Oshtemo Township Park

Kalamazoo, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Curtis S    January 25 at 1:16pm

Probably way too late to find it, but figured I would try - Dec 27th - Champion King Cobra - Transparent Dark Purple/Blue The best part of this, I don't recall what hole I lost it on. This really teaches me a lesson, not to throw a second disc. I'm sure that is what happened - I might have even left it on one of the tables after setting everything down. My best guess is hole 18. If anyone has found it and would take $5 or another disc (have a small stack of various discs) for it& ... more


Dustin Morton    January 23 at 5:19pm

LOST: blue and white checkered DD Warden. Hole one right side about halfway down. Thought I had it marked good, but the snow is just deep enough. Name and number inside.

Donnie Tarver   January 24 at 8:19pm

found it

Curtis S   January 25 at 1:16pm


Dustin Morton    November 22 at 2:27pm

LOST 2 Discs: hole 10 right side around the corner in trees--red opto Diamond. Hole 12 left side trees 3/4 way down fairway-- purple Fury, gold plastic. Both inked and numbered. Really sad about the Fury. Damn snow.

Wade TF   November 22 at 10:00pm

get out there in the next couple days. the snow will be gone and your discs will be exposed.

Dustin Morton   November 23 at 10:22am

That's the plan. It's not like they were deep in, but 3 of us couldn't locate them. I did go back after and find someone elses disc, so karma.

Dustin Morton   November 27 at 11:04pm

Fury returned!! Diamond not found. But I came across another disc I returned and an uninked Destroyer that maybe I can trade. I don't throw them.

Joseph Contratto    October 13 at 12:25pm

Lost a Red MVP Tangent Sunday. Not sure which hole. Would like to get it back if possible. Thx.

Dustin Morton   October 13 at 3:11pm

in addition to the one I gave you back!? you need a caddy, man! :)

Joseph Contratto   October 13 at 5:47pm

lol I was so excited when you called only to feel like a dumbass when I noticed I left 2 behind. Doubles always screws me up. Thx again though.

Jonathan Brzys   October 15 at 1:35pm

story of your life lol

Larry LaBond    September 24 at 9:06am

League shirts are in!!! Also this is the last week of the Summer Leagues! The party is Saturday at Coldbrook. It starts with the CB League double points round at 9:30! Non-CB league players don't have to play this round, but can if you want.

Potluck lunch (bring a dish to pass) and awards for all 3 leagues after that round (around 12:30-1pm). High/low doubles for any leftover ace pool money from all 3 leagues is after awards . Followed by $5/person glow doubles!


VINCENT 25149    September 11 at 1:02pm

evidently I lost my orange Roc at Oshtemo. reward for its return.


Larry LaBond    September 3 at 9:56am

We want to let all the volunteers from Am Worlds know that we are having a party for you on September 19th at Spinski's. It will be an all day kinda thing starting at 10am and going all night with some glow golf. Camping will be possible. We will also be providing dinner and some beverage. Please pass the word and also let us know if you are coming, so we have some kind of idea how many there will be. Thanks again to all of you!!!

Wade TF   September 3 at 10:22am

Kalamazoo world volunteers have to travel to grand rapids to participate. nice. THANKS

Randy "Shide-arm" Shideler   September 3 at 10:44am

It's not Grand Rapids. Hopkins (technically Monterey).

Larry LaBond   September 5 at 11:56am

Yep, a whole 1/2 hr drive. 5-10 minutes more than CB or ViRA! Private property, 2 courses, free camping! What were we thinking??

Scott Wilson    August 27 at 11:03am

For all my disc golf friends. Please be on the lookout, for the basket from hole 13 from M. Broadway. Basket was stolen and we all know the only person that would do that is a disc golfer. Sadly it's people like this who give our sport a bad name. Since it is a disc golfer someone locally knows who did this.Please help catch this thief! The basket is an innova disc catcher, with added chains.


Joleen Ryder    August 13 at 9:12am



Joleen Ryder    August 7 at 1:41pm



Joleen Ryder    August 3 at 11:42am

Please help me get to State Championships. I have received my "Birth" to go to state and i need some help getting there.

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Joleen Ryder   August 4 at 10:15am

That's the only option it gave me. Is there a certain reason you are hassling me?

VINCENT 25149   August 4 at 10:29am

haven't hassled you but I can start.

Joleen Ryder   August 4 at 10:50am

my apologies for the hassling comment, i would rather you didnt as i have had enough hassling over the amount and i truly have been trying to figure out how to change the amount. I set up the account on my phone and it was either that or more for an option.

Curtis S    July 28 at 10:50am

So now that I'm looking back on some of hte rounds at Amateur World's last week, it appears the PDGA has Longs with Par 4s (hole# 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, & 14).

However, the scorecard and other sites list it the same as shorts at ALL Par 3s...who makes the decision to change that on the scorecard? Curious what the PDGA used to determine those as Par 4s vs 3s.

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Curtis S   July 28 at 2:24pm

@Jacob - exactly!! ;-)

Lawrence Leonardi essentialdiscs.com   July 31 at 11:43am

@curtis. If you look at the guide it has different ratings/colors. If the course is designed for blue it would reflect blue par. However if the tournament has gold level players it wouldn't be appropriate to have blue par for gold players and such if there is only novice players playing par ... more

Curtis S   August 3 at 5:59pm

Interesting...thanks @Larry!

Angie Smith    July 13 at 11:17pm

2nd Annual Alzheimer's Sucks! disc tournament is July 25th! Register now to secure your custom stamped Innova Glo Roc3! http://dgscene.com/alzsucks

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Angie Smith   July 16 at 8:59pm

My tournament is at Shore Acres not Oshtemo. I just posted to local clubs and parks to spread the word.

Larry LaBond   July 18 at 11:02pm

Ohhhh!! My apologies! I hope you do well! Our charity for the Am Worlds is the Alzheimer's Association!!

Angie Smith   July 22 at 12:03pm

Awesome!!! Hey I saw you on the news last night haha I thought I recognized your name. It's really cool to see disc golf in the lime light. Please send anyone you know our way if they aren't playing Saturday morning! ;)

Donnie Tarver    June 29 at 11:46pm

back of the score board was a Vulcan hanging.
Please return and I could pick my disk up


Tyler alfano    June 27 at 12:52pm

Lost a white pre Avery destroyer on the right side of fairway on hole 1. Name pdga and phone # inked on rim. Reward for return would reward handsomely for return


Jimmy Jean    June 6 at 1:20pm

My son lost a blue MVP Proton Tesla on hole 9 off the teepad. Went thru the high gap towards the walking trail. Reward for its return.


Ryley Millar    June 2 at 2:57pm

Lost an orange 2014 knollwood stamp meteor on hole 3. I went back for it and couldn't find it so if someone has it pleaae let me know.


Benjamin Overbeek    May 23 at 5:20pm

On Saturday, May 30th I'm running a tournament at 10:00. It's the Vibram Birdie Bash! Sign up here on the scene! For $30, you get to pick two discs, a tshirt, win cool prizes, and maybe get invited to the Vibram World Championships at Coldbrook in July! Also, please be aware that this IS a tournament, so plan accordingly if you will be playing a casual round.