Seymour Lake Park

Oxford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Eric Groat    February 27 at 6:28pm

I just lost a red limited edition MVP teleport on Hole 2 in the pond about 20 feet from the left side of it while facing the basket if anyone finds it please get ahold of me my phone number is 810-834-5621 thank you

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Miles McLaughlin   February 28 at 2:41am

Yes that is what im asking. I lost mine at bends right before we got all the snow. Sorry if i rubbed off a little harsh. Just feel a little sour about it is all. Great disc that unlocked an additional 40-50 feet for me.

Miles McLaughlin   February 28 at 2:42am

I got mine at the same place actually lol

Eric Groat   February 28 at 4:05pm

I understand I had to order a regular one to replace it. going to miss that stamp. now time to start switching out all my special stamped discs for regular ones

Ron Jacobs    February 19 at 2:07pm

Left behind a blurple plasma wave yesterday on 7. Checked on the way out and someone behind us picked it up, would like to have it back. Should have my ink on it.


Bobby Oakes    October 26 at 11:43pm

Planning to make my first trip here Saturday, is there a fee for this course?

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Mike Daly   October 28 at 9:41pm

No promblem

Bobby Oakes   October 29 at 12:42am

Sorry Mike, didnt know your full name! once again thanks for the retireval and return of my disc!

Miles Lawrence   October 29 at 1:29am

Hope you enjoyed the course.

Mike Thompson    October 26 at 4:13pm

Lost greenish yellow Champion Turn on hole 7 on Oct 20th. Stamped " The Head Shed"


Miles Lawrence    October 24 at 11:51pm

The last week of Seymour Sunday Doubles is coming up on 10/29. Come on out for a great time with lots of extra CTP prizes. CTP buy in for the final week will be $5 for 9 CTP holes, 7 of which will be different beer prizes. Come dressed up in a Halloween costume and get $1 off your entry.


Russell Wixom    October 22 at 5:59pm

mike aka swamp man is returning discs he pulls out with numbers on em for all who might have lost any on 2. also found a disc on hole 6,,, hmu with what it is and ill return.

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Jeff Hulet   October 28 at 3:54am

Why doesn't he do the RIGHT thing and just call People??

Russell Wixom   October 30 at 2:15am

... he is

Tony Maccarino   October 30 at 5:05pm

Maybe they don't have a phone number jeff. Pdga numbers are the standard not phone.......

Ryan Paduch    October 19 at 3:20pm

Lost a pink champ firebird somewhere this past Sunday. Stamp says south side disc golf club. No ink on it reward for return


Ryan Paduch    October 16 at 5:35pm

Lost orange seat destroyer on hole 17 In the dark. Reward for return I think it got stuck up high. Also lost a red g star destroyer on hole 2

Ryan Paduch   October 17 at 7:52pm


Ryan Paduch    October 10 at 4:48pm

Lost a green riot deep in hole 10 Sunday. Reward for return


Mike B    September 3 at 1:46am

Come on out to the Discraft Ace Race at East China Township Park in Marine City on 9/23! All proceeds to benefit improvements to the Ira Township and East China courses. Proudly sponsored with prizes and donations by Sherwood Brewing, Disc2Basket in Marlette, and hopefully more! $30 fee gets you $70 worth of swag plus prizes; Registration ends on 9/9, so sign up soon!


Russell Wixom    August 25 at 4:04pm

lost a light pink/orange/red champ destroyer with dx factory store stamp on right side of hole7. I'm pretty sure it cleared all the tall brush,, I think its in the grass where their pumpin the water...$$$reward$$$...also lost a black ink discs swirly s cd2 with lion stamp on 10 right side :($$$reward$$$

Chad Dolland   August 25 at 9:03pm

Where on 10 do you think?

Russell Wixom   August 26 at 6:18pm

right side. it looked like it was tracking towards the path inbetween the 2 large bushes

Mike Mcelhoes    August 22 at 10:22pm

Lost a dyed Ahti in the pond, hole 2 of course, reward if found

Ron Jacobs   August 23 at 2:54pm

You're a beast for throwing an Ahti on that hole lol

Jeff Hulet   August 26 at 11:23pm

Be careful there are Snapping Turtles and Piranhas in there! I wear a large knife when I go in there!

David Tomlinson    August 15 at 5:00pm

Friday, August 18 @ 10:00am
Seymour Lake Park
About this League
Singles league - 11 all-time players - 11 active players
$1.00 player fee each session
$2.00 ace pool
10:00 am tee off last card at 3:30, three people per card.
$1 to get your round sanctioned. $2 ace pool, $2 50/50. If you want to play for cash it's $5 extra


Tim Misiak    August 13 at 5:40pm

Lost a DD prime trespass on hole 12. Kinda off to the right of the nook where the basket is. Reward if found.


Matt London    August 9 at 6:57pm

Also, bag in bag out guys. Trash everywhere. Took my oldest son out. Picked up as much as we could but beer cans and water bottles everywhere. We're better than that guys.


Matt London    August 9 at 6:56pm

Found a disc in the trees on 11. Just happened to look up and the sun caught it. No info on it.

Russell Ferguson   August 9 at 11:11pm


Chris Fabian   August 10 at 3:16am

Is it a yellow pro boss? Lost one there recently.

Matt London   August 11 at 12:38am

Sorry guys. Neither of those.

Miles Lawrence    August 1 at 1:58pm

We will be doing a volunteer work day out at Dogmans Den at Oakwood park on August 26th. We will be starting at 10am and i will have coffee and doughnuts for those that show up. The only thing you will need to bring is a good pair of shoes and gloves.

This work day will be address issues with the walking paths between some of the holes where it gets muddy. We will also be doing work on remodeling hole 5&10 as well as adding the new hole between hole 16&17. If enough people show up we can get even more work done.

I hope to see you all there.

Russell Wixom   August 25 at 3:53pm

community service?

Miles Lawrence   August 27 at 3:18pm

Yea I could have signed off on it. I've made mention of it in the past that I will sign off on community service hours

Russell Wixom   August 28 at 2:20am

ok,,obviously i didnt make it out for this but eventually i might need you to sign off on the vol. days i did before for school

Tye Krukowski    July 23 at 9:58pm

Lost a zone on 8 right side during leauges


Dave Rojas iii    July 21 at 11:52pm

Lost axiom disc today hole 6 right side would like it back if found thank u


Miles Lawrence    July 11 at 5:56pm

This Saturday is the 5th Annual Hands to the Sun. 2 rounds of 24 holes at Seymour. Optional player packs for even bigger payouts per division.