Grand Woods Park

Lansing, Michigan     3 courses · 54 holes     Driving directions
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Steve Burton    March 8 at 2:52pm

Lost a Pearl/Glow TL on Hole # 5 (left side). Has a red stamp from Massachusetts in the center of it. Marked with my name, "SB", or # 39844.


David Burkholder    February 27 at 7:15pm

Lost my favorite blue heat on hole 12, left side temporary water where the trees/brush ends. Brand new heat or your choice return, thanks!


Phill Dilone    January 4 at 12:26pm

Yesterday I lost a Red R-Pro Rhino on hole 16, the ink is worn but would love to have it back... Reward if returned


Nate Upton    January 2 at 8:51am

Anybody throwing today?

Zak Schlemmer   January 2 at 9:28am

I was thinking about checking out Grand Woods today after some breakfast.

Erin Oakley   January 2 at 9:29am

Glow league is at 6:30

Nate Upton   January 2 at 9:44am

I have to help my buddy move later, I was going to throw a round first

Matt Sowle    December 28 at 11:37am

Course is dry for most part and clean to play going to play around 2 if anyone wants to meet up


Chris T    December 19 at 10:58am

Anyone know if the pads are cleared of snow?

Mike Murphy   December 19 at 11:11am

They are.

Chris T   December 19 at 1:29pm

Awesome, thanks

Matt Sowle   December 19 at 3:00pm

Just about to go out there myself thanks for asking that haha

Kevin W    November 29 at 10:37am

I just found this site and it seems to be pretty active. I lost a Samsung Note 5 while night golfing on the 6th. If anyone found it, please let me know

Jake Messner   November 29 at 11:20am

I was out there the other day and passed a group that found a phone. Not sure what kind, just know it was white and gold.

Kevin W   November 29 at 11:23am

My phone had a White case, it could have been the one

Jake Messner   November 29 at 11:27am

Yeah it was a week or two ago. The guy found it on the short walk between hole 4 and 14 as if you were playing a quick 9.

Jason Boynton    November 14 at 6:49am

Left a z glo stalker on the right side of 15s fairway. Has my name and number on the bottom


Jake Messner    November 13 at 3:14pm

Found a disc on 17 yesterday. No name or number.


Ryan Ely    November 8 at 11:06am

Found those car keys yesterday! Thanks to whoever found them! Much appreciated!

philip balger   November 8 at 11:37am

Heck yeah, Ely!!! So stoked for you and many thanx to the person who retrieved them and turned them in ⛓⛓⛓💯

philip balger    November 7 at 9:13am

My good friend lost car keys on hole A.
Please contact me if you find them. He was car sitting for his aunt.
Call/Message on DGS please and thank you!!!

Jake Messner   November 7 at 10:53am

I'm going to be out there today, any idea where abouts on A?

philip balger   November 8 at 11:38am

Thanx Jake. Someone found them and turned them in. If it was you...much karma bro thanks!⛓

Eric Bond    October 2 at 4:01pm

found a pair of presciption Oakley sunglasses on me at 517-290-1183...Grand Woods...duh...


Nate Upton    September 28 at 8:16pm

I encourage every Grand Woods player to come out this weekend to honor one of the guys that set up disc golf in Lansing. It's $25, and without guys like Gregg, we wouldn't be throwing now.

Jason Boynton   September 29 at 8:28am

saturday or sunday

Nate Upton   September 29 at 9:39am


Ivan Larsen   September 30 at 12:08am

See you there bud.

Michael Wagner    August 30 at 10:50pm

Lost red rpro avair on hole A in water near basket Wagner52508 is on it if found please give to DJ

Stormie Morris   August 31 at 12:21pm

Let me know if you need a replacement. I might have one more.

Michael Wagner   September 1 at 2:43pm

yes i would like a replacement that would be great lol

Taylor Hornbeck    August 10 at 2:42pm

Lost Orange Diamond on hole 9. It is off to the left a bit. Has my name and number. Please some one find my precious!

Matt Sowle   August 10 at 6:09pm

Relatively how far down cuz I'm on hole 6 now

Taylor Hornbeck   August 15 at 3:37am

It was off to the left a bit. I'm not sure if it hit a tree or went in the water.

Randy L    August 10 at 12:47pm

If you happen to fish my white roc out of the water on 6, call me my name and number is on the disc. You will be rewarded.

Lauren St. Clair   August 11 at 8:08am

Check with DJ, Buff usually swims there and brings them all up to DJ

Matt Sowle   August 11 at 3:17pm

It's so shallow

Jeremiah Clennan    July 25 at 3:15am

Lost a green prodigy M4 on hole A today in the river o.k. the right side. Would be awesome to get it back. Has my initials on it and my pdga number. JC and #73162. Thanks.


Josiah Pearl    July 23 at 5:14pm

I lost a pink discraft surge yesterday at grandwoods, i thought it had my name on it but not sure, i think i left between hole 16 to 18, if someone. Finds i will have reward


Randy L    July 19 at 5:30pm

I have left a blue champion ROC 3 in the water behind 3 and a tye dye champion destroyer in the trees on the left side of 16. I lost them a few weeks ago and have been back to search for them on several occasions. They are marked with my name and number on the rim. I really hope that who ever find them returns them. Reward if found.

Matt Sowle   July 19 at 8:36pm

Have you checked with DJ? He usually has quite a bit of finders from on the course.

philip balger    July 17 at 10:00pm

We ok to throw now? Mud Run ought to be done right?

Cory Hanrahan   July 17 at 6:38pm

Yup, just played today.

philip balger   July 17 at 7:28pm

Thanx I figured.