2012 Chick Flick Bag Tag League

March - December 2012 • ,
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Tag updates Monday, March 19
PlayerOld tagNew tag
Emma Rose Hanley11
Cindy McMahan22
Nichola Landry33
Julie Gorman44
Tianna Martinez55
Shawn Wiberscheid66
Sunday, March 18
Milo McIver State ParkRiverbend DGC
BSF East Am, 18 holes
First Chick Flick bag tag match of the year at a rainy, hailing, snowy, cold, sunny Milo McIver. We had 6 hardcore ladies come out, and battle for tags.
PlayerScoreOld tagNew tag
1stEmma Rose Hanley7411
2ndCindy McMahan7622
3rdNichola Landry7833
4thJulie Gorman8844
5thTianna Martinez9355
6thShawn Wiberscheid9866