Vicksburg Recreation Area

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Cody Peckham    7 days ago

all Red Vibram Valley name and number on back. hole one it looked like it went by 2 teepad i had my son with me and didnt look long. someone finds it theyll get a plastic disc if they return it.


Tim Sylvain    November 21 at 10:54am

lost a Latitude PDGA the pond on 17/14 Saturday. No name or number. Reward for return.


Wade TF    November 12 at 2:35pm

Found a Jennifer Sawyer signature disc on far side of 14s pond with Lisa... Ink on it. Called the number, number doesn't accept phone calls. Sent a text also.

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Ritchie Walterhouse   November 14 at 10:27am

Lisa was sad when it went in there

Lisa Walterhouse   November 14 at 10:30am

This is mine and I about cried when I lost this lol my number 269-567-8593

Wade TF   November 14 at 11:29am

i texted the number and called. number does not receive phone calls. I'm local i can return it anytime

Austin Velasquez    November 5 at 8:35pm

Hi, i lost a Smoke (black/grey swirly) Dynamic disc Classic blend warden with a Sparkly gold stamp on hole 10. I was putting and it hit the top of the basket and skipped right into the water. Id love to get it back !


Dustin Morton    October 15 at 11:59am

Son of a... LOST black Stag. Rainbow stamp. Trees on left shooting at 10. Black disc so I couldn't ink it...

Fred Vocino   October 15 at 12:43pm

FYI...there are silver/gold markers at office supplies.

Tim Bush   October 16 at 11:18pm

From short or long tees?

Dustin Morton   October 17 at 11:25am

from shorts.

Dustin Morton    September 29 at 1:29pm

Vicksburg. Lost blue VIP stag. Rainbow stamp rainbow spin dye. Inked. In the rough stuff between holes 10 and 11. Turn overdrive shooting at 11 $ for return.

Dustin Morton   October 14 at 1:52pm

My friend Donnie says he played with a guy named Jesse who has this disc. please contact me I'd love to get it back

Dustin Morton    September 24 at 4:02pm

Lost Vicksburg hole eight Dymax captain America Felon no Ink. tryed to Hyzer over the trees and didn't make it $ 4 return.


Mitchell Wilson    September 21 at 7:13pm

Left a yellow sinus behind 3 right off the edge says team wop on the back. Will give reward for its return. Sentimental to my game please return!!


Max Saxton    August 26 at 2:54pm

Are there pro/am dubs here on Friday nights?

Chris"teerex" Davis   August 29 at 6:29pm

Yes at 6pm

John Clark    August 22 at 9:59pm

Got to throw with my grandson Tyler who is 9 and lives about 1/2 mile away. We need to work on form more. His arm got tired by the 11th hole so we rested then decided to just go home since dinner was ready. I did manage 2 pars which is the most here for me. The league was there tonight so I got to talk with the caretaker (sorry, I forget names so easily these days) a few of the players along the way and also Larry. I really want to join the league there next year with T.J. Presently I thro ... more

Eric Dingman   August 23 at 5:51am

Glad to here you guys had a good time. Im one of the golfers you talked to on hole 1. League night is a hard time to get a quick round in. Keep your grandson positive and we will keep the sport growing.

Larry LaBond   August 23 at 9:46am

Glad you guys had fun. Mike Gerry is the guy who does all the benches, walls, ... Also, you should maybe take your grandson to Mattawan or Lawton High Schools to play those courses. They are not as big and are only 9 holes each. It might be easeir for him to play. They are also not too far apart.

Nicholas Ruggles   August 25 at 6:08pm

Itvwas nice meeting you both on hole 11 when u finished. Cant wait to play some gokf with u both

Ryley Millar    July 29 at 1:25pm

If anyone knows a Tim Bush, "Big" John Soptich, Brad Cady, or Daniel Thompson, let them know I have their discs and tell them to message me. Thanks!

Ryley Millar   August 2 at 9:35pm

I was able to get brads disc back to him but still need to locate the other three people. Let me know if anyone know how to get ahold of them.

Tim Sylvain   August 8 at 3:13pm

Tim Bush has a profile here on the Scene.

Joel Cook    July 19 at 2:04pm

Bring the bug spray, the deer flys are hungry !


Dustin Morton    June 22 at 9:50pm

REMINDER: This weekend the Vicksburg Recreation Area will be hosting a large group of Revolutionary War re-enactors starting Friday at noon all the way until Sunday at 5. I do not know where they will be encamped, but with over 200 soldiers and their camp followers, I imagine they will be taking up all the space around the parking lot: holes 1, 2, 9, 10 and 12 will probably be affected. So if you come play, be prepared, or just avoid ViRA this weekend. Or, come see the show I guess.

Eric Dingman   June 24 at 6:22am

Does this bring a new meaning to the hyzer bomb.. if you play there this weekend?

Dustin Morton    June 18 at 12:36pm

Found a blue StarKatana in 17s bushes in Vicksburg. All ink scratched out. I throw Trilogy plastic--any trades? King, Sword,Escape,Renegade all good. Underworld preferred, just lost mine in that damn pond.

Jaron Mallo   June 18 at 3:29pm

I have an underworld for sale. Yellow neon vip plastic. $10, 13 shipped

Dustin Morton    June 17 at 3:52pm

Lost on 17 yellow orange Underworld. Thought I heard it hit the ground and checked the bushes real good but it might be in the pond


Josh Ryder    June 8 at 3:29am

This is Josh's wife, for anyone that knows him he had a massive blood clot which caused a stroke and he is declining quickly. If u would like to say goodbye now is the time if not I understand and I will try to get funeral arrangement info out as soon as I can.

Cody Peckham   June 8 at 4:34am

Prays be with you. The first time ive met Josh i had my son Caden with me, he was having a tough time throwing his disc, Josh seen this walked up to us and gave my son a buzz. Last friday my son ask me if we could go to Vira, we arrive there and Josh was that whole one selling disc he mentioned to m ... more

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   June 8 at 9:52pm

I'm sorry to hear. My prayers are with you at this time.

Ryley Millar    June 8 at 12:46am

Left a green grand Rapids stamped cyclone on the course today. 2 disc trade for return!


Dustin Morton    June 5 at 5:55pm

Lost hole 1 left trees halfway down : purple Fury.

Eric Dingman   June 7 at 7:13am

Man just donating the plastic huh.. i lost that black inertia you gave me on 10

Dustin Morton    June 3 at 5:56pm

Lost: purple gbo bottom stamped Justice. Hole 16 pond. Right in front of island. Bucks for return.