30 active players
$3.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool entry
- Points will be give in the same style as free state dbls scoring...This is a point based league, each player starts each event with 5 points. When the round is finished the TD will average all scores to the nearest .5. If a player's score is lower than the average the difference is added to that players score. So if the average score for all teams is 56 and a player threw a 53 then 3 points would be added to his score giving him 8 points for that event. Vice versa if the average is 56 and ...
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