Taylor Park

Largo, Florida     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions

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-  +0 votes  + Ric Evans › April 14, 2016
-  +0 votes  + Paul DISC-OR-DIE Holstein › April 8, 2016
Incredible course. Best signage I have seen, even a clock tower at one pad. Bag posts, brooms, three different pin positions, long and short cement pads, custom score cards, can't beat it. Course was well laid out for what they had, would be an A+ with more room I'm sure. We saw snakes, birds, a giant turtle and even an alligator during play (out in the lake). Shot even from the longs during a vacation in Florida, on a beautiful mid-70's day in April.
-  +0 votes  + Jake Pardo › January 19, 2016
-  +0 votes  + Patrick Treude › December 25, 2015
- well manicured mature parkland course,
- beautifully illustrated tee signs with pin indicators,
- benches, and bag hangers on each hole,
- nice variety of challenges - technical, long par 3s, water.
- too many holes along path, so waiting is necessary,
- too many holes going the same direction,
- tee pads a bit too short.
-  +0 votes  + shaun chambers › December 24, 2015
-  +0 votes  + bob warfield › August 31, 2015
Signage is beyond anything you will find anywhere else in Florida. Holes are mostly wooded and the lake comes in to play on at least 4 holes, and as many as 6 depending on pin placement. Super clean course with a phenomenal Sunday Morning handicap round at 930-- check it out!
-  +0 votes  + Tony Rawley › June 19, 2015
-  +0 votes  + Lewis Wilson › May 1, 2015
-  +0 votes  + Nick Bosovich › February 22, 2015
This was a really fun and challenging course! Would have been an A rating if there wasn't so many other ppl walking the park
-  +0 votes  + DJ Robert Navarre › February 16, 2015
Great course, CR Willey showed me a few cool areas of the layout.
Water holes are very windy. A few nice elevated baskets.
I finished in 4th Place, might have been 3rd but in our top division a top pro stopped by to play.
-  +0 votes  + Mike Rossell › April 12, 2014
First time here. Holes are well marked. I was impressed with the details on each tee pad, including a broom on most holes.
-  +0 votes  + James Womble › January 11, 2016
-  +0 votes  + Sean Deeran › July 7, 2013
-  +0 votes  + John S › June 2, 2013
This course has a great layout. Wonderful signs and very helpful. Two practice baskets that have distance marked for putting. I would recommend this course to anyone. Two sets of tees. It is great for pro's and am's.
-  -1 votes  + Max Beyer › May 1, 2013
loved this course
-  +0 votes  + Kevin Reddy › April 6, 2013
Best course I've played in Florida so far. Excellent signs and markings. Friendly locals also let me join and play with them. Thanks Rob, John, and Carlos.
-  +0 votes  + Brad Brundage › February 17, 2013
Nice course with easy navigation; but not enough long holes and no par 4s.
-  +0 votes  + Glenda Vidal › October 3, 2012
Clean, well groomed and with trash cans and benches on almost every hole. It is a beautiful park and it is challenging in a good way as much as it is fun, with one or two "weird" baskets. We found a basket on top of a tree...that was fun! It is the best park I've seen so far.
-  +0 votes  + Rich Stine › September 9, 2012
Nice example of proper signage,upkeep of debris and trash.The updated/ new pin placements add more challenge.Great course,all around!
-  +0 votes  + Adin Nelson › May 22, 2012
i dont have a negative thing to say about this course.... best maintained course ive EVER played. course map and practice basket at the entrance, long and short tees both with 3-4 different pin loc's. excellent signs (on both pads) with accurate lengths for all pin loc's, even have markers on signs to inform which pin loc is in play! great long pads complete with brooms, bag holders, benches and shoe scrappers!! Has combo of tight technical and longer shots (250-400+) alot of low ceilings make ...
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-  +0 votes  + Mr Weed › May 13, 2012
-  +2 votes  + Michael Kochendorfer › April 29, 2012
Fist time in Florida playing. I enjoyed this a lot, great course, much different from what I'm used to. I will play it again.
-  +0 votes  + A Miller › March 27, 2012
Love this course, great layout and well groomed. Multiple tee locations and multiple basket locations add challenge and fun for frequenters.
-  +0 votes  + Jason Brand › January 10, 2012
Only get down to play this course once a year. Love the new signage, brooms for the pads on every hole, and bag holders. It's a classy 18. Only wish I'd gotten a call for the disc I left.
-  +0 votes  + ken hoyt › July 18, 2011
-  +0 votes  + Van Stewart › May 12, 2011
Love this course! You got to hit your take off mark with the right disc or your in trouble and need a beautiful up shot! Well maintain the guys do a wonderful job! And I like the new signs
-  +0 votes  + Ryan W › May 6, 2011
They keep making this course better and better! It's got some challanging holes and is busy at times. But, thats because it's one of the best courses! They have added benches, bag hangers, new signs, and even shoe cleaners by the pads! And, if you lose a disc in the water ask Bill in the boat and he can help you with that.
-  +0 votes  + Giovanni van Greco › April 25, 2011
They keep this course looking damn good. best signs I have ever seen, above and beyond. bit of an easy course though, lots of short straight shots
-  +0 votes  + jeffrey r › April 9, 2011
cleanest course i never ever see good detailed signs and pin markers and groomed fairways all around perfect course
-  +0 votes  + Jason Sutter › March 14, 2011
-  +1 votes  + dan carrigan › February 6, 2011
good course. lots of water, and a little hard to navigate, but good signage and bag posts
-  +0 votes  + Steve Wallace › January 7, 2011
Good mix of challenges. Water, trees, length, etc. Appears to be designed by a lefty or a flick thrower, favors left to right flight.
-  +0 votes  + Matt The Hyzer Soze Costarell › November 28, 2010
great fun couse loved it,
-  +0 votes  + Robbie Earle › October 5, 2010