Vicksburg Recreation Area

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Joel Cook    5 days ago

Bring the bug spray, the deer flys are hungry !


Dustin Morton    June 22 at 5:50pm

REMINDER: This weekend the Vicksburg Recreation Area will be hosting a large group of Revolutionary War re-enactors starting Friday at noon all the way until Sunday at 5. I do not know where they will be encamped, but with over 200 soldiers and their camp followers, I imagine they will be taking up all the space around the parking lot: holes 1, 2, 9, 10 and 12 will probably be affected. So if you come play, be prepared, or just avoid ViRA this weekend. Or, come see the show I guess.

Eric Dingman   June 24 at 6:22am

Does this bring a new meaning to the hyzer bomb.. if you play there this weekend?

Dustin Morton    June 18 at 8:36am

Found a blue StarKatana in 17s bushes in Vicksburg. All ink scratched out. I throw Trilogy plastic--any trades? King, Sword,Escape,Renegade all good. Underworld preferred, just lost mine in that damn pond.

Jaron Mallo   June 18 at 3:29pm

I have an underworld for sale. Yellow neon vip plastic. $10, 13 shipped

Dustin Morton    June 17 at 11:52am

Lost on 17 yellow orange Underworld. Thought I heard it hit the ground and checked the bushes real good but it might be in the pond


Josh Ryder    June 7 at 11:29pm

This is Josh's wife, for anyone that knows him he had a massive blood clot which caused a stroke and he is declining quickly. If u would like to say goodbye now is the time if not I understand and I will try to get funeral arrangement info out as soon as I can.

Cody Peckham   June 8 at 4:34am

Prays be with you. The first time ive met Josh i had my son Caden with me, he was having a tough time throwing his disc, Josh seen this walked up to us and gave my son a buzz. Last friday my son ask me if we could go to Vira, we arrive there and Josh was that whole one selling disc he mentioned to m ... more

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   June 8 at 9:52pm

I'm sorry to hear. My prayers are with you at this time.

Ryley Millar    June 7 at 8:46pm

Left a green grand Rapids stamped cyclone on the course today. 2 disc trade for return!


Dustin Morton    June 5 at 1:55pm

Lost hole 1 left trees halfway down : purple Fury.

Eric Dingman   June 7 at 7:13am

Man just donating the plastic huh.. i lost that black inertia you gave me on 10

Dustin Morton    June 3 at 1:56pm

Lost: purple gbo bottom stamped Justice. Hole 16 pond. Right in front of island. Bucks for return.


Ben Goodrow    May 27 at 9:11am

I lost a neon yellow trespass from hole 10 long tee's last night. I threw it through the gap, caught a branch and it flared up and left into the thick bushes and brush about 40 left of the fairway near hole 8 short tee pad. Reward if returned, name and number on back. Thanks!


Jordan Parks    May 22 at 5:20pm

Lost a Blue C-Line PD on Hole 17 most likely in the pond, but possibly in the brush on the right. My contact info is on the bottom. Reward if returned.


Dustin Morton    May 21 at 10:57am

Lost: White Emac Truth with spin dye in 16 's pond. Also: purple GL Fury 17 pond. quite a round...

Josh Ryder   May 21 at 12:37pm

Got names on those?

Dustin Morton   May 22 at 8:45am


Joel Cook    May 18 at 10:55am

Lost a orange Avenger SS around the basket on #10. Reward if found. Joel (269)694-6207

Dustin Morton   May 18 at 5:28pm

If you dont' find it. I have one I can trade you. Red.

Josh Ryder   May 24 at 9:53pm

What type of plastic

Joel Cook   May 25 at 12:59am

I had it returned tuesday, thanks to whoever found it !

Mitchell Wilson    April 18 at 11:49pm

Lost a sick marbled Air Force destroyer brand new from 17 longs cut threw the trees and probably less than 10 feet out basket side. Huge reward if found. Now name or number on the disc sadly.

Joe McKalips   April 20 at 10:17am

Still looking to get my orange aviars back from 17. Can anyone put me in contact with the people fishing them out?

Cody Peckham    April 16 at 10:10am

Wanted to give a shout out to whoever gave my son a orange cryztal buzzz. Hes pumped about adding it to his collection. You sir made his day! Thanks

Josh Ryder   April 16 at 11:12am

glad to help new disc golfers whenever I can

Jessica J   April 16 at 7:38pm

This is awesome to read. #greatdisckarma..

Larry LaBond   April 21 at 8:29am

Nice Josh!

Cody Peckham    April 14 at 4:34pm

Is there anyway to glow disc ViRa? Love glow disc'n and wouldn't hate to GD here.

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Dustin Morton   April 14 at 5:15pm

IMO, always better safe than sorry. Discers have enough bad rep to go against, if you are going to (technically) break the rules, I'd ask first. AND-- don't leave your glow sticks out there like at Knollwood. Respect the course.

Cody Peckham   April 14 at 5:16pm

I never do

Cody Peckham   April 14 at 5:18pm

thats what my bag is for sticks in the bag. exactly why I posted this. I think it would be amazing to do it at night thanks for the info guys

Dustin Morton    April 12 at 1:30pm

Ok, it may be 2 months away, but. June 24,25 and 26 the ViRA will be the host of a Revolutionary War Reenactment group. Starts Friday afternoon, has events all day Saturday and Sunday. Over 250 troops will be camping there, so I would imagine the parking lot will be full, and all the flat land around it will be being used. Just FYI.

Steven Smith   April 12 at 1:43pm

spoiler alert : the 13 colonies win.

Benjamin Overbeek    April 6 at 10:45am

Sign up deadline for Birdie Bash @ ViRA is Sunday night! Get signed up soon!


Cody Peckham    April 2 at 11:14am

Hole 14 longs lost a claymore dark green trilogy. Name and number on back of disc. Live in Vicksburg


Erica Annis    March 27 at 9:20pm

I lost a copper colored plasma MVP Tangent today in the pond on the right side hole 16. If anyone ever goes looking for discs in the water there I'd love to get it back. Has my name and number written on the inside rim. Thanks!

Dustin Morton   March 28 at 12:36pm

Hope you get it. We have a pack of disc thieves out there recently who drag the pond and just sell what they find, not contacting the owners.

Joleen Ryder   April 12 at 2:22pm

Not all of the people that rake and drag the pond just sell the discs, i happen to know for a fact that 1 does not do that, he holds the discs for over a month trying to find the owner.

Dustin Morton   April 12 at 3:53pm

Oh, I agree, Josh has gave me back several I was clumsy enough to lose, he's great. But there have been a few incidents: a buddy of mine came across a dude raking 14 and he said he just sells everything he finds online. Another guy had this happen. ''Also be on the lookout for a grou ... more

Douglas Fresh    March 27 at 7:02pm

First time playing the course today, didn't know about the OB behind 10's basket and put an upshot right in that murky puddle of crud. Tried skimming with a stick for 10 minutes but couldn't locate my putter. It's a pink JK Aviar, 175g with black stamp. Reward for return!
Great course, by the way. Thanks to everyone who puts their time and effort into it.

Dustin Morton   March 28 at 12:36pm

Hope you get it. We have a pack of disc thieves out there recently who drag the pond and just sell what they find, not contacting the owners.

Douglas Fresh   March 28 at 6:51pm

Thanks, Dustin. Chances are slim if that's the case. The only marking I had on it was a "T" on the bottom. Sucks to lose a twin, but that's why we have backups.

Josh Ryder   March 30 at 3:21pm

Lol slim my ass got it get a hold of me