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-  +0 votes  + Rex Noaker › August 13, 2011
-  +0 votes  + ronald shufelt › June 20, 2011
front 9 is horrid no lanes to throw a drive unless you are a midgetand can throw 4 foot off the ground and still get it 400' down to the hole to give yourself an up shot the new 9 is good except for the few holes that put you 10-30 foot behind trees off of the tee and you have to throw over the trees. i may play this course again if the weather is perfect
-  +0 votes  + Chris Coffman › June 6, 2012
The trees are quite abundant and low, which makes this course exceptionally hard, however the layout is very well put-together and thought up. Just needs some pruning...White tees are the ****.
-  +2 votes  + Nate Barnhart › July 10, 2011
one of the better courses i've played. well maintained, good obstacles and challenging holes.
-  +1 votes  + nicholas dean › July 12, 2011
-  +0 votes  + Brian Barclay › May 30, 2012
Pros: Great variety to the holes. Lots of different shot opportunities. Long holes as well as some short holes. Three different tee sets to play from adding even more variety. Park is well kept with bathrooms on site. Scorecards on site with a nice sign with a huge map. The red tees are well marked with nice tee signs. Cons: Wet weather in the spring and fall create wet playing conditions due to drainage issues at the park. The white tees can be hard to find unless you have someone playing wi ...
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-  +1 votes  + Brian R › September 22, 2011
Some trees still need some pruining. I love the course!
-  +3 votes  + Brock Rohrer › October 6, 2011
White tees are a lot of fun!
-  +0 votes  + Buck Kohlbeck › April 20, 2012
The course is one of the better ones in the area only because it is one of the only 18 hole courses in the area.The front 9 lacks creativity in my opinion. Pruning is only going to fix part of the problems it holds. Some basket moving to open up some flyways and utilize more of the not so high traffic areas ( soccer fields). Number one needs some real help (The big green monster wall). The back 9 is much better, and in fact is the only reason I play the course daily. 15 and 16 are going to b ...
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-  +2 votes  + Luke Enlow › April 27, 2012
-  +2 votes  + Austin Bergman › May 14, 2012
I'm actually starting to really like this course, although it gets frustrating hitting every tree in the park
-  +1 votes  + Robby Scheckelhoff › July 11, 2012
-  +3 votes  + Joe W. › October 12, 2012
Long challenging course. Trees on many holes require thinking, precision and shot shaping. If you are simply a grip it and rip it sort of player you probably won't like this course. Yes it shares area with nearby athletic fields but with skill and patience it can be a rewarding trip. This is a tax funded community park and would not be so well maintained without fees. In the Fall when school is in session it is a delightful walk with no delays. In the Spring it probably is damp. It is about maki ...
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-  +2 votes  + Joey Stevens › May 9, 2013
Pros: I enjoyed the length of the course, as someone who just likes to let a disc rip and can score pretty well on the par 4 and 5s. Its in a really nice neighbor. The baskets are well placed, tucked in behind tree which made it more challenging that some courses. Nice and clean bathrooms Cons: the ball fields. There was a softball game that caused me to skip a hole in fear that I might accidentally put a disc on the field during a game. This is a good course to play during the day when ...
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-  +1 votes  + Josh Thomas › June 3, 2013
-  +3 votes  + Benjamin Wonders › June 6, 2013
Park is well-maintained. Front nine holes are moderately wooded, forcing players to be accurate with throws. Back nine opens up more, letting power arms get their kicks by throwing long.
-  +2 votes  + Mike Raabe › November 12, 2013
I like it. My record is -7 from red tees. Lot of trees on front 9 but with practice you can find descent routes to take. Dont much like hole 6. It can ruin your whole game!
-  -5 votes  + hippy john celestino › April 19, 2017
I have change my rating of this course. The Bryan rec dept. has done amazing trimming to help this course out, Have notice more Disc golfers out there than ever before....the short White tees are still pretty hard to spot, even after playing them a few times...Plus there are leagues forming
-  +0 votes  + Al T. Dread › July 31, 2015
isnt this park called moore park ? type in recreation park in bryan ohio and see what you get! Nice cpourse , really like the low canopy !
-  +0 votes  + Eric "Downtown" Brown › August 4, 2015
Very long course. Need better navigation unless you like to walk around aimlessly looking for next hole. Nice park and facilities. Vandalism has occurred at the course with some damaged signs and baskets. Retains water pretty well so play after the ground has dried out for a few days, unless you like stinky wet feet.
-  +0 votes  + Mark Wandering › July 15, 2016
We've played courses all across the country and now are very proud to be calling this our new home course! Fun and challenging front nine, don't let the trees discourage amateurs its plenty possible to shoot under and around them, just be creative. Could use some more permanent tees but otherwise its great! Distances are pretty good, hole 10 can be a little tricky if there's a baseball game going on. Plenty of trash cans.
-  +0 votes  + Tyler Breen › December 28, 2016
I've always like the course, but after all the rain, and increased temperature, it was very sloppy. I fell on a drive, and that caused me a stroke, if not two. Would be great to get those cement tee pads in....