Vicksburg Recreation Area

Vicksburg, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Daniel Ledden    7 hours ago

Lost a glide on hole 16 right hand side near the pond


Josh Ryder    2 days ago

Back to normality but if I find any out of towners disc I'll try to get ahold of you /got it back to u thanks for a great week one and all

Bill Rook   2 days ago

Please keep your eye out for a white pre-Avery Star Destroyer. It has a purple stamp 170g. It has my name on the rim and the original owners name "Honkey" with number. I am greatly missing my go to driver!

Josh Ryder   20 hours ago

Will do

Oakie Kelley    2 days ago

Found a yellow pro katana with the name Peyton on it. Can't quite make out the phone number.


Daniel J Lee    2 days ago

Both discs returned today! Thanks again Josh & Jeff

Josh Ryder   2 days ago

Great!! Good to hear no problem bud let me know if you lose any more

Luke Shepich    6 days ago

I lost two discs here last weekend. Green/blue marble wizard in the water behind 10. Also lost a very flat orange epl spirit in the water on 17. Don't think there's ink on either. Can trade other discs as a reward. Contact me here or 269-598-7897 (text preferred)


Jeff Hollinger    July 20 at 3:35pm

Lost a dark blue ten year buzzz on hole 14 in the pond behind the basket. $40 reward if returned to me before Wednesday. It's got my buddy Benny G's ink on it. Contact me here on the scene.

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Jeff Hollinger   July 20 at 6:34pm

Hell yea dude let me know

Josh Ryder   6 days ago

Got your buzz

Josh Ryder   6 days ago

Call me 269-366-5227 got ur buzz.

Benjamin Overbeek    July 20 at 12:55pm

Lost an Olace on 2. it turned right and made it to the area where 10's long tee comes out of the woods. No name ) : but definite reward!

Josh Ryder   July 20 at 1:37pm

Not 10 you have to mean 9's long tee

Benjamin Overbeek   July 20 at 3:57pm

Yes sorry. 9's long tee lol

Josh Ryder   July 20 at 5:44pm

I looked and found nothing someone must have picked it up

Daniel J Lee    July 18 at 10:19pm

Also lost a blue G star Roadrunner on hole 11. Deep and left of the basket. Storm came through and made it hard to see.. Reward for return as well, this is an ace disc of mine.

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Daniel J Lee   July 20 at 8:50am

Never found it, big dark storm rolled through when I was searching and made it dark as night. Gave up after it started down pouring

Daniel J Lee   July 20 at 8:54am

I didnt know the hole was short, otherwise I would have threw putter or midrange, this thing never turned over all the way and missed every tree it seemed. It could possibly be 300-350 from the long tee, 100 ft left of the basket. I looked for a while.

Daniel J Lee   July 20 at 8:54am

It's a crucial disc in my bag

Daniel J Lee    July 18 at 10:17pm

Lost an old beat white 12x aviar on hole 3 behind the basket in the water. Would really like to get that back, has been in my bag for 6+ years. Has my pdga #46159 on it. My number is 248-225-6136 please call me if you find it, reward for return.

Josh Ryder   July 19 at 9:56am

I'll get out there a take a look today

Josh Ryder   July 19 at 1:58pm

Found it

Daniel J Lee   July 19 at 7:15pm

Yes! Thank you!!

David Loggins    July 18 at 9:30pm

Lost an orange star DD2 on 11 today, kicked right coming out of the tunnel and vanished

Josh Ryder   July 19 at 9:57pm

Did u find ur disc? If not I'll take a look for it tomorrow

Bill Rook    July 18 at 2:58am

Left two discs on the course tonight during doubles :( My primary driver, a white pre-Avery Star Destroyer on #18 and a white Star Valkrie on #2. I would really appreciate the return, someone had to pick them up last night, I am really bummed out... generous reward! The Destroyer has my name on it but a diff number. Thanks


Samantha Menzo    July 13 at 10:58pm

Forgot to pick up my lime green gstar Teebird 3 on hole 17 on the edge on the right side right before the basket. Should be easy to find I am from Detroit but will be back for worlds and would love to put it back in my bag.

Josh Ryder   July 14 at 9:13am

About what time did u leave it

Samantha Menzo   July 15 at 10:22am

probably around 1ish

David B    July 8 at 3:44pm

Lost White/Tie Dye Innova Katana on the left side of hole 8 somewhere in the thick of the woods. I'll be out there this weekend to play and hopefully find it.


Roger F. Brundage    July 1 at 8:00pm

Had a fun two rounds here today. This course lived up to its A- rating. Long for this old man...(even from the shorts) but fun. Well maintained...even with sooo much recent rain.

Larry LaBond   July 1 at 10:13pm

Glad you liked it!

Zack Burkeen    June 29 at 7:30pm

Lost white double stamped star valkyrie on hole 3 in the water behind the hole. Free case of craft beer if returned.

Josh Ryder   June 30 at 10:47pm

How far in the water, right or left of the basket??

Joe McKalips    June 29 at 10:04am

Lost Orange Aviar Hole 17. I heard it hit the brush 20 feet before the basket, just past the tree on the corner & heard a splash. The disc has 2 flies (bugs) on it & says "2006 The Big Chill", Marked with a "J" on the back. $25 paypal or 2 discs for its return.

Dave Davies   June 29 at 10:08am

that is a tough one to lose, I will post on Kalamazoo Lost and Found Disc Golf Facebook page for you also. I was in there for about 45 minutes last night getting my Wasp back, it wasn't fun.

Jared Dow    June 27 at 9:36pm

Lost an orange Destroyer past 10's basket. Not sure if it hit the trees and fell into the nastiness behind it or went way past the basket. Was a laser beam off the tee. I walked out but couldn't find it.

Josh Ryder   June 27 at 10:07pm

Next time I'm out there I'll take a look but there were a bit of ppl out there today

Jared Dow   June 28 at 11:16am

Thanks man. I went out until I sunk to my shorts and had to come back. I'm betting it hit on the left right by the muck and fell in. I think I would have found it past the basket.

Josh Ryder    June 27 at 1:57pm

OK so found a crush on right side of12 yet again a Jason N. Which turns out to be newton so I now have 3 disc for a Jason Newton any one know a Jason Newton send me a message plz

Tim Ferguson   June 27 at 4:58pm

A friend of mine found a First Run white Crush out there this week with no name on it as well. Thought I'd just throw that here

Josh Ryder    June 23 at 9:18am

Last effort to find owner any one know a Jason n. Or a Jacob France got 2 each for tho ppl # are disconnected

trevor perez   June 23 at 11:24am

hey im good friends with jacob france and he would like to set up a time to meet up

Josh Ryder   June 23 at 6:25pm

Messages sent thanks very much

travis horton    June 22 at 6:43pm

Ok so here's the list :( , lost orange EchoStar Destroyer on hole 1 somewhere behind basket area, Lost Goldline Flow double stamped yellow on hole 12, to the right entering the gap (puddles so deep couldnt find it) , also lost Pink Star Roadrunner hole 16 by water on the right don't know if it went in or not. All discs have name and number on them returns would be appreciated and rewarded.

Josh Ryder   June 23 at 9:14am

Raked the water just a hour ago only found 1 disc and he came and got it so its not in the water on 16 and sorry didn't see any dry

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