Riverside Park

Grand Rapids, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Niel Stoppa II    January 9 at 4:58pm

Just want to let my fellow disc chuckers know that this coming saturday, Jan.13th is the GRDOD lce Bowl Tournament. This means Jaycee Park will be closed for casual play from daylight till at least 4 pm. Please share this information and tell everyone you talk to that might be planning on going there about the tournament.


Nate Krumm    January 1 at 12:24am

GR discers, where’s the best place to buy discs around town?

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Nate Krumm   January 1 at 3:15am

Thank you!

Tom Bos   January 2 at 2:05pm

GR Hobby & Disc Golf on the SE side is also great.

Rick "Rightfield" Mol   January 2 at 4:18pm

As if it needed to be stated again I would recommend Disc Baron.

Aaron McVay    November 30 at 8:25pm

Just stopped here to play a round... completely torn apart. Impossible to navigate. Is this course under construction?

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Marc LaFleur   November 30 at 10:50pm

Completely torn apart ???? Are they doing major construction on the park ???

Jacob Spencer   December 2 at 12:49am

that was my exact reaction^^

Jacob Spencer   December 16 at 12:31pm

I went and played it this week and nothing was wrong, maybe it was confusing since the new layout is different/longer?

Ryan Koster    October 21 at 4:05pm

Lost my pfn highlighter yellow 12 time Valkyrie just off the shore of hole 11....Also a tye dye Pro Beast on the tail end of the course.


Niel Stoppa II    September 22 at 4:53pm

Just want to let my fellow disc chuckers know that tomorrow is the GRDOD league party. This means Brewer Park has been reserved by the club and will be closed for casual play from daylight till at least 3pm. Please share this information and tell everyone you talk to that might be planning on going out there about the party. Signs will be posted in the entrance road and such but this really helps a lot too.


Jacob Spencer    September 11 at 5:41pm

What's the word on the pads? I have heard a couple reasons why they were removed but would like to know really why? I thought the layout was for sure staying the same?

Nick Bosovich   September 11 at 7:12pm

So did they remove the pads then? Are the baskets still in the new positions?

Jacob Spencer   September 11 at 10:41pm

baskets are all in the championship worlds layout still but the rubber temp pads are all removed now.

Niel Stoppa II   September 12 at 3:04pm

The pads were on loan to us for the tournament, they have been returned and as of right now the current layout will stay the same.

Jacob Spencer    September 3 at 2:44pm

Put one in the water on hole 11. One of my favorite ballistas. Really want it back, I walked around two separate days for a couple hours in the water and couldn't find it. Trades of found


Brad Mol    September 1 at 1:23pm

BEES ON HOLE 8!! I threw a disc too far on hole 8 into the woods, and was stung by a bunch of bees. A kind fellow disc golfer retrieved by bag, but I had to forfeit a yellow lucid felon since it was right next to a nest apparently. Has a custom "crowning the king" stamp on it as well as my name and number. Would love to have it back


Brad Mol    August 18 at 8:38pm

I heard this course will be reverted back to the old layout following the tournament. Can anyone verify this?

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Jacob Spencer   August 19 at 9:00pm

It's staying in I'm pretty sure

Mike Durco   August 30 at 9:41pm

It's not going back to the old layout. Idk where that rumor started but it's 100% false. There are a few homeowners south of Guild that aren't happy about the holes south of Guild. But, the course isn't going back to the old layout.

Brad Mol   August 31 at 2:04pm

Thanks MIke! That is fantastic news.

Niel Stoppa II    August 11 at 3:47am

The tournament committee would like to ask all players planning on practicing at BlueGill DGC to bring only one other person with them when going to the course. Only registered Masters Worlds tournament players are allowed to practice. Please respect the rules at our private courses. All persons entering will be checked in and verified.


Nick Simon    August 10 at 6:56pm

XC-tier flex start event at Riverside Park. Play on the same course that Dave Feldberg, Barry Schultz and Johne McCray will play on for the Pro Masters Worlds! Come on out between 8am and 5pm and get a sanctioned round in!
It's only $20!! Get a limited custom Grand Rapids Disc Golf Tour bottle opener keychain with your entry fee!
All PDGA event rules apply.
Your not gonna want to miss this!


Jake Machiela    August 8 at 12:13am

Anyone know when the course will be complete with the tee pads, signs, etc?


Jacob Spencer    August 1 at 9:38pm

New layout rocks, love the length. Makes it another challenging course in the area, one where you can actually throw some long shots. Great job guys.


William Freed    July 30 at 10:20pm

I left a glow teebird 3 on hole 7 (I think, first time) about circles edge. Would like to get it back if anyone found it. Thanks! Great course with the redesign!


Amy Markel    July 12 at 11:18pm

Pro Master Worlds 2017. Anyone who is interested in volunteering for worlds in August please sign up using the link below. Thank you



Darren Harper    June 24 at 4:05am

Anyone know when the new course set up for world's wI'll be ready? Thanks.

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Darren Harper   July 15 at 3:32pm

Thank you kind sir.

Douglas McIntosh   July 26 at 2:34am

Are they changing the original course , or adding a second course?

Marc LaFleur   July 26 at 10:19pm

Yes , the original course has been changed. Mostly lengthened. There are 5 holes set up on the south side of the park.

Chris Thorsgard    May 28 at 1:49pm

Left a yellow pre-flight Star Teerex on the fairway of hole 1. Has my name, but my old phone number and says "Lunchbox 9000" on the rim. I'd love to have it back and I'm offering a disc or cash. Thanks.


Brent Lipski    May 18 at 3:30pm

Long Shot....left a pink tournament stamped undertaker on hole 18. No ink. I can identify the tournament stamp to verify. Money or plastic for return. Thanks


Brad Fuller    May 10 at 11:26pm

Left a Paul McBeth Red Star Destroyer with black circles around the outside of the disc on the course. Money or plastic trade for the return.


Jacob Spencer    May 10 at 12:21am

lost a super swirly blue/plum star beast in the water on hole 8 about 40-50 short of the basket. Plastic for return


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