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Stephen Flores    April 13 at 12:04pm

Are there leagues at this course? If so, what day/time?


ken "sega salt" moote    April 12 at 3:25pm



Trevor Hadden    January 19 at 8:54pm

lost a pink crank on 16, left side of fairway in the snow. reward if returned to me.


Robert Shaffer    January 19 at 8:36pm

Lost 1st run crank on 1 and 4 chains soft magnet purple in 2 reward for both

g lane   January 20 at 10:50am

would lose your real crank if it wasnt knitted on.

Felicia "The Barefoot Flea"    January 12 at 8:40pm

Lost a light orange star eagle on hole 18 half way down to the left. Would really love it back if found.


Ben Ross    November 13 at 8:40am

This Saturday the 16th at Big Portage Lake in Grass Lake, MI is our Off The Chain BYOP Doubles event. Cashless pre-reg is welcome...just post names, division, and team name in the talk section of the tourney page. This is an unsanctioned event and it's gonna be a blast! Looks like the weather is gonna warm up for the weekend, so put your coats back in the closet and come out to have some fun!! Plenty of CTP and other prizes for each division will be awarded. See you all out there!http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Off_The_Chain_BYOP_Doubles_2013


Ben Ross    October 15 at 7:52pm

Only 4 days to go til the 1st Annual Tribal Gathering Tournament! This event is a C-tier with 2 rounds of 18 holes at Victory Park in Albion, MI. Great prizes in store for all divisions, as well as a trophy for the winner of each division! Still 18 spots left for the free "Rise of the Phoenix" Firebird drawing. Reserve your spot today by registering here on Disc Golf Scene...or you can just cashless pre-reg in the "Talk" section of the site to let us know you're coming out. Lots of plastic on ha ... more


Ben Ross    September 26 at 4:24pm

1st Annual Tribal Gathering registration is open!! This is a PDGA sanctioned C-tier singles tournament at Victory Park in Albion, MI on October 19th, 2013. Register early for a chance to win a free Rise of the Phoenix Firebird!! First 25 to reg will be entered into a drawing to win. First 25 will also have the option to reserve a Firebird if they choose. Lots of CTPs and Long putt prizes will also be awarded and a jumbo toss will follow the second round. Fun event!! Check out all the details at:



Bo Fought    August 15 at 3:50pm

Found an Innova Champion Orc on Hole #9, left of the fairway and in the rough. No name, did have a phone #, but so far no luck with the phone #. If it is yours, PM me the phone number written on the disc to verify and you can have it back.

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Jason Cassidy   August 15 at 9:34pm


Sean Newland   August 16 at 1:04am


Bo Fought   August 16 at 7:55am

Cassidy with the win, better give "Jenny" a call. :)

Timmy Redman    August 14 at 10:26pm

this was posted today>>>> http://jxn.craigslist.org/spo/4002036826.html are you guys missing one? thanks ZZ

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samuel Samsquanch smith   August 15 at 11:18am

not stolen guy had receipt

samuel Samsquanch smith   August 15 at 11:28am

and it was called a tee on receipt unless he made the receipt

Ben Calhoun   August 15 at 11:38am

it would make the game more interesting if we did throw off those

Q .    August 5 at 10:49pm

Do you guys do a wednesday league? If so what is the deal dubs, pro/am, cash?

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Ben Ross   August 6 at 11:01am

We're meeting this Wednesday at 6pm, usually near the old space center dome (big red domed roof, can't miss it). Like Bo said this will mostly just be a work day, but if we get enough people out we may finish early and throw some discs! The league day is still TBD, but we will be running a doubles league once we get the new club up and running after the tourney. Will keep you posted on that:)

Bo Fought   August 6 at 1:34pm

Q (and anyone else who wants to stop by) here is an overhead map of the JCC Campus showing where we park (red X), the Community Events Center (green arrow) aka the old space center building and the "JCC" water tower (red arrow). Link --> http://i848.photobucket.com/albums/ab48/NotoriousRJF/JCC_MeetUp_zps2628df7e.jpg

Q .   August 6 at 3:54pm


Bo Fought    August 5 at 9:00am

Put some more work in on Sunday and this place is really starting to look nice. Cleaning up the pads, fairways and the circle areas of each hole. Cutting back the brush and overgrowth and making some clean looking fairway lines. Come Saturday this course will be in the best shape it has been in a very long time.


Ben Ross    August 3 at 11:05pm

Alright everyone only a week left until the Rise of the Phoenix BYOP doubles event!! We're 1/3 of the way full and counting, so if you are planning on coming out please post your name and division in the talk section to pre-reg. If you don't have a partner we will find you one! This is a fundraiser to raise money for cement tee pads, signage, and course design at JCC. We've already got 15 CTPs, each valued at over $30!! These include 6 ten year buzzzes, 4 disc golf bags, and a pair of DGA gel st ... more


Bo Fought    July 29 at 8:07am

Crazy day for finding discs on the course... Drew Staelens (Champ Destroyer), Jason Cassidy (Ti Avenger SS), "Too Tall" (???), Ben Ross (ESP Drone) and Ben Ross (Ti Nuke SS). Our group of 6 players found 5 discs yesterday.

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Ben Ross   July 29 at 9:44am

Yeah I've got your leopard Dustin and will get it back to you for sure. And Sprow mind your own business haha!

Floyd Hampp   July 29 at 11:16am

Where's the "Like" button for Sprow's comment?

Ben Ross   July 29 at 11:54am

Who's this Floyd guy and why's he tryin to hoe me out like that?

John Reifschneider    July 25 at 1:53am

Wanted to invite everyone in the area to the new course opening July 28th 2013 it's been striaght through work from December until now, and its almost done. The new course is the The Gulch if you haven't heard its off merrill road in hamburg about 10 miles from Hudson mills. We will have free clinics free run by Mark Ellis, side games and free foods/drinks. The baskets will be set in place and welded that morning the event starts at 11am so hopefully you join us. We have some great prizes along ... more


Ben Ross    July 24 at 8:55am

Found a Destroyer right side of old hole 17 (shooting away from the water tower) If it's yours shoot me the color and other details of the disc and I'd be happy to return it. Can't ever seem to find my lost discs out here...and there are def a few of mine out there


Ninja Nate Yarbrough    July 19 at 5:40am

Thanks Ben, Bo, Jason,Casey, and Tim! Great Job on the flyer and score cards.. This really an awsome thing were doin here.. its gonna b epic!


Bo Fought    July 10 at 7:55am

Big thanks to Ben for his determination in working with the college to update this course. It could use a lot of TLC so hopefully we can drum up some volunteers to help restore this course. Please spread the word to any players who may not frequent the Scene here, let's see if we can get a nice turn out Saturday morning. Thanks!

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Geoff Shaw   July 14 at 9:26am

i can be to the course around 1 if that works

Geoff Shaw   July 14 at 9:27am

and where exactly is the course located

Bo Fought   July 14 at 2:14pm

Sorry Geoff, played Adrian with a buddy this morning. Back in town now if you are still interested.

Ben Ross    July 9 at 6:23pm

This post is to outline the upcoming changes that will be happening here and to hopefully get some people to volunteer their time to make this place the great course it has the potential to be. If you are reading this and have experience with course layout/design and are willing to provide some help pro bono then please pm me so we can arrange a meeting. This course has become run down in the last few years. There are a couple missing baskets, the signage is practically non-existent, and the nat ... more


Stephen Flores    June 22 at 10:38pm

Anybody know of any leagues or group play around the Jackson area? I'm new here and trying to find some discin friends.

Ben Ross   June 23 at 1:02am

Hi Stephen. We are actually working on setting up a tournament at jcc as a fundraiser for the course. hopefully leagues will follow. I'll let u know. have u been out to play big portage lake?

Stephen Flores   June 23 at 8:50pm

I haven't played any of the local courses yet, only been living here since May. How far away is big portage lake?

Ben Ross   June 23 at 9:45pm

It's about 15-20 mins outside of down depending on where you're driving from. Take 94 East to exit 147. Turn left after you get off and drive about 2-3 miles down to Seymour Rd. Turn right and go about 1-2 miles up and you'll see big portagle lake state rec. area on your left. You'll need a rec pass or pay the $5 to get in. I'd recommend getting the pass if you play frequently at all.