Vicksburg Recreation Area

Vicksburg, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Max Saxton    3 days ago

Lost an orange Machete on hole 17 front right corner of the pond from the tee. Will trade to get it back, if found. M.saxton 62558 on the back.


Nathan Fletcher    6 days ago

Lost a blue Leopard on hole 12, at least I think that is the hole number. My nephews disc went left into the tall grass and there were bees all over the clover. If found, contact me here or if there is a number on it please call

Jason Candelaria   6 days ago

I am playing there tomorrow, I will keep an eye out, but there is a Friday night Dubs today, so someone then will most likely find it before I do.

Keon Tucker    June 12 at 8:07am

Lost a White rival with black stamp on hole 1 in the marsh on left side. League day monday 6/5


Keon Tucker    June 4 at 9:38am

Lost a green thief about a month ago in the big pond on hole 14


Dustin Morton    May 31 at 9:32pm

Lost Wednesday night. Orange and white Compass. Spin dyed, very unique. Threw it on 8, pin-high. Went to throw on 13...not in bag. Inked with number. Would love back. Thanks.


Keon Tucker    May 25 at 7:42am

Lost a blue saint with faded stamp on Hole 9 in the Pine Tree middle of the field last week please return if found.

Larry LaBond   May 30 at 10:09am

I have a couple of your disc

Keon Tucker   June 4 at 9:37am

Awesome next week I'll get them from you at Vicksburg league

Fred Vocino    May 7 at 1:12pm

Lost at #17 pond during Sasquatch. Discraft-Heat, Blue tie-dye, inked.


Tim Sylvain    May 7 at 12:35pm

White roadrunner and glow Play for Paws gator in pond by 17, no ink


Dustin Morton    May 5 at 3:06pm

Lost. 2 discs on pond 17. Spin-dyed Opto Pure. Spin dyed VIP Harp. Both inked. Harp is right near the left edge halfway down. Pure was right in the middle long. Great day.


Tom Bos    May 5 at 12:20pm

Lost a grey BT Har Harp the other day in the pond on 14. Hit the tree and went in towards the middle. Would love it back if found! Thanks!

Ben Goodrow   May 8 at 3:25pm

Sad day Tom!

Dustin Morton    May 5 at 11:43am

LOST: pond on 14 Orange Claymore. I can see it but can't reach it. Anyone got a golden retriever? inked.


Courtney Feister    May 1 at 6:44pm

LOST an orange swirled super soft Warden a little long behind 3. No ink. If anyone finds I will reciprocate


Max Saxton    May 1 at 8:11am

Is there Friday night doubles going on at this course?

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Jake Stafford   May 1 at 10:22am

yes...Brian Vanderwell runs it -costs $9.oo for everything and TEE OFF is at 6pm! lots of ctp/LP plus a 50/50 ctp hole.....and it is a cash payout ordeal

Jake Stafford   May 1 at 10:25am

just to let u know also "coldbrook park" has a Saturday dubs event tee off at 10am costs $10.oo IT is a 24 hole course & the ace pool is over $300.oo also a cash payout event!

Jake Stafford   May 1 at 10:28am

Sunday dubs at KNOLLWOOD has an ace pool over $300.oo as well costs $10.oo for everything TEE OFF is at 11am!

Chris Cook    April 23 at 6:47pm

Lost a orange and yellow starburst colored Blizzard Champion Vulcan in the bushes to the right on #10. Please contact me if you find it.


Chase Tyre    April 7 at 5:22pm

Lost a swirly Love stamp pd2 to the left of hole 1 before the basket somewhere, if found reward! 3144355129


Joleen Ryder    March 15 at 12:16pm

If anyone happens to find a white Judge with a American flag stamp on it in the water behind hole 3s basket please let me know as this was Josh Ryder's and Id love to get it back


Erica Annis    March 14 at 8:19am

If anyone does some skimming in the pond I lost a red plasma Envy while shooting from 14.
Name and number are on the inside of the rim.


Taylor Cimala    March 4 at 6:22pm

Lost a seasoned purple Feldberg boss on 17. Cut off a hyzer earlier than preferred. High fives for return!