2012 Pelham Tag League

April - September 2012 • Pelham, New Hampshire
Bag Tag league

League pictures · June 17 (Sun) - An Ace kinda day · Picture 1 of 5

Shots of Vijay and Mat displaying their aces on holes 3 and 4. Mark prominent in Vijay's photo supporting his number one status ...what a sport. During the doubles round Vijay aced 3, Mat aced 4. Mat shot a -13 for his doubles round with his unassuming partner.
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Mat aces hole 4, just after Vijay Aced hole 3!
Greg Bianco uploaded this picture.
Mat LadrogaJune 19, 2012 at 10:24am
It wouldnt have happened without a great partner "GREG BIANCO"
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