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Curtis S    September 28 at 3:08pm

Lost a transparent maroon/red/pink (depending on your hue definition) Discraft Ace Race 2014 disc in the pond throwing on 14 - it landed maybe 10' from shore under the big white tree on the other side of the pond from the tee box.

Someone was at the pond and stated if I had my name/number on it he'd give me a call, but I did not. I believe it had my initials - CAS - but that would be it.

If it is found, it would be great to get it back!


Mike "playnaked" Boody    September 27 at 5:53pm

I lost a buzz with a captain America stamp in the pond at VIRA today. It has my name, number and three aces on it. If anyone finds it, please let me know.

Josh Ryder   September 27 at 7:50pm

What pond what side

Larry LaBond    September 24 at 9:06am

League shirts are in!!! Also this is the last week of the Summer Leagues! The party is Saturday at Coldbrook. It starts with the CB League double points round at 9:30! Non-CB league players don't have to play this round, but can if you want.

Potluck lunch (bring a dish to pass) and awards for all 3 leagues after that round (around 12:30-1pm). High/low doubles for any leftover ace pool money from all 3 leagues is after awards . Followed by $5/person glow doubles!


Michele Ramon    September 24 at 6:51am

Lost a white XL in the pond- if you are fishing


Josh Ryder    September 23 at 11:46pm

Sorry that y'all lost disc as of now I'm in Oregon but when I get back I'll get back to fishing out y'alls disc


Tom Bos    September 23 at 8:25pm

Had a friend - Josh Leyanna - lose 2 discs in the 14/17 pond area this evening. One maroon Vibram Lace on the left side of the pond throwing on 14 & a blue, blizzard Boss on the right side throwing from 17. They're both in pretty new condition and I don't believe they have name on them, but I know he would appreciate them back. Thanks for looking and for your honesty! Have a good one! - tom


Patrick Jouppi    September 22 at 9:12am

On 9/20 I lost my beloved yellow MVP Resistor in the pond on 14 about 15 feet off the bank by the short tees. Efforts to use a Golden Retriever failed. Name and number are on it. Strange and wondrous rewards (cash, a couple discs, and I'll have my daughter draw you a picture) are offered for it's safe return.

Josh Ryder   September 27 at 7:55pm

I'm going out to rake there tomorrow looking forward to that picture!!

Josh Ryder   September 28 at 1:38pm

Got it

Mike Gerry    September 20 at 7:45pm

Bret 62559 I hav your putter I'll be at vira around 4

Bret Ovens   September 20 at 10:44pm

Ill have someone pick it up for me tommorow

Mike Gerry    September 19 at 8:57am

Partee found 1 of you discs


Mike Gerry    September 19 at 4:54am

Lost a black kangertech vapor tank and battery at vira last night if found reward


Mike Gerry    September 13 at 2:51pm

I will be at vira Monday around 4

Larry LaBond   September 14 at 11:56am

Thanks for the warning!

Mike Gerry    September 12 at 7:51am

Found white putter on11 with a name Jesse Sayden

Jesse sugden   September 13 at 10:08am

Yeah buddy good find

Dustin Morton    September 9 at 12:56pm

FOUND: 9/8/15 Very nice, custom minimarker. Cell 517 414-2914 to id and arrange pickup, very close to ViRA.


Dustin Morton    September 9 at 12:54pm

FOUND: 9/8/15 Putter. Ink inside reads C. Davis no phone. Cell 517 414-2914 to id disc and arrange pickup, very close to ViRA

Larry LaBond   September 10 at 8:20am

Probably belongs to Chris Davis

Dustin Morton   September 10 at 11:50am

I figured but I don't know him. PDGA number inside is expired so I can't locate him.

Dustin Morton   September 10 at 12:08pm

Found him. Messaged.

Joe McKalips    September 3 at 10:01am

Lost orange star san marino aviar. The exact disc is my profile pic. It was lost before worlds on hole 17 short of basket in the water. Marked with a "J" on the back. I will give a cash reward if found. Someone on here mentioned kids dragging that pond. Can anyone get a hold of them?

Pat Holtz   September 3 at 10:44am

Yes, if someone drags that pond I've got a red MVP Relay in there that I'd gladly pay $10 to get back. I went in right after I lost it and felt it with my feet (water was already up to my neck), but man, that water is deep and murky and I never could locate it again. :(

Josh Ryder   September 16 at 1:50pm

Pat I've got ur disc finally

Pat Holtz   September 16 at 1:57pm

Thanks Josh! You are the man! I'll see you Friday! :)

Larry LaBond    September 3 at 9:58am

We want to let all the volunteers from Am Worlds know that we are having a party for you on September 19th at Spinski's. It will be an all day kinda thing starting at 10am and going all night with some glow golf. Camping will be possible. We will also be providing dinner and some beverage. Please pass the word and also let us know if you are coming, so we have some kind of idea how many there will be. Thanks again to all of you!!!


Josh Ryder    August 28 at 9:31pm

Hey y'all lost a Starfire on 1 no name faded yellow& orange tidie striped and one on 17 no name red yellow blue tidie striped there both pro plastic reward for both

Josh Ryder   September 15 at 1:08pm

Found the 1 on 17 just missing the 1 on one

Scott Wilson    August 27 at 11:02am

For all my disc golf friends. Please be on the lookout, for the basket from hole 13 from M. Broadway. Basket was stolen and we all know the only person that would do that is a disc golfer. Sadly it's people like this who give our sport a bad name. Since it is a disc golfer someone locally knows who did this.Please help catch this thief! The basket is an innova disc catcher, with added chains.

Fred Vocino   August 27 at 11:46am

There is always someone who knows about the theft. The dishonor of the theft spreads to them. Every day they remain silent adds to humiliation they must feel when they pretend to enjoy discgolf with those that have been insulted and harmed.

Curtis S   August 27 at 2:21pm

Disc Golf Karma will find them...I imagine the guilt will pile on as they trees bend in the way of their throws and baskets spit their birdie/par saves out...shameful.

Donnie Tarver    August 24 at 1:16pm

found a disc.....gazelle....Shelly Brown


Pat Holtz    August 15 at 3:09pm

I added a red MVP Relay to the water hazard on 14 today. I have my name and phone number on the back if anyone ever finds it after diving in or raking it out. I tried, but no luck. It hit the branches overhead on the trees on the east side and dropped in maybe 20 feet from shore. Many thanks in advance! (fingers crossed......) :)

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Pat Holtz   August 17 at 8:47am

Awesome. Thanks. If someone finds it I'd be willing to come pick it up.

Pat Holtz   August 17 at 8:50am

And give you $10 for your trouble. :)

Pat Holtz   August 19 at 8:38am

That's the first disc I've ever lost, by the way (been playing since 2008). Hence the emotional attachment and reward.

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