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-  +0 votes  + Chris Lozen › November 2, 2016
-  +0 votes  + Jeff Hulet › October 7, 2015
I love this course as it is the first I have played that is laid out on a actual Golf Course! I liked the fact it is open and I can see what my discs do and work on my form because of this fact. I also found that some of the ponds have carp in them. I was not aware of that on the last 2 times I played there.
-  +0 votes  + Benny G. › April 24, 2015
-  -3 votes  + Ryan Martin › May 21, 2014
Extremely long course, which I like. However, a long course that is wide open shot after wide open shot is a snoozefest in my book. Yes having carts are nice, just expect to pay out the ass them. I liked the water hazards but other than that mediocre at best in my opinion.
-  +2 votes  + Paul DISC-OR-DIE Holstein › April 24, 2014
I'm sure a lot of people will rate this course higher than I am for plenty of reasons. This is a ball golf course with a disc golf course added, so benefits include CARTS, a restaurant/pro-shop on site, and a well maintained course. It's also HUGE so unless you can throw 400-500 foot bombs you are going to be playing catch up just to get near the baskets. That being said there is a basket mounted in a tree, baskets nestled into areas carved out into the woods, and a throw over a river that a ...
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-  -7 votes  + Michael McGinnis › September 11, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Ben Stephens › August 14, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Taylor Goik -Dirty Mitten Disc Golf- › June 4, 2013
-  +0 votes  + Joe casiglia › April 28, 2013
-  +1 votes  + steve nolff › April 1, 2013
My DGCR review. Pros: Big long course. Nice to get a cart, fashion your bag to the back, grip it and rip it. A few rubber tee pads set to the side and front of the ball pads. Brand new baskets, many hanging in trees, tucked into woods, elevated. Very unique and challenging. Water in play on about five holes, and a 300' drive gets you over all the driving water, a couple in play on approach and behind baskets as well. Could easily play in a pair of golf shoes of tennis shoes, it was nice to be o ...
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-  +3 votes  + doug granby › December 28, 2012
very nice ball golf course set up for disc golfers. but ball golfer still play there. in my opinion it breaks down like this open greens, golf cart, and super sick 1000 ft holes make for an amazing day. only negative the tee pads are not concrete. yet.
-  +1 votes  + Zak Fortuna › December 6, 2012
-  +2 votes  + Nicholas Cooke › December 4, 2012
Great Job Guys!
-  -5 votes  + jonas card › November 23, 2012
I love the idea of DG on a ball golf course. Great scorecards but the maps are not adequate and are poorly copied. I really loved holes 7, 12 and 17 as they were great use of elevation and water. It seemed like there were at least 5 baskets up in trees. 1 or 2 would be interesting but this was weird. It also seemed strange to play a 700-800 plus foot hole and then hide the basket in between a couple trees or hide it in the woods with a 10 foot wide gap (#8). The flags seem cheap and I hope t ...
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-  +3 votes  + steve sevonty › November 22, 2012
Clean open course. Open bombs often require a second and some times even a third and even fourth to get to the circle. The use of a true golf strategy setting up the next shot is key in scoreing well here. So use your head and best stable driver because wind is always blowing twice as hard on the course as inparking lot. Some baskets are in bad spots due to course also being active ball golf course. Other then those two spectacular use and layout of avaible land
-  +6 votes  + Jamie The Sauce Mosier › November 22, 2012
Carts nuff said
-  +0 votes  + Joe Benno › November 22, 2012
Sweet ass course and should I say like 3 miles from my house!
-  +2 votes  + My back is killing me › November 21, 2012
-  +3 votes  + Jeff Bauman › October 5, 2013
Needs more trees and more obstacles and or OB ropes. We get golf carts tho!!