Seymour Lake Park

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Miles Lawrence    3 days ago

Seymour Lake now has mandos on hole 1. Right of the pine tree and left of the light pole. Drop zone just left of the light pole.

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Jeff Hulet   1 day ago

I wondered what a "Mondo" was when I played there yesterday. And I saw the new "yellow" blocks. I just did not know what to make of them and no one there knew either. :)

Miles Lawrence   1 day ago

Yea the drop zone was put in a day or two before the signs.

Russell Wixom   9 hours ago

not a problem for me, been throwing the mando since day 1 #teebird

Jeff Hulet    April 19 at 1:25am

Found a mid range near the basket of #16 on Saturday, no ink. Tell me what it is and I will meet you to give back.


Russell Wixom    April 18 at 7:03pm

left an orange thunder bird on hole 13 at Seymour 168g would like it back if seen >;


Sparrow Vandekerckhove    April 17 at 4:43pm

Left a orange/copper with a yellow circle in the middle teebird3 on the course, forgot to pick it up. Reward if given back. c:

Sparrow Vandekerckhove   April 17 at 4:45pm

Was playing bag tag, & rushed myself.

Will Goeringer    March 15 at 6:21pm

Threw a red Cryztal Buzzz into the pond on holes 2 / 18. Has a Motor City Open stamp and "WG 72131" in sharpie on the flight plate. Reward if returned.

Jeff Hulet   March 16 at 9:35am

When the water gets warmer, I will see if I can find it. :)

Will Goeringer   March 16 at 9:48am

That would be the best! Thanks, Jeff. It's about 10-15' into the pond on the side facing Hole 1's basket. Thank you!

Michael OConnell    March 12 at 10:15am

How are current course conditions?

Vince Herr   March 12 at 12:27pm

Very good, just a little soggy by hole 2 pin

Miles Lawrence   March 12 at 12:27pm

Out here right now and it's good. Some mud but not bad at all.

Brain Evans    March 5 at 7:16pm

To all my fellow disc golfers! Come out to Stony Creek tomorrow tomorrow for the Gone Discin League Fundraiser. No need to pre- reg show up at 9 o'clock 10 am tee off. Two rounds both courses multiple divisions. Lots of CTPs for both courses. Stony tee pads are cleared and course is good shape. Check out the scene for more details. See you all out there!


Matt London    February 20 at 8:51pm

I'd just like to say thanks a lot to the ass hat that took my OS off the ice with my name and number on it. We were going to try to find a limb to get it when we got back around. This is my home course. Pisses me off how little respect there is on this course. I have literally taken one of my disc back out of a guys hand here. My number and names on it dick bag. There's a guy that sells people's disc he digs out of the pond with there info on them still! Hey did you call these peo ... more

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Jeff Hulet   February 21 at 2:55pm

I had the same conversation with Swamp Man last years as, David and Miles and I had to walk away before I punched him!! I dig disc out of the pond too. But, I post them on this site, Motor City Chain Gang, Michigan Disc Golf and South-East Michigan Disc golf Facebook pages. If the number is ledgable ... more

Matt London   February 21 at 3:52pm

I know you're a good one! I was sad you never found my flash. I'm sure he did.

Jeff Hulet   February 22 at 5:37pm

Update....I did find a disc on the Ice today! If it is anyone here, tell me what it is. I may find more when it gets warmer...and I can get ahead of Swamp Man! :)

Jeff Bauman    January 31 at 1:44am

Meeting inside the pavilion near hole 4's tee box tomorrow.

Shaun Adkins   January 31 at 8:45am


mike walker   January 31 at 9:17am

Guessin dry place to do signups

Shaun Adkins   January 31 at 3:52pm

it is all boarded up in the winter.

Jeff Bauman    January 30 at 5:16pm

Dies anyone know the conditions of the tees up here? I need to know if I need to send Hamel up there early to clear them off for our round up here tomorrow. Thanks.

Just The Tim   January 30 at 5:21pm

Tee pads are perfectly clear. Some mud in spots along the course but not bad overall. Still a little snow in the wooded portion of the course.

Tommy Mullin   January 30 at 8:03pm

What round up there tomorrow?

Miles Lawrence    January 8 at 4:36pm

Some big changes just happened today on the course. The park was donated some pine trees and the course got 5 of them. We also added in a few more trees that were relocated from within the park. These new obstacles were added to create better rewards for better lines. A poor shot will still be able to recover but it won't be so easy now. Players will be required to play better lines. I can't wait for everyone to see all our hard work. A special thanks to Jeff Kinasz and his crew at Oxford Township Parks and Recs for the help in this project.

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Ben Jackson   January 12 at 8:45pm

Which holes were affected?

Miles Lawrence   January 13 at 10:36am

Holes 2, 3, 4, 5, 12, &14. More changes will be made to 1&3.

Justin Hall   January 13 at 6:10pm

Looks awesome! Plays great! Love love love the placements! Kudos gentleman. Thanks for all of the hard work that you've put in and continue to put into the course.

Ryan P    November 17 at 2:39pm

Well I'm guessing whoever hacked my flag dye riot never saw these posts up here. Karmas gonna get ya


Tommy Mullin    November 12 at 9:40am

I left a tie dye blizzard destroyer somewhere out there that I would love to get back


Ryan P    November 12 at 9:15am

If anybody sees someone throwing a red white and blue gold line riot with a green stamp it is mine


Ryan P    November 10 at 2:56am

Yesterday I left my flag dye riot that I've had for 3 years under the pine trees on hole 1, I think two kids swooped it up because by the time I finished #5 it was gone. Super frustrated. That was my favorite disc. My name and number are on it so if you see anybody with a flag dye riot it is most likely mine.


Jeff Hulet    October 26 at 12:58pm

I lost a very, faded yellow Dragon in the pond on hole #2. Yes, they are supposed to float; but this one did NOT! Would like to get it back.


Vince Herr    September 29 at 8:40pm

Flipped over a green D3 on hole 18, hugged around the tree off to the right and it got pitch black out while looking for it. Could be on #5, #6 #2 or in the tall grass on 18 past the tree. Have lots of plastic to give for its return, will give 2 for it of your choice.


Miles smilez Campbell    September 29 at 12:34pm

Who is "swamp man"? I've found out recently he has multiple discs of mine marked smilez.

Vince Applegate   September 30 at 5:56am

You are not the only one sadly by the time I got to him he claimed to have no knowledge

Kenneth Rumble    September 28 at 7:13pm

Lost purple blizzard dominator right side hole 6 and also a blizzard day glow dominator in pond hole 2 couple mo. Back.. Thought i put my info. On them like the rest of my discs But idk

Jeff Hulet   September 29 at 1:38pm

If it warms I will look again. I did not find a any Dominators this year. :(

Kenneth Rumble   September 29 at 5:58pm

Ya landed in middle so its 're ally a destroyer with a dominator stamp has ds on back wanna say was 158 in ink neon day glow yellow blue stamp. w/silver f2 factory second bar

Jeff Hulet    September 28 at 11:05am

I took a "Cold" dip in the big pond and found 2 discs. One has been claimed, but the other has Not. It has a "weight" sticker on it like a Disc Craft, but it is Not Disc Craft. ID it and I will return it to you. :)

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Miles smilez Campbell   September 29 at 2:36pm

could give me a description of him?

Jeff Hulet   September 29 at 2:38pm

About 5'11 has brown hair and may have a "Shaggy" short beard. He drives a small car...don't remember model. It was about a month ago. :(

Miles smilez Campbell   September 29 at 2:58pm

ok thank you Jeff