Seymour Lake Park

Oxford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Kyle Greenhalgh    December 28 at 11:31pm

Theres a color glow destroyer in the top of the pine tree on 6. Reward for return. Didnt wanna climb the tree thanks.

Jake Steinbrecher   December 29 at 1:56pm

I got it!

Tommy Mullin    November 22 at 7:22am

lost a blue blizzard katana with name and pdga# reward if returned


Skyler Stoker    November 1 at 6:17pm

Believe I left a green Wiggins destroyer on hole 3 Sunday would really love to get it back. Reward for return


Sparrow Vandekerckhove    October 23 at 8:07pm

Forgot to pick up my orange EchoStar TeeBird on hole 10 in doubles league today.
So sad, reward, please return.


Tommy Mullin    October 18 at 4:45pm

Lost a ying yang pro destroyer in the big pond on 2 near the edge just to muddy to see it sunday.


Jay B    October 3 at 5:21pm

Left behind a pink blizzard destroyer probably on the bench after the throwoff for sunday league

Jay B   October 3 at 6:11pm

Possibly hole 7 on the right side of the fairway

Kenneth Rumble    October 2 at 2:45pm

lost blue gstar deadalus hole 10 abot 3/4 the way down on right side has info on it be nice to get it back if found..


Miles Lawrence    September 29 at 7:21pm

After this Sunday's league we will be moving hole 13s basket to an alternate location. This alternate basket location will be the same distance as the current hole, 210 ft. The basket will be moved every couple months and for special occasions. To signify the location of the basket a yellow sign will be mounted on the pine tree in the fairway to point towards the basket.

Darren Harper   October 3 at 4:39pm

There are already a 1,000 too many 200 ft holes in mich disc golf,if your gonna have a 200 footer it better be up on a mountain side with a waterfall of lava you have to avoid to spark any interest of a real golfer nowadays.

Jeff Hulet    September 26 at 2:34pm

I found a mid range in the hole #2 pond yesterday. Tell what it is and I will meet you.

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Tom Wagner   September 30 at 7:27pm


Jeff Hulet   October 1 at 2:13pm

Sorry, no.

Ryan Kelly   October 17 at 2:37am

Crystal zone yellow

Jeff Hollinger WPD    September 26 at 10:12am

Lost a blue PFN champ wraith on hold 14 I think? The long 460ft straight bomber. I shanked my drive all the way into the rough on the right side which overlaps another hole. It's probly gone but big reward if returned.

Ben Jackson   September 27 at 12:00pm

14 is the hole right after the turnaround (13 200ft tunnel) and right before the woodchip bridge through the swamp. You're probably correct. I'd bet are lost there. I had a white wraith go in last year or 2014.

Jeff Hulet    September 22 at 1:47pm

Found 2 disc in hole 2 pond yesterday. Tell me what you lost, it was not a Zone or Outlaw...Sorry Tyler and Mike. I will try again if the weather stays nice and the water clears up some.

Tyler alfano   September 22 at 2:46pm

Appreciate the effort

Tyler alfano    September 18 at 2:58pm

Lost purple outlaw on 2 in the water. Reward for return.


Mike B    September 16 at 9:08pm

Found a yellow *fill in the blank*, don't remember which hole. No ink.

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Jessica J   September 19 at 12:32pm

Hunt is back out. Not my baby so if it is someone else's please let him know. It is dx plastic

Ryan Kelly   September 19 at 4:05pm

Yellow zone

Mike B   September 19 at 7:46pm

Negative. Yellow, flat Valkyrie. No ink.

Ryan Kelly    September 8 at 3:11pm

Lost yellow zone in the pond
Would really like this back, cash or discs for return


Skyler Stoker    September 7 at 9:14pm

Another day glo destroyer in the pond from hole 18s pad =[ gone discin stamp no ink

Henry Theodoroff   September 7 at 9:15pm

stop throwing so far then it won't be a problem

Jeff Hulet    August 21 at 3:25pm

If anyone has Lost a disc lately Swamp Man is selling discs on the edge of hole #1. Maybe you can get them back from him!

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Jessica J   August 22 at 6:53pm

I appreciate it. It can be from any Park. Of him fishing for them or selling. I have one from John that is amazing. I appreciate the help, I don't believe what he is doing is right and will do what I can to stop it. Thanks and nice name BTW lol

Just The Tim   August 23 at 1:12pm

We'll get him!

Ryan Kelly   August 25 at 6:52pm

I just lost a yellow crystal zone in the pond on 2. Cash or discs for reward. Info faded on rim

Neal Bachert    August 10 at 9:01pm

Oh also found a red innova driver in a tree in one of the trees on one of the early holes. Just tell me the name of the disc and I can get it back to you.

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Russell Wixom   August 12 at 10:32am

dang it

Dave Rojas iii   October 8 at 10:14pm

Sidewinder by chance factory second

Neal Bachert   October 11 at 10:58pm

Not a sidewinder

Neal Bachert    August 10 at 8:58pm

Lost a swirly S-Line DDx on hole 14. She turned over really far to the right and she came back but deep into the woods. Probably somewhere north of 12s basket. I'll throw up a nice reward for its return. Pm me on here as the disc doesn't have my info.


Jeff Hulet    August 6 at 6:23pm

I regret to inform those that lost discs on hole #2, in the pond they are probably gone. I was there around 3:00 and was told that the Swamp Man found around 20 discs! But, I did manage to find one in the mess he left, a Limited Edition Custom disc. Tell me what it is and color and I will meet the owner.


Josh Marshall    August 5 at 9:02pm

Lost a purple beast in the thick on the right side of hole 6. Would love to get it back if it's been found. Thanks!

Ron Jacobs   August 6 at 11:36am

I'm omw there now I'll keep my eyes open for ya

Josh Marshall   August 6 at 3:19pm

Thanks man!