Quarry Run

Augusta, Maine     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions

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Quarry RunLongitude:69.0000000-69.767432Approve · Reject
Quarry RunLatitude:44.000000044.294244Approve · Reject

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Quarry RunLongitude:0.000000069°46'04.1"Approve · Reject
Quarry RunLatitude:0.000000044°17'39.3"Approve · Reject
Quarry RunAddress:225 Hospital st.Approve · Reject
Quarry RunFee description:$5 round $8 play all dayApprove · Reject
Quarry RunFees:unspecifiedPay to playApprove · Reject
Main courseCourse description:Quarry Run is a fun and picturesque intermediate level, beginner friendly course that roams over gentle hills in and out of the beautiful Maine woods. Through open fields with popcorn pines and lollipop birches, and over an impressive steep-faced granite quarry. Check out the disc golf driving range, practice area, and disc golf super store. We also have batting cages, concessions, and clean restrooms.Approve · Reject
Main courseDesigner(s):Ben DunlapApprove · Reject
Main courseAvailability:PrivatePublicApprove · Reject
Regular teesLayout par:5464Approve · Reject