2018 Atlanta Bag Tag Challenge

April - October 2018 • Atlanta, Georgia
Bag Tag league
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Vern Williams    November 6 at 5:15pm

Will the $100.00 ACE Pool from the "About" page be up for grabs this weekend?

Barry Arnson   November 6 at 8:19pm

No...since not everyone will be playing the same holes.

Greg Stone    November 5 at 7:20pm

Hey Barry, is it an issue if the tag I have currently is different from the leaderboard? It shows me as 25 but I actually hold #008. Im not sure what tag Daniel has at the moment.

Barry Arnson   November 6 at 9:57pm

Nope. Just as long as the tag you have entered when signing up for the finale is correct then we are good.

Austin Lytle    September 15 at 6:45pm

Can I be added to league please? Would like to update a recent tag match.
Versola held down number 2, I lost my number 13 to Nathan Goodwin, I now have 15, and dylan holt went from 15 to 23.


Joseph Bonet    July 5 at 11:32am

is Daniel Bonet a member of ADGO?

Barry Arnson   July 5 at 1:31pm

He's not. You can find a list of active ADGO members here: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Atlanta_Disc_Golf_Organization_Membership_2018/registration

Alan Hause    June 27 at 11:37pm

After a round is submitted,how long does it take for it to log? Does the admin have to verify first?

Parag Gajarawala   June 27 at 11:53pm

It's usually taken me 3-4 days for rounds to show up. I believe that admins do need to verify first.

Barry Arnson   June 28 at 2:27am

We do.

Chris Foy    May 17 at 1:57am

I have the 63 tag and am looking to play some rounds. I'm playing Frog Rock Tomorrow Morning and Perkeson Park Monday around 1:00pm or Tuesday Around noon. Any Takers?


joshua henley    April 30 at 12:35am

First into double digit rounds. Where y'all at?

joshua henley   April 30 at 12:36am

#14 tag, that is.