Seymour Lake Park

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Russell Wixom    July 15 at 2:43am

lost orange champ side winder on 5, took the aney route and sun was in my eyes so couldn't see then could b any where mabety even on 6. was an ugly disc but would like to see it back


Tanktops N Bandanas    July 14 at 12:08pm

Lost an orange star mamba on hole 2 last night. Then got rained on. Phone number is on the disc if anybody retrieves it.


Jeff Hulet    July 13 at 4:36pm

I found 4 more discs on hole 2, tell me what and I will get them back to you.

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Brandon Neal   July 13 at 2:16pm

Opto air halo?

Ryan P   July 13 at 2:32pm

Flag dye riot w green stamp?

Tanktops N Bandanas   July 14 at 7:55am

Star mamba? Orange?

Russell Wixom    July 12 at 12:01am

i lost a yellow / green champ road runner on 9 today I took the huge anhey rout and I hit the gap just a bit low, it skimmed the tops of the trees and I didn't hear it hit anything big and it disapeard fr there. no stamp on it but had a home made innova sharpie kinda dye on it in the middle. plastic reward!!!


Just The Tim    July 10 at 9:57pm

My fiancé threw her white DD escape into the pond on hole 2. Her name and number are on it. Reward for its return.


Zac Brigham    July 10 at 11:22am

Lost a glow havoc off to the right of hole 7. Flipped it over and lost sight. No name or number, would love to see it back in the bag


Jeff Hulet    July 9 at 4:51am

Found 4 discs in pond on Thursday morning. Tell me what you lost and I will meet you.

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Ben Jackson   July 9 at 2:22am

I had a yellow wraith and blue mini buzzz in there recently.

Mychal Urssing   July 9 at 7:46am

Red crystal z avenger SS??

Russell Wixom   July 11 at 7:17pm

i lost a green echo star destoyer in the pond

Russell Wixom    July 6 at 1:38pm

lost a tye die champ destroyer 175g on 12. it came out a bit early down the left side of the fair way. if the shot was like 80 feet farther I think it would be parked. so short left side of fair way in thick brush. $$$$$ or plastic reward!!:}

Russell Wixom   July 6 at 9:41am

also no ink and tye die was just 4 or 5 thick stripes going down, bright colors like red blue green yellow i think

Skyler Stoker    July 5 at 10:49pm

Lost a day glo yellow bottom stamp destroyer in the pond by hole two. Threw from hole 18 and turned too much looked like it ended up about dead middle of the pond. Has my signature and pdga on the front in red sharpie. If anyone knows how to contact the guy that dives there I would gladly pay to get it back from him or whoever else gets it out or if you happen to see it in his stash if you buy it from him I will pay you back and add some on top. Would really love to get it back!

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Ben Jackson   July 6 at 11:05am

Jeff if you find a yellow star wraith(inked with my info) or blue mini(says first run buzzz on it no ink) I've got reward $$ for them

Jeff Hulet   July 6 at 2:11pm

It is supposed to be 80% chance or rain, but I will do my best...with no sun to illuminate things.

Jeff Hulet   July 9 at 12:50am

Success...! I found Skylar's Destroyer on Thursday morning!!

Randall Kaszynski    June 30 at 10:46am

LOST Westside driver disc steel/blue/gray "King" with chrome purple print. Lost on Saturday 6.25.16 on Hole 9 - likely in the second conglomerate of trees and bushes in the fairway- please return- $$$ reward if you do the respectful thing and call the number on the disc- blessings.


Ben Jackson    June 28 at 4:07pm

I have a yellow wraith with ink in the big pond hole 2 and a blue mini buzzz in there (no ink). $$ Rewards for returns


Will Goeringer    June 25 at 10:16pm

Found a disc to the left of 16's fairway. No ink. Tell me plastic and mold and it's yours!

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Will Goeringer   June 28 at 5:46pm


Randall Kaszynski   June 28 at 11:28pm

West side King - Steel gray with purple stamp!

Will Goeringer   June 29 at 11:12pm


Ben Jackson    June 24 at 2:19am

Lost champion flag stamp Firebird on 13. Reward for return.
Found brand new (price tag on it) disc on 9 (brush straight from teepad just shy of road). No ink. Name the disc and color and I'll make sure to get it to you

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Ben Jackson   June 24 at 12:03am

I left it to go putt and forgot to grab it. Realized it was missing on 17 and after 18 i ran back for it believing it would be easy to find. Looked there twice and asked the 2 groups i passed on the way back if they found it.

Ben Jackson   June 24 at 12:06am

I threw Right hand forehand into the left low branches of pinetree middle of fairway (left in pic above) it spit out slow and forward trajectory from the teepad. I doubt it's anywhere near there now, bet someone nabbed it and walked off the course.

Brain Evans    June 23 at 4:51pm

I found a disc in the basket of hole 3, Mason is the name on the back


Russell Wixom    June 15 at 2:22am

found a disc by the bush by the basket of hole two name it and it will b returned

Mychal Urssing   June 15 at 6:59am

Red Crystal Avenger SS, by chance?

Russell Wixom   June 15 at 2:42pm

nope srry

Mychal Urssing   June 15 at 3:12pm

Boo, thanks anyways.

Mychal Urssing    June 13 at 4:44pm

Lost my red crystal avenger ss to the wind on 1 yesterday. Could be anywhere from the pond to the pavilion. (Damn wind) I would really appreciate its return if someone finds it. Plastic or cash for its return. No name or number unfortunately.


Zach D    June 8 at 11:59pm

Lost Big Face Crank in the pond not long back. It's yellow with big black Crank logo.
Also Champion Destroyer yellow.
Hole 7: left side a yogurt (pink/yellow) disc with WG and pro number.
Another left side orange/yellow Buzz from event.

Call me 248-904-5196


Russell Wixom    June 8 at 3:41pm

found a disc on the right of hole 7, tell me what it is and il return it

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Derrick Wheeler   June 11 at 12:42pm

tye dye blizzard wraith??!

Zach D   June 13 at 10:07pm

tye dye pink/yellow destroyer with pro # and WG?

Russell Wixom   June 14 at 3:16pm

no and no srry

Miles Lawrence    June 7 at 3:26pm

For all the people that have lost discs in the pond. The maintenance guys in the morning cruise around the pond from time to time and find a fair amount of discs. They also find some while working on the pump house and pump line. Check with them to see if they have found yours. You can find the guys in the maintenance building in the front of the park. Please dont go snooping through the building to find your stuff. If no one is there try another time. Granted this may be a long shot to get your disc back its at least a chance.


Miles Lawrence    June 6 at 1:09pm

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