2011 A3disc Rolling Hills League

Singles league May - September 2011 Ypsilanti, MI
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William Gilbert    October 3, 2011 at 2:19am

Hudson Mills League Awards Note you must have 12 rounds 6 on each course to be eligible for any awards. 12 rounds at Rolling Hills Nuke Division Mike Raley 101.5 points Justin Leopold 99.0 points Venom Division Scott Sprow 113.0 points Jacob Quiton 88.5 points Jacob Belmas 81.0 points Glide Division Robert Baxtresser 103.5 points Mark Wiltse 92.0 points Bret Trocchil 76.0 points Hawk Division Mike Troczynski 94.0 points Kevin Stoinoff 82.0 points Te ... more


William Gilbert    May 7, 2011 at 3:34am

The major changes to the league for this year are as follows. You must play your league rounds with 2 other ACTIVE or CURRENT league members. This will be strictly enforced after week 3 of the league. All PDGA rules (excepting the Substance rules) are in force. We have always stated these rules are to be followed but this year they will be enforced. The big ones are the playing in a 2 some, and scoring with -'s, /'s, -1's, +1's these are not valid scores and you have to ... more