Vicksburg Recreation Area

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Dustin Morton    January 19 at 1:38pm

Ok, it may be 6 months away, but. June 24,25 and 26 the ViRA will be the host of a Revolutionary War Reenactment group. Starts Friday afternoon, has events all day Saturday and Sunday. Over 250 troops will be camping there, so I would imagine the parking lot will be full, and all the flat land around it will be being used. Just FYI.


Dustin Morton    January 16 at 5:24pm

MISSING: gold line neon green Flow. Biohazard ink. Lost somehow Saturday the 15th. Threw multiple discs on 9 and 11, thought I got everyone. May have just bumped out of the bag... $ for return.


miles b    November 1 at 3:19pm

Lost a purple blizzard katana on 5 to the left no ink reward for return


Joe McKalips    October 22 at 10:10am

I lost another on 17. Orange San Marino Star Aviar “2006 Wham Bam Thank You AM / S-Curve” Marked with “J” 170g.

Still looking for the other disc I lost during worlds. The exact disc is my profile pic. Orange San Marino Star Aviar “2006 Big Chill” Marked with "J".

Looking down at the basket from the road, the new one was long on the left edge. The old one was short to the right of the basket.


Dustin Morton    October 19 at 11:42am

Red Aquaflight Dragonfly put in pond on 17 weekend of Oct 10. Orange Aquaflight Pelican plunked in same pond duringSwampthing tourney. Both discs float but were too far out to fish for. Both inked but still AWOL. C'mon people, how hard is it to help lost kids get home? I've only been playing since May, have lost 6 discs and had all but these returned(thanks Josh and others) , and I've found 9 discs and returned all that were inked to their owners. Disc golf karma is real--thievery will bite you in the end...


Josh Ryder    October 14 at 9:45am

Playing a round with Ty Cole at 11am all welcome to join


JD kozlik    October 9 at 1:59pm

I lost a yellow opto riot. I dont remember what hole. No name or number on it.


Dustin Morton    October 9 at 11:17am

FOUND: 10/8/15 High end driver, no ink. Found on hole 1, left side tree line. ID the make and model and I'll get it back to you.

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Josh Ryder   October 11 at 7:57am

Buddy of mine lost a yellow opto Riot if so pm me so I can tell him

Benjamin Overbeek   October 11 at 10:16pm

vibram lace?

Dustin Morton   October 12 at 9:59am

none of these are the one I have

Curtis S    September 28 at 3:08pm

Lost a transparent maroon/red/pink (depending on your hue definition) Discraft Ace Race 2014 disc in the pond throwing on 14 - it landed maybe 10' from shore under the big white tree on the other side of the pond from the tee box.

Someone was at the pond and stated if I had my name/number on it he'd give me a call, but I did not. I believe it had my initials - CAS - but that would be it.

If it is found, it would be great to get it back!

Josh Ryder   October 13 at 11:08am

Probably me if I do find I'll let u know

Mike "playnaked" Boody    September 27 at 5:53pm

I lost a buzz with a captain America stamp in the pond at VIRA today. It has my name, number and three aces on it. If anyone finds it, please let me know.

Josh Ryder   September 27 at 7:50pm

What pond what side

Larry LaBond    September 24 at 9:06am

League shirts are in!!! Also this is the last week of the Summer Leagues! The party is Saturday at Coldbrook. It starts with the CB League double points round at 9:30! Non-CB league players don't have to play this round, but can if you want.

Potluck lunch (bring a dish to pass) and awards for all 3 leagues after that round (around 12:30-1pm). High/low doubles for any leftover ace pool money from all 3 leagues is after awards . Followed by $5/person glow doubles!


Michele Ramon    September 24 at 6:51am

Lost a white XL in the pond- if you are fishing


Josh Ryder    September 23 at 11:46pm

Sorry that y'all lost disc as of now I'm in Oregon but when I get back I'll get back to fishing out y'alls disc


Tom Bos    September 23 at 8:25pm

Had a friend - Josh Leyanna - lose 2 discs in the 14/17 pond area this evening. One maroon Vibram Lace on the left side of the pond throwing on 14 & a blue, blizzard Boss on the right side throwing from 17. They're both in pretty new condition and I don't believe they have name on them, but I know he would appreciate them back. Thanks for looking and for your honesty! Have a good one! - tom


Patrick Jouppi    September 22 at 9:12am

On 9/20 I lost my beloved yellow MVP Resistor in the pond on 14 about 15 feet off the bank by the short tees. Efforts to use a Golden Retriever failed. Name and number are on it. Strange and wondrous rewards (cash, a couple discs, and I'll have my daughter draw you a picture) are offered for it's safe return.

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Josh Ryder   October 13 at 11:03am

Lol nope sold it..... Yeah right I got it looking forward to ur daughters pic. I've called the # 3 times now and no answer I'll pm you

Josh Ryder   November 17 at 2:42pm

Still have it waiting on you

Josh Ryder   December 22 at 10:51am

So still have it get ahold of me or its going in to the sell box

Mike Gerry    September 20 at 7:45pm

Bret 62559 I hav your putter I'll be at vira around 4

Bret Ovens   September 20 at 10:44pm

Ill have someone pick it up for me tommorow

Mike Gerry    September 19 at 8:57am

Partee found 1 of you discs


Mike Gerry    September 19 at 4:54am

Lost a black kangertech vapor tank and battery at vira last night if found reward


Mike Gerry    September 13 at 2:51pm

I will be at vira Monday around 4

Larry LaBond   September 14 at 11:56am

Thanks for the warning!

Mike Gerry    September 12 at 7:51am

Found white putter on11 with a name Jesse Sayden

Jesse sugden   September 13 at 10:08am

Yeah buddy good find