Fountain Hills Park

Phoenix, Arizona     1 course · 19 holes     Driving directions

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Main courseNew layout:2014 Layout - 19 holes - par 57

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Main courseNumber of holes:1819Approve · Reject

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Fountain Hills ParkLongitude:-111.7286000-111.713056Approve · Reject
Fountain Hills ParkLatitude:33.602200033.603400Approve · Reject
Fountain Hills ParkAddress:16705 E Ave of the FountainsApprove · Reject
Main courseParking lot latitude:0.00000033.600726Approve · Reject
Main courseParking lot longitude:0.000000-111.714374Approve · Reject

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Fountain Hills ParkFees:unspecifiedFree to playApprove · Reject
Main courseCourse description:24 Mach X baskets, new recreational locations, round cement tee pads, color tee signs w/bag holdersApprove · Reject