2012 Lenora Bag Tag League - Adv Div - Season 1

April - May 2012 • Snellville, Georgia
Bag Tag league

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Match history

Tag updates Thursday, May 31
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Mark Spaugh98
Steve Adams89
Thursday, May 31
Lenora Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Final Week of Season 1
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stGerrit Van Vranken4721
2ndMike Robinson5052
3rdRob Williams5233
3rdRandy Gaddy5294
5thMikey Curtis5365
6thBrad Traylor5446
7thEd Jacob5717
7thMark Spaugh5779
Tag updates Thursday, May 24
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Gerrit Van Vranken32
Rob Williams53
Brad Traylor64
Mike Robinson75
Mikey Curtis86
Mark Spaugh107
Steve Adams98
Randy Gaddy119
Joe Jackson410
Chop Fornek211
Thursday, May 24
Lenora Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Joe Jackson & Chop Fornek will not be here next week for the Finals. They graciously gave up the tags they won tonight and took numbers 10 & 11, respectively, for the final week.
Kudo's to CHOP for hitting this seasons only Ace on Hole 15.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stChop Fornek48112
2ndGerrit Van Vranken4943
3rdJoe Jackson5074
3rdRob Williams5095
5thBrad Traylor5126
6thMike Robinson5257
6thMikey Curtis5268
8thSteve Adams5489
8thMark Spaugh541010
10thRandy Gaddy57311
Tag updates Thursday, May 17
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Gerrit Van Vranken54
Mike Robinson45
Thursday, May 17
Lenora Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Mystery driver round - Everyone threw a driver in a bag. Each person then had to pull a driver (not their own) from the bag, and play the round with it.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMike Robinson5644
1stGerrit Van Vranken56115
3rdMikey Curtis5766
4thJoe Jackson5857
4thSteve Adams5888
6thRob Williams5999
6thMark Spaugh591010
8thChop Fornek60711
Tag updates Thursday, May 10
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Randy Gaddy43
Mike Robinson34
Thursday, May 10
Lenora Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEd Jacob5181
2ndBrad Traylor5342
3rdMike Robinson5413
3rdRandy Gaddy5424
3rdJoe Jackson5465
3rdMikey Curtis5476
7thChop Fornek56107
7thSteve Adams56118
9thRob Williams5739
9thMark Spaugh57510
9thGerrit Van Vranken57911
Tag updates Thursday, May 3
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Ed Jacob98
Gerrit Van Vranken89
Thursday, May 3
Lenora Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
Week 4 handicaps
5.4 - M.Robinson
4.0 - R.Gaddy
-2.1 - B.Traylor
2.9 - M.Spaugh
1.5 - J.Jackson
2.6 - M.Curtis
2.1 - E.Jacob
3.3 - G.VanVranken
4.3 - C.Fornek
2.9 - S.Adams
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMike Robinson4721
2ndRandy Gaddy4812
3rdBrad Traylor5084
3rdMark Spaugh50115
5thJoe Jackson5166
6thMikey Curtis5457
7thGerrit Van Vranken5548
7thEd Jacob5579
9thChop Fornek561010
10thSteve Adams57911
Thursday, April 26
Lenora Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stRandy Gaddy5031
2ndRob Williams5213
3rdGerrit Van Vranken5384
4thMikey Curtis5475
5thEd Jacob55107
6thBrad Traylor5748
7thSteve Adams5899
7thChop Fornek581110
9thMark Spaugh61511
Tag updates Thursday, April 19
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Randy Gaddy73
Joe Jackson36
Mikey Curtis67
Thursday, April 19
Lenora Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stRob Williams49101
2ndMike Robinson5012
3rdJoe Jackson5223
3rdBrad Traylor5284
3rdMikey Curtis5296
3rdRandy Gaddy52117
7thGerrit Van Vranken5468
7thSteve Adams5479
9thEd Jacob55310
10thChop Fornek57411
Tag updates Sunday, April 15
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Mike Robinson01
Joe Jackson02
Ed Jacob03
Chop Fornek04
Mark Spaugh05
Gerrit Van Vranken06
Steve Adams07
Brad Traylor08
Mikey Curtis09
Thursday, April 12
Lenora Park
Regular tees, 18 holes
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stMike Robinson4700
2ndJoe Jackson4800
3rdEd Jacob4900
4thMark Spaugh5000
4thChop Fornek5000
6thGerrit Van Vranken5100
7thSteve Adams5300
8thBrad Traylor5600