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Greg Miller    4 days ago

Trilogy Challenge at The Pond in Painesville
Registration is open until August 4th for the Trilogy Challenge at The Pond in Painesville on 8/18. All entries include an awesome players pack of 3 discs, Trilogy t-shirt, and a burst mini. For more information or to register, please go to the tournament page here: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/2018_Trilogy_Challenge_in_Honor_of_John_Altier.


Dave Ernst    July 13 at 2:11am

Found a nice metal mini during league tonight. If you're missing one describe it asis yours


Dave Ernst    July 6 at 12:26am

Found two discs on hole 3 tonight. Let me know what youre missing.

Jake Copelin   July 6 at 7:04pm

I lost a the dye Thunderbird I think last weekend maybe. I know it was within a week or so. It was on the hill somewhere in the brush. Hopefully you found it

Matt Dungan   July 6 at 8:01pm

I lost a yellow first run g star shrike awile back

Dave Ernst   July 6 at 11:02pm

Jake I have your Thunderbird.

Matt Dungan    June 8 at 12:07am

I’ll be at the course Saturday doing some weed eating.
The park department mowed, just wanna clean up around some trees/hills.
The usual suspects are holes 5,6,9,14,15,18.
More trimmers are welcome.
Also, the club has a very nice Stihl trimmer and a push mower that can be borrowed at your convenience if anyone feels the need in their spare time.
Just hit me up, thanks

Dave Ernst   June 8 at 3:41pm

I plan on getting out there and cleaning off the tree pads this weekend. Saturday however I already committed to helping at Oak Ledges Disc Golf Course. We will need to get together as walk the course so you can point or areas we need to address so i can help.

Matt Dungan   June 8 at 4:16pm

Sounds good, let me know when you’ll be out there and I’ll try and meet you.

Dave Ernst    June 7 at 11:20am

2 ctp's being added tonight at no extra charge as long as you are in the ace pool.
Portage doubles 6pm. See you there.


Pat Jackson    May 30 at 3:05pm

Left my Orange G-star Firebird on 17, reward if found!

Dave Ernst   May 30 at 5:48pm

I just finished playing and I never saw it. Of course you're always in the Fairway and I'm not so that may be why I didn't see it LOL

Pat Jackson   May 31 at 5:07pm

Hah you're not wrong! Thanks for looking, it was in the middle, I just never picked it up after my upshot, so I figured it would get scooped up quick, no worries through because I just ordered a couple of sexy birds :)

Chris Mahaffey    May 24 at 7:18pm

Lost a blue ballista pro on the left side of 15. Looked for about 20-30 min with no luck. If found there will be a small reward.


Dave Ernst    May 3 at 1:55pm

Portage Lakes Doubles moves to 6pm tonight. Weather looks like it will miss us. Hope to see ya there.

Pat Jackson   May 3 at 2:00pm

Hoping to make it out tonight!

Blake Favalon    April 25 at 1:22am

I will be playing a round of longs to longs or longs to shorts tomorrow at 10:30 if anyone would like to join me.


Rich Kovach    April 23 at 8:51pm

Found disc on hole 7 yesterday. Played around 330pm

Dave Ernst   April 23 at 9:00pm

Was it an orange enforcer. I was doing a lot of warm up throws there before i played. I'll check my bag when i get home

Rich Kovach   April 24 at 5:38pm


Dave Ernst   April 24 at 6:37pm

Its mine. Thanks

Dave Ernst    April 22 at 11:38pm

Lost a pink burst harp on 10 towards the swampy area. Reward if returned


Kevin Thompson    April 19 at 8:55pm

Coming straight from work. Gonna cut it close. Please don't start without me!


Dave Ernst    April 18 at 9:37am

Don't forget doubles league starts this Thursday at 5:30. Will move to a 6:00 start when light allows.Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Pat Jackson    April 1 at 2:12pm

Carl and the Grassman is less than one week away! Camp Carl's new baskets are installed and new holes are cleared, some temp turf tees and signs will be placed this week, more pictures to come. Two great courses, multiple CTP's and Cash Payouts for all divisions except novice. Come get a preview of the NEO Summer Series Finale! https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Carl_and_the_Grassmans_Spring_Sling_2018


Dave Bussey    February 27 at 4:11am

Hey all, I dropped my Oakleys on the course last night. They have black frames with rose colored lenses. If found please call or text me at 330 472 6791. The wife bought them for me for a birthday present so I am trying to find them before she notices that they are missing. Thank you!

Matt Dungan   February 27 at 5:25pm

We’ll let you know Elton

Dave Bussey   February 27 at 6:26pm

Good one!!! LMAO! If memory serves they are not on holes 10,11,12,14, or 15. Thanks Matt!

Blake Favalon    January 15 at 8:15pm

Going to be playing a round of shorts at 4:30 If anyone is interested in winter golf


Alex Colucci    November 6 at 9:31pm

Consider attending the 2017 NEODGA Annual Fall Meeting, on Saturday, November 11 at 10:00am at Sunny Lake Park in Aurora, Ohio to discuss the Frozen Fingers Winter Series and the continued development of the sport in the region. There is an optional scramble after the meeting. More information can be found here: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/NEODGA_Annual_Meeting_and_Scramble_2017


Dave Ernst    October 6 at 1:11pm

Lost a blue latitude 64 river on hole 15. Name and number on disc. Reward if returned. Petty site it hit water right of the short tee.


Kevin Thompson    October 5 at 3:13pm

Gonna be home from college. Are Thursday doubles still going on tonight? And is tee off still 6pm?

Dave Ernst   October 5 at 8:22pm

Doubles have ended, but some of us still play at 5:15. Singles just for fun

Dave Ernst   October 5 at 8:25pm

No money

Ryan Brahler    September 28 at 7:42pm

Found an Samsung Galaxy S5 on hole 9 close to the pin, has an orange and black otter box case. Will put in lost and found box after we finish 18. I will check on here before I leave the course it's 342PM.

Ryan Brahler   September 28 at 8:45pm

Put it in the mailbox marked pencils